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Ron Blackwel & Mother, Jessie Blackwell at Arthur Byford Gravesite in Moose Jaw abt 1954

13th Generation
Arthur Byford Sr.
b. Date Unknown
d. Feb 1924  Boharm, Saskatchewan (Moose Jaw)
married  abt 1902 or 1903
Lillian Leticia Cousins

14th Generation Children of Arthur Byford Sr. and Lillian Cousins
Mary Byford
Arthur Byford Jr.
Grace Byford
Jessie B

Upon the death of Arthur Byford, Lillian remarried to Nelson Switzer

14th Generation Children of Nelson Switzer and Cora Brooks
Verna Switzer
Ethel Switzer
Olive Switzer
Myrtle Switzer
Phyllis Switzer
Lorne Switzer

                                                                                                                             Ron Blackwell and Mother, Jessie Blackwell (Byford)
                                                                                                                            At the Gravesite of Arthur Byford Sr. (Father to Jessie)

                                                                                                                                                Photo taken about 1954
                                                                                                                          Arthur Byford Sr. died when Jessie was age 6 (Feb 1924)

As the Byford family has not been researched by me, the actual generations are not known.  All generations listed here are in the timeline of the Blackwell family.  Also note that the Numerical System shown here is used only for reference on this page.


Arthur Byford Sr.
Arthur Byford Sr.

(1) Arthur Byford Sr.  
b. abt 1884  England
d. Feb 1924 Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan
It is believed that his real name was Arthur Seymour and left England following a serious incident. 
We understand that his brother also came to Canada at the same time. 
Married:  Date Unknown   In England at about age 18.  We think they married just prior to their departure from England. (1903)
Lillian Leticia Cousins    Her birth Certificate listed her as Eliza Lillian by her Aunt. See Note
b. 21 Jan 1885  Norfolk, England. (See Obit
d. 9  Dec 1967  Melfort, Saskatchewan
Arthur and Lillian came out from England to Canada in 1903  (age 18 at that time and settled in Toronto.  Arthur was a Bricklayer)

The birth certificate of Lillian is shown as Eliza Lillian.  This was done in error by an Aunt. 
Previous research and information from another source states " Lillian Leticia Cousins" was the daughter of "Betty White".
As a child, I was told by my Grandmother (Lillian Cousins) that she was born in Nottinghamshire in the year 1885.  Her father used to wear a uniform with high boots and rode a horse.  His job was to protect the property of the Owner of the Land from poachers and other issues.  This was near the forested area of Nottingham. She told me that when she came to the Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan area, a children's park in Moose Jaw called Moose Square was at that time, an Indian Camp.  The Indians had their tents set up in a random fashion.  Many years later, Moose Square was the place that I played as a child while growing up in our Moose Jaw home at 535 Athabasca St. (REB)

The Children of Arthur Byford Sr. and Lillian Cousins  Children of Arthur Byford Sr. and Lillian Cousins
The Children of Arthur Byford Sr. and Lillian Cousins
14th Generation   
Mary Byford      (photo above)  Left End        Also View the King Family    Arthur Byford    Grace Byford   
Jessie Byford    (photo above)  Second from Right End

Search the Saskatchewan Homestead Page.  I believe Charles Frederick Byford was the Brother that come over from England with Arthur.

The Remarriage of Lillian Byford
Upon the Death of Arthur Byford Sr., Lillian remarried to Nelson Switzer.  Nelson was previously married to Cora Marion Brooks
Nelson and Lillian left Boharm, Saskatchewan with the entire family and moved to Melfort, Saskatchewan in the year 1935.

    Melfort                        Burrows Ave.
  abt 1903                      abt 1920    
Photo 237                    Photo 238

Married (2)  Nelson Switzer  (photo above)  Second from Left End in Photo 233
b.   unknown
d.   Melfort, Saskatchewan

The Children of Nelson Switzer and Cora Brooks    Nelson Switzer and Cora Marion Brooks
The Children of Nelson Switzer and Cora Brooks    Verna Switzer    Ethel Switzer    Olive Switzer    Myrtle Switzer   (photo above)  Right End in Photo 233    Phyllis Switzer  Lorne Switzer

LtoR  Mary King-Nelso Switzer-Ernie Blackwell (little girl) Sharon King-Nellie Switzer-Jessie Blackwell(Byford)-Myrtle Switzer  Melfort Sk. at Switzer Home

Melfort, Saskatchewan
Left to Right
Mary Byford (King)- Nelson Switzer - Ernie Blackwell - Sharon King - Nellie Switzer - Jessie Byford (Blackwell) - Myrtle Switzer (Snider)
Photo taken abt 1948 in Melfort, Sk. at the home of Nelson and Nellie Switzer.
Photo 233

I remember something that my Grandmother told me that I have noticed over the years has turned out to be very true.  She said, "Never trust a man who does not like animals."  I have kept that in my mind all my life and I have found that it has substance. 

