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Children and Descendants of George Blackwell 10.2.4 and Lois Clarinda Twichell                  

12th Generation  10.2.4 George Blackwell 
b. 15 Oct 1834  Cheltenham, Gloucester, England. Cemetery states b. 3 Oct 1834
d.   9 Dec 1916  Kirkella, Manitoba, Canada.  Buried in Brandon, MB.

Married:  6 May 1863  Anoka, Minnesota, USA.  
Lois Clarinda Twichell
b.   8 Sep 1841 Hudson, Allegany County, NY.    (IGI) and her own memoirs (LCB)     
d. 27 Nov 1925 Brandon, Manitoba, Canada

Children of George
The Children of George Blackwell and Lois Clarinda Twichell
13th Generation Children of George Blackwell and Lois Twichell   George Henry Blackwell   Mary Almena Blackwell   Alvin William Barradel Blackwell   Seraph Sophia Blackwell   Ruth Blackwell   Milton Field Blackwell   Emily Lois Elizabeth Blackwell   John Ernest Blackwell   Laura Alberta Blackwell Norma Blackwell Charles Maitland Blackwell 



Blackwell Reunion in 1908 at Kirkella Farm Home
Blackwell Family Reunion 1908
Kirkella Farm Home
Photo courtesy of Janet Blackwell DeGuglielmo
Photo 39b

Attached List of Names in Photo (Not in Order)
Names of those in above 1908 Reunion Photo 39b

The person who typed this was not a member of the family as not only is the
spelling wrong in the name of Twichell but he does not know who some of the family are. 
Click to Enlarge


George Blackwell Family  abt 1908  Mooseamin, Sk.
Blackwell Family Reunion 1908
Fleming, Saskatchewan
Back Row: Left to Right
John - Norma - Milton - Emily (Photo) - Laura - Alvin
Center Row - Left to Right
Mary - George 10.2.4 - Lois - George Henry
Front Row - Left to Right
Charles - Seraph
Photo 39c

View Individual Headshot Photos HERE

In 1916, George Blackwell 10.2.4 died. 
The last photo of him was taken with his family.
We are getting the identity of all the people in the photo and will update this information.
Lois is aged 75 in this photo.  The photo was left large and untouched.  Use sidebars to adjust.

Blackwell Family Reunion 1916
Believed taken in Brandon, Manitoba
Photo 39a

Photo from Joan Uhrig McNeil
Grand Daughter of Laura McNeil Blackwell and Daughter of Benjamin McNeil and Florence Helen Bachmann


George Henry Blackwell
George Henry Blackwell

George Henry Blackwell
1864 - 1941

click to enlarge
Photo 40

George Henry Blackwell
13th Generation George Henry Blackwell
b.  14 May 1864  Anoka, Minn.
d.  18 Apr  1941
May 15, our eldest son was born. We called him 'George Henry' for his father and father’s brother."
"We left Anoka on a Monday morning October 9. (1864)" (For Canada)  (LCB Memoirs)

Married:  2 Aug 1899  Neepawa, Manitoba, Canada. (also shows as Glendale)
Mary Maud Sirrett
b.  13 Aug 1875
d.  11 Apr 1941  Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.
George and Mary died only months before his youngest son was killed.  They did not have to suffer the loss.
Note the close dates of death for both George and Mary.
The Children of George H Blackwell and Mary Sirett
The Children of George H Blackwell and Mary Sirett
14th Generation Children of George Henry Blackwell and Mary Maud Sirett  George Alvin Flowers Blackwell 
Emily Maud Blackwell  Ernest Twichell Blackwell 
Margaret Ruth Blackwell  Charles Sirrett Blackwell 
William Franklin Blackwell 
Henry (Hal) Westbrook Blackwell    Memorial Information below

Date of Marriage of Blackwell Family Members
Memo Pad from Old Family Bible
Information on George Blackwell and Mary Sirett
Courtesy of Jocelyn Demer - Click to Enlarge
Photo 215


