Blackwell Genealogy           John Blackwell 10.  1775

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10th Generation


               John Blackwell
                                        1775 - 1840 abt  

John Blackwell    10.
b. 1775   -  
Chr.  3  Sept. 1775  Cowley, Gloucester, England.
d. after 1800 (probably before 1851 as there is no listing in the Census)
Married:  April 8, 1800  Cowley, Gloucester, England (Gloucester Marriage Index 1800 - 1837)
Hannah Cook





The Parish of St. Michaels
Believed to be the church John of 1775 was baptized and even married in.

Children of John and Hannah
11th Generation
       10.1 John Blackwell  This information is listed by (I.G.I) (Unconfirmed at this time)
       10.2 George Blackwell     (I.G.I), Church Records, 1851 Census of England, MN Census 1860/70,
                                                  MN. Land Titles, (LCB) and Gloucester Marriage Index 1800-1837 are our sources.
                                                  We have also sited his gravestone in VanLoon Cemetery in Holmes City, MN.

n 1775 is was the start of the American War of Independence.  Napoleon rose to power in France. but found he met
his match in 1815 at the Battle of Trafalgar against Nelson and Wellington.  It was the middle of the Industrial Revolution
in England.  It was the year of the birth of my G.G.G.Grandfather, John Blackwell (10)

More Information
Although John Blackwell  (10) did not come to America, his son George (10.2) and subsequently his grandchildren did.
By the time John (10) had reached the age of 13 (1788) the first load of Convicts set sail to Australia    At the time,
the British Government was going through drastic changes, and some of their policies caused hardships for the common people.
It was a difficult time for Britain and the opportunity to leave was met with excitement and promise.  It was also at the time
that American and Canadian business and Government was doing everything in their power to lure immigrants to open the new
land.  British subjects were preferred due to their political system and language.


Blackwell Listings found in the Gloucester Marriage Records are as follows .......

For Cowley, Gloucester, England
1) William Blackwell married Hester Borler (Bowler) 24 Feb 1800 
2) John Blackwell (of Cowley) married Hannah Cook 8 Apr 1800  (Confirmed)
3) George Blackwell married Sarah Jones  12 Feb 1810
4) George Blackwell (from Badgeworth) married Mary Barradell  4 May 1824  (Confirmed)

For Brimpsfield, Gloucester, England
5) William Blackwell married Maria Rodway from Edgeworth 28 Feb 1828 by license

Note: Although I can not prove it at this time, I am sure these Blackwells are all related.
More research is being done in England at this time.

   Special Thanks to Joyce Cummings for her efforts in her research and investigation of my family in England.


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