Other things I remember form conversations I overheard or incidents I have seen.
My Grandmother was a nurse many years previous.  One day, in Northern Saskatchewan, a woodsman, while splitting wood, had missed his mark and the axe came down into in his foot and split it in two from the toes back.  He was taken to my Grandmother as she was the only medical advise for many miles.  She took care of this man, and not only saved his life from the loss of blood, but also saved his foot.  She was a remarkable human being; the likes we may never see again. She is the lady in the black dress in the photo above with her hand on the little girl.  Her daughter, (Jessie) my mother, is to her left with Myrtle Switzer, my mother's step sister in my her left wearing white.  The man on the right of my grandmother is my father, Ernie Blackwell.  To his right is Nelson Switzer and on his right, is Mary Byford (King) who was my mothers blood sister.  The little girl is Sharon King, the daughter of Mary (Buddy) King nee Byford.  The old Ford in the background is a 1948 Ford I believe, that means I am 2 1/2 years old and probably in my crib as I am not in the photo.

Obituary - Lillian Leticia Cousins  -  Moose Jaw Times Herald, Moose Jaw, Sask.  Dec 9, 1969
SWITZER - In loving memory of a dear mother and grandmother, Lillian Switzer, who passed away December 9, 1967. 
Past her suffering, past her pain.  Cease to seep for tears are vain.  She who suffered is a rest.  Gone to heaven with the blest.
Ever remembered by Ernie, Jessie Ron and Linda (Elsom).


Mary Byford
Mary Byford Mary Byford  
b. abt 1910  Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan
d.   4 May, 2007  Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan   Aged 97 Years
Married  27 Oct 1928
(1) Byron Stanley King  (See below)
b. 20 Nov 1905  Brockville, Ontario   (Byron had one brother - Harold Bennett King)
d. 12 Oct 1983  Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan
Married  Date Unknown
(2) Jim Lawrence
Following the death of Byron King, Mary remarried to Mr. Jim Lawrence and continued to reside in Moose Jaw, Sk. until her death. 
I must say that my Aunt was possibly one of the two ladies I have met in my entire life that personified greatness, kindness and
undying love for her family.  Her loss to us means much more then just her absence.  She will be forever remembered. 

   Jim Lawrence and Mary Lawrence - Miaden Name- Byford
Jim and Mary Lawrence
         Photo 234

Jim married Mary after she lost Byron some years earlier.  Mary is 95 years of age at the time of this photo (Sept 2005)
In the large photo above, Mary is the one on the left (Mary Byford)
In May of 2007, Mary was feeling ill and was taken to hospital.  She died on May 4. 2007.

The Children of Mary Byford and Byron King   15th Generation Children of Mary Byford and Byron King   
The Children of Mary Byford and Byron King
15th Generation  Stanley King  Robert King  Sharon King

                                     View King Page


Arthur Byford Jr.
Arthur Byford Jr.  Arthur Byford Jr.  
b. abt 1915  believed in Moose Jaw, Sask.
d. date unknown - Moose Jaw, Sask.
Married  10 Oct 1935
Verna Eileen Switzer

b. 14 Dec 1914 
d.   8 Jun 2006  Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan
She was the daughter of Nelson and Cora Switzer


The Children of Arthur Byford Jr. and Verna Switzer  Children of Arthur Byford Jr. and Verna Switzer
The Children of Arthur Byford Jr. and Verna Switzer
15th Generation Joan Byford Heather Byford  

Heather also is doing research on her family. 

Grace Byford

Grace Byford  Grace Byford
b. 16 Apr 1916 Boharm, Sk  
More information
to be included here


Jessie Lillian Byford
Jessie Lillian Byford  Jessie Lillian Byford     Note - Birth Certificate reads - Jessica Mildred Byford
b.   8 Dec 1917   Moose Jaw, Sask., Canada 
d. 29 Oct 1971    Moose Jaw, Sask., Canada
buried:     2 Nov 1971  Moose Jaw, Sask.  Rosedale Cemetery, Moose Jaw, Sk.
Married:   7 Jan 1941  Melfort, Sask., Canada  Ernest Henry Blackwell 
b. 31 Mar 1913    Brandon, Manitoba. Canada
d. 1985    Moose Jaw, Sask., Canada

The Children of Jessie Byford and Ernie Blackwell  Children of Jessie Byford and Ernest Blackwell
The Children of Jessie Byford and Ernie Blackwell
15th Generation Ronald Ernest Blackwell 
b. 11 Nov 1945  Melfort, Sk. Infant Death   about 1953 Infant Death   They were Twins.  

The Death of Jessie Lillian Blackwell
The funeral Services were held at W.J. Jones & Son Chapel on Tuesday, Nov. 2nd at 2PM. (1971)
Rev. Gerald Schienbein attended.  Internment was in the Rosedale Cemetery in Moose Jaw. 
Jessie was aged 53 Years, 10 Months, 21 Days.
Pallbearers:  Ivan Blackwell, Gordon Blackwell, Keith East, Chester Olmstead, Gordon Spearman and Byron King
A reception was held at the Lutheran Church after the cemetery services.
Mrs.Len Knutilla was in charge of music with a solo by Mrs. Carol Milne.