The Family of George Alvin Flowers Blackwell and Henrietta Oliver & Jane Evans George Alvin Flowers Blackwell
The Family of George A Blackwell and Henrietta Oliver & Jane Evans
14th Generation George Alvin Flowers Blackwell
b. 12 Oct 1900  Neepawa, Manitoba  R.M. of Langford, MB.  Reg. # 1900 - 004423
d.   4 Oct 1977  Manitoba 
Buried in Gary Memorial Park Cemetery, Winnipeg.
Married (1)
Henrietta Georgina Oliver 
Henrietta is the daughter of  Thomas Kennedy Oliver and Mary Jane Moore (IGI)
Married (2)
Jane Evans
b. 8 Feb 1906  Belfast Co., Antrim, N. Ireland (IGI) 
Jane was previously married to William Evans in 1926 in Winnipeg, Manitoba.
No Children Listed  Emily Maud Blackwell  Emily Maud Blackwell
b. 18 June 1902   R.M. of Russell, MB.  Reg. # 1902-007685
d. Unknown
Harold Alexander Nelson
No children listed.  Ernest Twichell Blackwell  Ernest Twichell Blackwell
b. 13 Jan 1904  R.M. of Langford,  MB.  Reg. # 1904 - 003879
d. Unknown Margaret Ruth Blackwell Margaret Ruth Blackwell
b.   3 Aug 1905   Manitoba
(Blackwell Farm)  R.M. of Langford, MB.  Reg. # 1905 - 007431
d. 24 July  1966   Manitoba
(Automobile Accident)
Married:  about 1930
Earl Stinson
No Children listed.  Charles Sirett Blackwell  Charles Sirett Blackwell
b. 5 Dec 1907  R.M. of Langford  Reg. # 1907- 002144
d. 15 Apr 1908 Age 4 Months.

Deceased Registration Number: 1908-002352      View William Franklin Blackwell William Franklin Blackwell
Amy M. Thorburn
No children listed. Henry (Hal) Westbrook Blackwell Henry (Hal) Westbrook Blackwell - Sgt. RAF
b. 24 Nov 1913  Winnipeg, Man., Canada
d. 26 Nov 1941  Scotland.
Blackwell Lake (64H09) was named after him  1995/01/12 
(This Blackwell Lake is in Manitoba, not the Blackwell Lake in Minnesota or B.C.)

Sgt. Henry W. Blackwell
Sgt. Henry W. Blackwell K.I.A.
Photo 209

Tombstone of Sgt. Henry Blackwell in Kinloss Abbey - Scotland
Henry's Tombstone in Kinloss Abbey
Photo 211a           Photo 209b

From the Book of Remembrance you may view the details on Henry Blackwell - Click Here
A Posting from the Book of Remembrance for Henry Westbrook Blackwell

Sgt. Henry Westbrook Blackwell - Royal Canadian Air Force
Service Number  R/80013
Buried:  Kinloss Abby Burial Ground, Moray, United Kingdom
Grave #20  Row A
Date of Death - Nov 26, 1941

Blackwell, Sgt. Henry Westbrook
Neepawa, Manitoba (R 80013)

Royal Canadian Air Force - NO: 19 Operational Training Unit
Died 26 November 1941 at age 21. 
Henry is commemorated in Kinloss Abbey Burial Ground, Morayshire, Scotland.  He was the son of Mrs. G. H. Blackwell and the late Mr. G. Blackwell, Winnipeg, Mb.  Henry enlisted in the Royal Canadian Air Force in 1940.  He was presented his wings Tuesday, May 13, 1941 at Brantford, Ontario where he had received the greater part of his training.  Sgt. Blackwell was killed when his Whitley aircraft # Z 9279 was in a flying accident.   He was a Wireless Operator Air Gunner with the squadron.  Henry was the first Neepawa boy to loose his life in World War II.

                    Photo 211

Armstrong Whitworth "Whitley".  The plane that Sgt. Blackwell died in.Armstrong Whitworth "Whitley"
The Aircraft of Sgt. Blackwell
The model of Aircraft that he was flying when he died.
Photo 210

B.C.A.T.P. Museum - Memorial Book "They Shall Grow Not Old" - Photo source - Cecil Pittman



Mary Almina Blackwell
Mary Almena Blackwell

Mary Almena Blackwell
Mary Almena Blackwell
click to enlarge
Photo 41

Mary Almina Blackwell
13th Generation  Mary Almena Blackwell
b.  5 Feb 1866  Wingham, Huron, Ont., Canada
d.  7 Apr 1922   Armstrong, BC.  Buried in Vancouver on April 11, 1922
Married:   7 Sept 1887  Wingham, Ontario
George A. Barrett
b. Dec  9 1862  Reportedly in England
d. Oct 20 1915  Mission, BC., Canada (Hatzic Prairie, BC)
The Children of Mary Blackwell and George Barrett
The Children of Mary Blackwell and George Barrett
14th Generation Children of Mary Blackwell and George Barrett Henry Barrett George Avon Barrett Bernard. A. Barrett   

Comment from Lois Twichell Memoirs - "On February 16th, Mary had her third boy, Bernard, and her last child"

It was a direct descendent of Mary that was such assistance to me in the early days of this website. Laurie Barrett.  To view more of the Blackwell Branches not listed on this website - View the website of Laurie Barrett.  Laurie has produced an excellent website that takes Mary Blackwell's family even further.

