George Blackwell Family Photos
Photos of the George Blackwell Family - Taken from a 1908 Photo
Lois Clarinda Twichell                 George Blackwell         
b. 1841 New York, USA       b. 1834 Cheltenham, England

Lois Clarinda Blackwell nee Twichell and George Blackwell 10.2.4
Lois Clarinda Blackwell - Twichell                           George Blackwell  
         1841 - 1925                                             1834 - 1916


The Children

The Blackwell Family
Children of George Blackwell and Lois Clarinda Twichell

George Henry Blackwell Mary Almena Blackwell Alvin Barradell Blackwell
  1. George Henry Blackwell                  2. Mary Almena Blackwell                    3. Alvin Barradell Blackwell

Saraph Sophhia Blackwell Milton Field Blackwell Emily Lois Blackwell John Ernest Blackwell
  4. Seraph Blackwell                       6. Milton Blackwell                              7. Emily Blackwell                    8. John Blackwell               

 Laura Blackwell Norma Blackwell Charles Maitland Blackwell
     9. Laura Blackwell                         10. Norma Blackwell                      11. Charles Blackwell

5. Ruth Blackwell is missing. (Infant Death)


The photos are headshots taken from the Family photo believed taken in 1908 in Moosamin, Saskatchewan. 
Note that the photo of Emily Blackwell is actually a photo of a photo.  She died in 1899. 
Also, there is a photo missing that is of Ruth Blackwell who was born on Nov. 11, 1871 and died on Sept. 24, 1872.
Eleven Children were born into this family, one died in infancy.

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