Newspaper Account
From the Moose Jaw Times Herald - Mrs. Jessie Blackwell 
Mrs. Jessie Blackwell - A former Melfort resident, Mrs. Blackwell of Moose Jaw passed away on October 29th at the age of 53.  The late Mrs. Blackwell was born in Moose Jaw on December 8, 1917 and received her education at Boharm School.  In 1941 she married Ernie Blackwell and the couple lived in Melfort until 1952 when they moved to Moose Jaw where they established Blackwell's Piano & Organ Co.  While here, Mrs. Blackwell assisted Ernie in Junior ball and in subsequent years continued active with Little League Baseball organizations.  She was also interested in all aspects of youth work, active in the Royal Purple, and a member of the Auxiliary to the United Commercial Travelers. Predeceased by her parents, she is survived by her husband, Ernie and son Ron, both of Moose Jaw.  Also, seven sisters - Mrs. Byron King of Moose Jaw, Mrs. Verna Byford of Moose Jaw, Mrs. Grace Higgins of Kamloops, Mrs, Wilbur Snyder of Hague,  Mrs. R.A. Shea of California, Mrs. John Looker of Pleasantdale, and Mrs. Ethel Chapman of Carragana.  The funeral service was held on Tuesday November 2nd in the Chapel of W.J. Jones and Son funeral home with Rev. G. Schienbein officiating.  Pallbearers were:  Ivan Blackwell, Gordon Blackwell, Keith East, Chester Olmstead, Gordon Spearman and Byron King.  Burial was in the Rosedale cemetery.

Cemetery Listing (Partial)

A handwritten document was found inside Jessie's family Bible that lists off a series of "Look Ups" in the Bible to go to certain sections in times of need.  As she regularly visited the ill, and those in despair, it is thought she prepared this in advance for such occasions. Reprinted Here

Jessie Blackwell 1917-1971  Maiden Name "Byford"           
  Jessie Blackwell nee Byford
The photo on the left is abt. 1967 In Moose Jaw
Taken by Linda Elsom (Liz)
The photo on the right is from abt. 1938  
   Photo 235                   Photo 236         

'She was a magnificent woman.  She was like gold, but did not glitter'


Verna Switzer
Verna Switzer  Verna Switzer
b.  14 Dec. 1914
d.   8 Jun.  2006
Married  10 Oct 1935
Arthur Byford Jr.
b. abt 1915  Moose Jaw, SK.
d, Date Unknown  Moose Jaw, SK.

Note:  The relationship between Verna and Arthur Jr. was underway well before the marriage of Nelson Switzer and Lillian Byford.  According to Myrtle Switzer (Snider), the fact that they become Step Brother and Sister to each other only occurred a few months prior when their parents married. 


Ethel Switzer
Ethel Switzer  Ethel Switzer
b. 18 May  1916
d. Feb abt.1990
Married: 21 Oct 1936
Frank Chapman (Possibly named Hugh)


The Children of Ethel Switzer and Frank Chapman  Children of Ethel and Frank
The Children of Ethel Switzer and Frank Chapman  David Chapman



Olive Switzer
Olive Switzer  Olive Switzer
b. 27 Apr. 1918 
d. 28 Apr. 2006 


Myrtle Switzer
Myrtle Switzer  Myrtle Switzer    (Large Photo above)
b. 7 Nov 1919
Married  29 June, 1957  Melfort, Sask. (Anglican Church)
Wilber Snider
b. 1929  Estevan, Saskatchewan
He is the middle child of 15 children.   Three brothers and eleven sisters.
Myrtle is the daughter of Nelson and Cora Switzer.
No Children from this marriage.  Presently residing in Richmond, BC. (2010)


Phyllis Switzer
Phyllis Switzer  Phyllis Switzer
b. 16 Dec 1922
d. May abt 1995
Married  6 Jan 1942  Regina, Saskatchewan
John Looker


Lorne Switzer
Lorne Switzer  Lorne Switzer
b. 20 May 1925
d. 1 Jun 1952  (age 27)
Gladys Dempsey

Lorne was in the Ground Crew in the Air Force during the Second World War.


The Children of Lorne Switzer and Gladys Dempsey
The Children of Lorne Switzer and Gladys Dempsey
Children of Lorne and Gladys  Jim Switzer  Donny Switzer


Historical Information on Cora Marion Brooks

David Henry Brooks
b. 14 Mar 1841
d. Date and Location Unknown
Married:  Date Unknown
Sarah Anne Campeau

Children of David H Brooks and Sarah A Campeau
Richard Jason Brooks
Locellas Brooks
Minnie May Brooks
Retta May (Ettie) Brooks
Denzl (Dennis) Norman Brooks (Moose Jaw area)
Debby Brooks
Edward James Brooks  (adopted as Edward James Rhamey)
Cora Marion Brooks  (Moose Jaw)  Adopted Out at age 4

The Family were very poor and could not take care of all the children.
Thus, Cora had to be adopted out.   Source, Myrtle Snider - Switzer

Cora married Nelson Switzer as shown above

Information provided by David Irwin




"Christ First - Others Second - And Yourself to the Glory of God"