Laurie Barrett is from the Mary Blackwell Family  -  Her Website



Alvin William Barradell Blackwell
Alvin William Barradell Blackwell

Alvin William Barradell Blackwell
Alvin William Barradel Blackwell
click to enlarge
Photo 42

The name Barradel in Alvin's name is the maiden name of his Grandmother. (Mary Barradell) (Error is spelling possibly)

Alvin William Barradell Blackwell
13th Generation  Alvin William Barradel Blackwell
b.  21 Nov 1867  Wingham, Ont., Canada.
d.  20 Jan 1938  Brandon MB.  Buried in Brandon Cemetery on 22 Jan 1938.   Deceased Registration Number:
Married:  25 Dec 1901 by Rev. Collins Court     Wedding Information
Janet Dodds

b. Unknown
d. 20 Sept 1958  Buried in Brandon Cemetery
The Children of Alvin Blackwell and Janet Dodds
The Children of Alvin Blackwell and Janet Dodds
14th Generation Children of Alvin Blackwell and Janet Dodds  Ellen Lois Blackwell
b. 5 Apr 1903  R.M. of North Cypress, MB.  Reg. # 1903 - 20215632  Mary Norma Blackwell
b. 10 Feb 1908  R.M. of North Cypress, MB.  Reg. # 1908 - 001994
d.   9 Aug 1999 Penticton, BC.
She was married to Norm Thom and then to Gerald Latimer.  Winona Blackwell  Andrew Blackwell  Bruce Blackwell  Enid Blackwell (Married a Mr. Begg)

      Obit - Mary Norma Latimer - Blackwell
               Obit Notice
Mary Norma Latimer nee Blackwell
              Photo 214
Information on Alvin Blackwell
Information on Alvin Blackwell

Information from (LCB) tells that 75 people attended the wedding. 
The service was performed by Rev. Collins Court - Presbyterian Minister.   The service was held on the farm near Glendale.
His third name "Barradel" is after the maiden name of Mary Barradell the wife of Lois's Father in Law.  Lois and George often did this with their children to retain the name of distant family.  This was a common practice in other families as well.



Seraph Sophia Blackwell

Seraph Sophia Blackwell

Saraph Sophia Blackwell
Seraph Sophia Blackwell
Photo 43

The middle name 'Sophia' is probably in honour of her Aunt, Sophia Blackwell 10.2.2

Seraph Sophia Blackwell
13th Generation  Seraph Sophia Blackwell                                
b.    3 Aug 1869  Wingham, Ont., Canada
d.  31 May 1942  St. Boniface, Winnipeg, MB.
No Children are listed for Seraph

With tradition, Lois and George named Seraph with the middle name "Sophia".   George's sister, Sophia (10.2.2) died in Alexandria, MN.



Ruth Blackwell

Ruth Blackwell

Ruth Blackwell
13th Generation Ruth Blackwell
b. 11 Nov 1871  Wingham, Ontario (Huron County)
d. 24 Sept 1872
Infant Death 



Milton Field Blackwell

Milton Field Blackwell

Milton Field Blackwell
click to enlarge
Photo 44

13th Generation  Milton Field Blackwell
12 Jun 1873  Wingham, Ont.
d.  13 Mar 1952
Kamloops, BC.
Buried in Pleasant St. Cemetery,
Kamloops, BC.  Ref # KFHS-216      More on Milton Blackwell and Agnes Eadie
3 Sep. 1900 (Wingham, Ont.)
Agnes Eadie
19 Dec 1873  Wingham, Ont.
d. 22 May 1946
Barnhart Vale, BC.
Buried in Pleasant St. Cemetery,
Kamloops, BC.   Ref # KFHS-216 
She was the daughter of Thomas Eadie and Miss Marshall (both from Scotland)
The Children of Milton Blackwell and Agnes Eadie
The Children of Milton Blackwell and Agnes Eadie
14th Generation Children of Milton Blackwell and Agnes Eadie   Children of Milton Blackwell and Agnes Eadie Charles Blackwell
                            More information on Charles and Muriel
b. 24 Apr 1903  Vancouver, BC.
d.  7 Mar 1950 
North Vancouver, BC.
30 Aug 1941  Kamloops, BC
Muriel Lillian Blackbourn  
(Se was called "Lillian")         
3 Feb 1908  Kamloops, BC
10 May 1908  St Paul's Anglican, Kamloops, BC    
9 Apr 2002  Burnaby, BC.    Forest Lawn Cemetery
She is the daughter of Robert Blackbourn and Elizabeth Rolfe  George Maitland Blackwell
24 Apr 1903  Vancouver, BC.
21 Nov 1964  Vancouver, BC.     1964-09-01.5019 B13269  - George was a Commercial Transport Truck Driver
No Children Listed  David L Blackwell
b. aft Dec 1903
d.    9 Mar 1950            N-17-13 Pleasant
Street Cemetery, Kamloops, BC.
No Children Listed  Raymond
Albion Blackwell
4 Apr 1907  Vancouver, BC.
11 Dec 1966  Kamloops, BC
Marguerite Winnifred Best
Ontario, Canada
04 Nov 1986  Kamloops, BC.
Both are buried in
Pleasant Street Cemetery, Kamloops, BC.  1966-09-016098 B13281     
No Children Listed
Notes for Raymond Albion Blackwell 
Everett A Blackwell
b. abt 1914
d. 22 Apr 1978 
Burnaby, BC      1978-09-008154B13586   
Married  1949
Winnie ................
No Children Listed
Notes for Everett A Blackwell  Arthur C Blackwell        More information on Arthur and June
b. 19 Sept 1918  Kamloops, BC
26  Oct  2004  Kamloops, BC.
27 Feb 1943  St. Paul's Cathedral, Kamloops (Saturday Afternoon)  
June Fennell
19 Jun 1923  Royal Inland Hospital, Chu Chua.  Daughter  Mrs. G. Walker of Kamloops
b. aft 1900
d. Unknown
G. Walker
No Children Listed  Daughter  Lois Margaret Blackwell
b. Aft 1900
d. Unknown
E Laverty
No Children Listed  Daughter  Mrs, P. Frampton of Victoria
b. aft 1900
d. Unknown
P. Frampton
b. aft 1890
d. Unknown
No Children Listed  Dorothy E Blackwell
b. Aft 1900
d. Unknown
P Foley
No Children Listed
The Children of Charles Blackwell and Muriel Blackbourn

The Children of Charles Blackwell and Muriel "Lillian" Blackbourn
15th Generation Children of Charles Milton Blackwell and Muriel Lillian Blackbourn  Kenneth Milton Blackwell
b. 27 Feb 1943

The Children of Arthur Blackwell and June Fennel

The Children of Arthur Blackwell and June Fennel
15th Generation Children of Arthur Blackwell and June Fennel  David Blackwell
b.   2 Mar 1944  Kamloops
d. 21 Mar 2006  Kamloops  Dawn Blackwell
b. 14 Sep 1945  Ted Blackwell
b. 13 Mar 1949  Arthur Blackwell Jr.
b. 1951  Janet Blackwell    Contributor to the Blackwell Genealogy
b. 21 Aug 1955
The Children of Ken and Kadrian Blackwell
The Children of Kenneth and Kadriin Blackwell
16th Generation Children of Kenneth and Kadriin Blackwell  Joanna Blackwell  Benjamin Milton Blackwell  Elizabeth Blackwell


The Descendants of Milton Blackwell     Milton Field Blackwell   Agnes Eadie

View Notes about Charles Milton Blackwell    View Notes about Muriel Lillian Blackbourn

as provided by Evelyn Bromley 

More about Milton Blackwell and Agnes Eadie
More about Milton Blackwell and Agnes Eadie
Milton Blackwell had a Lake named after him.  Blackwell Lake, located near Kamloops, BC Source  BCGNIS
He started a water community irrigation district starting at
Blackwell Lake and the organization of water users still exists today.  Ted Blackwell, who owns the original farm of Milton Blackwell, chairs the water district; claimed to be the largest community irrigation district of it's kind in Canada.  This Blackwell Lake would be the third Lake named in honour of a Blackwell.  The Minnesota Blackwell Lake was the first while Blackwell Lake in Manitoba for Henry W. Blackwell was the third. Both the Blackwell Lake in Manitoba and BC were adopted on April 7, 1949.  
Source   Arthur Blackwell
Blackwell Lake, Manitoba  57.590ºN  96.475º   VIEW
Blackwell Lake, British Columbia  50.416475295°N  -120.069135645°   VIEW

Click on Logo to view Website

His efforts are seen here in the Blackwell Dairy Farm that was built on hard work and integrity with his own family involved in all aspects of the Farm operation, the tradition continues on to this very day.  A fitting tribute to Milton Field Blackwell and his family.  To view the entire website of Blackwell Farms, Click on the Dairy Logo In 1908, 5 years before the Blackwell Dairy Farm was created, the family of George Blackwell and Lois Twichell took a photo of the entire family. 

1908 Blackwell Family Photo
Click to Enlarge

Milton moved to British Columbia in 1895 and spent a few years in the construction business in Vancouver.  He then went into mixed farming near Kamloops.  He married Agnes Eadie in 1900 in Wingham, Ont.  Milton and Agnes are listed as being buried in the Cemetery on Pleasant Street in Kamloops, BC., Canada.  It is located at the junction of Pleasant Street and Eighth Ave. in the region called High Country.  Ref No.  KFHS-216 It is obvious that his middle name "Field" is after the last name of Lois's birth mother, Ruth Field  Ruth was the mother to all of Lois's brothers and sisters, even though she died while Lois was still very young.   Ruth was married to Royal Twichell who was the son of Lemuel Twichell and Grandson of Enos Twichell (Twitchell)  Ruth died quite young, and Royal remarried to Almena ............?  Notice the middle name of Mary Blackwell  It is quite possible she was named after Lois's Stepmother who Lois loved dearly.


More on Charles M Blackwell and Muriel Lillian Blackbourn
More on Charles Milton Blackwell and Muriel Lillian Blackbourn
Marriage Information - Charles Milton Blackwell and Muriel Lillian Blackbourn From the Kamloops Sentinel, Sep 4 1941: "Blackwell - BLACKBOURN In St. Paul's Cathedral church on Saturday, August 30, at 3:30 p.m. the marriage took place between Muriel Lillian, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. C. BLACKBOURN, and Charles Milton Blackwell, son of Mr. and Mrs. M. F. Blackwell of Barnhart Vale. Rev. W. F. Bushe was the officiating clergyman. The bride, given in marriage by her father, wore a rose redingote frock and matching hat. Her shower bouquet was of white carnations and pink rosebuds. She was attended by Miss Esme Ford who wore a turquoise dress with white accessories and carried pink carnations and white asters. R. G. Walker was best man for his brother-in-law. F. W. Statham, the bride's brother-in-law, played the wedding music. At the reception in the home of the bride's parents, the guests were received by the mothers of the bride and groom. For their trip to Vancouver Island the bride donned a grey tailored suit with navy accessories. Mr. and Mrs. Blackwell will make their home at Kamloops."


More Information on Arthur Blackwell and June Fennell
More Information on Arthur Blackwell and June Fennell
On the occasion of the 60th Anniversary of Arthur C. Blackwell and his wife, June, a presentation was made by Arthur Blackwell Jr.  I have extracted the information from the presentation as it shows an excellent example of the families efforts.  Thanks to Arthur Blackwell ( for his input and help.  (Below)

Arthur and June met at a dance at the Knutsford Hall.  June was employed at Kerr's Jewelry store and living in town with her sister,
Lydia and Lydia's husband, Les Cunnington.  Arthur worked on the Blackwell Dairy farm along with his Mother and Father and his brother, Everett.
Times were not easy and work always came first with holidays few and far between. Even on their wedding day, Art had to milk the cows and complete his morning chores.  June worked until lunch time in the jewelry store.  Her boss, Mr. Kerr, was not to pleased that he would have to find a replacement for June as she had the responsibility for running the store.  Art was in need of a car for the big day so he went to see Syd Smith and did the paper work on a deposit on a new Chevrolet.  It cost Art $25.00 for the use of the car, but he made sure his Dad never found out about it until much later. A reception was held at the home of
Marion and Gerry's ___________ were a new birth of a nephew was being celebrated.  It was the birth of Kenny Blackwell.  That evening, the newly weds were to board a train to Vancouver.  However, the train did not arrive so their first evening was spent in the Plaza Hotel and caught the train at 5:30AM the next morning.  They spent ten days in Vancouver, mainly at the home of Art's sister, Lois and her husband Ernie _________.  Lois and Ernie showed them around Vancouver and they took in many of the sights, including the wooden bridge across Capilano Canyon.  Near the end of this time, a significant snowfall occurred in Kamloops and Art had to return to the Dairy.

The first few years at the farm were quite different for June.  The farmhouse did not have a bathtub, something she was accustomed to having.  They shared the house with Milton and Agnes, and Art's brother, Everett.  Shortly after, June and Art moved into the smaller log cabin at the farm.  Later, Milton and Agnes moved to the original ranch house at the creek, leaving the main house for Art and June, as well as

For the first couple of years, transportation for Art and June was in an International K-1 Pickup truck.  Then, in 1944, on March 2nd., David Blackwell, their first child, was born.  It was a typical work day for Art.  He dropped June off at the hospital in the old International Pickup and went back to work.  Marguerite (wife of Raymond Blackwell) telephoned him later to advise him that he was now a father.  1944 was the year they bought a 1937 Packard, one of Art's favourite cars.  The Packard cost him a sum of $1000.00.  Unfortunately, the car was stolen in 1945.  A couple of kids from
Vancouver were hitchhiking and Everett brought them home to help out on the farm for a few days.  On night they stole the keys off the key rack and the cash float from the milk delivery, which was left in a leather pouch by the back door.  They also took two 30/30s from the gun rack.  After letting the air out of the pickup tires so as not to be followed, the boys took off in the Packard.  What they had not counted on was that the car needed water.  It was the time of year that was very cold and it was before the days of antifreeze.  Therefore, each night, the water was drained from the radiator.  The boys made it to the CPR Tower in Campbell Creek where they stopped to put water in the radiator.

In the meantime, Art and Everett had pumped air into the pickup truck tires and headed off after the boys.  They caught up to them at the water tower.  The boys tried to hide in the tower but then soon decided to make a run for it. 
Everett slammed the door on the tower and caught the hand of one of the boys in the door.  Upon the arrival of the Police, the boys told quite a story about the Blackwell's having a sizeable cache of guns.  The police did come by to check this story but the farm only had the typical tools found on any farm.  Unfortunately, the old Packard was never quite the same after that.

It was the 14th of September of 1945 that Dawn Blackwell was born.  On that day, the Comazzettos were at the farm helping fill the silo with corn.  June made lunch for everyone, including Tony Comazzetto who spent the day packing the silo.  That evening June went to the hospital and gave birth to Dawn.

The late 1940s saw several changes to the Blackwell Farm. 
Everett had been a mainstay on the farm and worked closely with Art.  However, he married Winnie _______ and moved off the farm and sold his interest in the operation in 1949.  Also in 1949, Ted Blackwell was born on the 13th of March and would call the Farm his home.

In 1951, a fourth child arrived.  Arthur Blackwell Jr. was born.  While June was in the hospital with Arthur Jr., the rest of the family went to their neighbouring home of Bob and Mamie Hare  for New Years Dinner.

In 1953 the farm took a major shift in operations as the milk cows were sold in
Alberta.  The herd, a mixture of red polls and holsteins, were prized possessions of the farm and it was with sadness that they were moved.  As with many farms in this era, market conditions changed and the farm needed to strike out in a new direction.

By 1954, Art and June had moved into the sheep industry.  They bought a number of flocks from neighbours including E.M. Hall and Tek Adams.  Summer range was acquired to the north of
Shuswap Lake and the annual trek to and from Grizzly then Lichen Mtn., will remain in the memories of all the children.  Sheep camp stories of pack horses bucking up the trail, grizzly bears following the trail, cougars, and riding the mules "Jack" and "Jenny",  have become family lore.  The beauty of mountains left an indelible mark on the Blackwell family as did the sheep industry.  It brought with it new friends, that have remained close to June and Art for almost fifty years.

August 21st, 1955, Art and June rounded out their family with the birth of Janet Blackwell.  Once again, Art dropped June off at the hospital but this time he did not return to work.  It seems that Art headed out with Demarnis and a number of fellows from Barnhart Vale who were playing in a softball game at Chu Chua.  They can't remember who won but Marsten, the umpire, would make sure it was a fair game.

One of the memories about the sheep years is during shearing time.  Temporary holding pens in the barn would be constructed with the fronts covered with burlap sacks.  The shearers would arrive and after getting the sheep in the pen, would reach in, grab a leg, and pull the ewe or ram out to be shorn.  The children would heard the sheep into the pens and take the fleeces up to the haymow for stuffing into the long burlap sacks.  The sacks were about 7 feet long and were suspended from the floor of the haymow down into the barn.  The process would be to throw a few fleeces in the bottom and then jump in and pack them down.  As you got the ones at your feet packed, someone would throw a fleece down on you and you would squeeze it past your body down to the bottom.  Eventually, you would work yourself to the top standing on the packed fleeces.  In addition to raising sheep in the middle 50’s, Art also was involved in logging.  Art, Everett, and Toddy Pratt would log, mill and haul lumber to town.  Usually, they would complete one truck of sawed lumber a day, which Art would haul into
Kamloops after work.

Education in farming on the Blackwell farm was probably similar to education on most family farms.  June and Art saw to it that the children were involved in music, sports, clubs and 4H.  On the farm children were expected to watch how things were done, ask questions as necessary, and then get to work.  The children learned to drive at a young age.  It could have been a tractor, bulldozer, forklift, truck or a horse.  It was a natural progression from watching to doing.  An appreciation for hard work, good earth, and care of animals would be the result of farm life.

In 1966, with the sheep industry taking a turn for the worst, Art sold the flock.  In the same year, Art suffered a heart attack.  David and Dawn had careers away from the farm and June needed help to run the farm.  Janet was only 10 at the time.  Ted was in grade 11 at this time, but he had to leave school to work the farm.

Over the next couple of years, the farm began to move back into the dairy world.  Buying calves in the
Fraser Valley, heifers from Tranquille Farm, and small herds of cows, the farm began shipping mile in 10 gallon cans by delivering them to NOCA in Valleyview in 1967.  By 1968 a milking parlor was built at the end of the old dairy barn and by 1970 tanker trucks were picking up milk at the farm.  The farm was milking 120 cows.

In 1981, Art and June moved out of their farmhouse that had been home for 38 years.  They moved into a new house overlooking the farm.  In 1982, with the selling of NOCA Dairies to Dairyland the Blackwell farm decided to become autonomous and process its own milk.  A processing plant was built on the farm and by January 1983 raw milk was flowing in one door and packaged milk was flowing out the other.  The plant operation would include three Blackwell families as David had moved back from his dairy farm in
Alberta.  Eventually, Dawn and Janet would join the processing operation.

The above is an extraction of the original text by Arthur Blackwell Jr. ( who prepared the expanded version for the occasion of the 60th Anniversary or Art and June Blackwell


Field is the maiden name of Lois's birth mother. (Ruth Field)


Milton Blackwell and Agnes Eadie Wedding Sept. 3, 1900  Wingham, Ontario
Left to Right
Best Man Unknown - Agnes Eadie - Milton Blackwell - Laura Blackwell (McNeil)
Photo courtesy of Janet Blackwell DeGuglielmo

Photo 44b



Emily Lois Elizabeth Blackwell

Emily Lois Elizabeth Blackwell

Emily Lois Elizabeth Blackwell
Emily Lois Elizabeth Blackwell
click to enlarge
Photo 45
Photo was taken on her wedding day in 1898  The above is a photo of a photo.
It was hanging in the Fleming, Saskatchewan Home in the 1908 and
was in the Family Photo taken with the other family gathered around it.

Emily is named after Lois Twichell and Elizabeth Blackwell 10.2.2

Emily Lois Elizabeth Blackwell
13th Generation   Emily Lois Elizabeth Blackwell
b.  15 Dec 1874 Wingham, Ontario (Huron County)
d.  18 Jul  1899
Married  23 Aug 1898   Wingham, Ont.      
Will Kennedy

The Children of Emily Blackwell and Will Kennedy
The Children of Emily Blackwell and Will Kennedy
14th Generation Children of Emily Blackwell and Will Kennedy William Kennedy Jr. 
b. 16 July 1899

Emily died shortly after giving birth.
Emily was named Emily Lois Elizabeth, in honour of Emily Twichell, Lois's sister that died in 1848. (LCB)  We think the name Elizabeth is after George's sister, Elizabeth Blackwell who died in England abt 1865.  Will Kennedy Sr. (husband of Emily) was highly regarded by the Blackwell Family and they remained close through the years after Emily's death.  There is no information regarding the possibility that William remarried or not.



John Ernest Blackwell
John Ernest Blackwell

 John Ernest Blackwell  
click to enlarge
Photo 46

John Ernest Blackwell
13th Generation John Ernest Blackwell        Obituary of John Blackwell
b.  23 Feb 1877  Wingham, Ont., Canada              
d.  28 Apr 1974  Penticton, BC, Canada  Age 97
buried:  4 May 1974    Lakeview Cemetery      Rev. H. Houseman officiating.
Married  21 Feb 1906 New Osgood, Saskatchewan  (Source - Memo in Family Bible - see Photo 215) 
Sarah Elinor Howes                                                                                 
b.  12 Aug 1882  Ottawa, Ontario                                                                    
More on John Blackwell and Sarah Howes                              
d.  11 July 1957  Penticton, BC., Canada.  Buried in Summerland, BC.  Age 74     
She was the daughter of William Howes and Rhoda Farringer (Both born in Ontario)   Source - BC Archives
The Children of John Blackwell and Sarah Howes
The Children of John Blackwell and Sarah Howes
14th Generation Children of John Blackwell and Sarah Howes  Ivan Howes Blackwell  Allan Blackwell  Lois Blackwell   (infant death) 
Ernest Henry Blackwell  Phyllis Blackwell  Gordon Blackwell  

Ivan Blackwell
Ivan Blackwell

Ivan Howes Blackwell  and wife, Agnes Kaluzy
   click to enlarge
Photo 49

14th Generation
Ivan Howes Blackwell
b. 15 Apr 1908  Brandon, Manitoba
d. 15 Jan 1980 Melfort, Saskatchewan
Married:  Melfort, Saskatchewan
Agnes Kaluzy
b. 29 Aug 1926
Agnes presently resides in Melfort, Saskatchewan. 
No Children from this marriage.

More on Ivan Howes Blackwell and Agnes Kaluzy


Alan Blackwell
Allan Blackwell

Allan Blackwell
Far right

Visiting at the Ernie Blackwell home in Moose Jaw abt 1954
click to enlarge
Photo 48

14th Generation Allan Blackwell Allan Blackwell
b. March 1910
d. 2007 California
I have very little information on Allan.
Children of Allan
Children of Allan Blackwell

   Family of Allan Blackwell
click to enlarge
No Information - Only this photo is available

Photo 47

Lois Blackwell
Lois Blackwell
No Photo  Lois Blackwell    
b. abt 25 Mar 1916
d. 20 Apr 1916.
Deceased Registration Number:
Named in honour of Lois Twichell, the Mother of John Blackwell
Her middle name was after her Mother.

Ernest Blackwell
Ernest Blackwell

Ernest Henry Blackwell 1968
Photo 53

14th Generation  Ernest Henry Blackwell                   Also See Ernest Henry Blackwell   See his Baseball Team - Melfort Jrs.
b. 31 Mar 1913 Brandon, Manitoba, Canada.
d. 1985 Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada
Married:  7 Jan 1941 Melfort, Saskatchewan, Canada    
More on Ernest Blackwell and Jessie Byford
Jessie Lillian Byford    
b.  8 Dec 1917 Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada.
d. 29 Oct 1971 Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada.
She is the daughter of Arthur Byford Sr. (Seymour) and Nellie Leticia Cousins b. 21 Jan 1885  Norfolk, England.
The Children of Ernie Blackwell and Jessie Byford
The Children of Ernie Blackwell and Jessie Byford
15th Generation Children of Ernie and Jessie Byford  Ronald Ernest Blackwell  Infant Death  Infant Death

Blackwell Family of Moose Jaw, Sk.
Ernie - Jessie - Ron
Photo by Linda Elsom abt 1968
Photo 217

Phyllis Blackwell
Phyllis Blackwell

Phyllis was an accomplished musian
Phyllis Blackwell
n Concert
Photo 50

        Phyllis (L)           Phyllis & Carl McGraw
Photo 51                   Photo 52

14th Generation Phyllis Blackwell
b. May 1922
Carl McGraw

d. Dec 2008
Carl was a very find gentleman and I recall the family having great respect for him.
No Children Listed

Gordon Blackwell
Gordon Blackwell

Gordon Blackwell was the youngest member of the family
 Gordon Blackwell 
  Click to Enlarge
Photo 54

14th Generation  Gordon Blackwell 
b. June 1923
Ina Conley
Gordon was a Veteran of the Second World War
The Children of Gordon Blackwell and Ina Conley
The Children of Gordon Blackwell and Ina Conley
15th Generation Children of Gordon and Ina Conley John Blackwell
No Children Listed

John, Ina and Gordon
Photo by Linda Elsom in 1965
Photo 55



Laura Alberta Blackwell
Laura Alberta Blackwell

Laura Alberta Blackwell - McNeil   1879
 Laura Alberta Blackwell
click to enlarge
Photo 56

Laura Alberta Blackwell
13th Generation  Laura Alberta Blackwell        See Descendants of Laura Alberta Blackwell & More Information
b.  24 Feb 1879  Wingham, Ont., Canada
d.  06 Apr 1964 in Kamloops, BC, Buried in Pleasant St. Cemetery, Kamloops, BC.   Ref# KFHS-216
Married  7 Dec 1912  Vancouver BC (Records indicate Point Grey, BC.) (Source - Family Bible Records)  View Information
Benjamin Howard McNeil

McNeil Home - Now a Heritage Site located at 108 Mile House, BC.
McNeil Family Home of 1912 after final completion. 
This home is Heritage Property and was moved to 108 Mile House Museum

that is located on the Caribou Trail (Hwy 97) of British Columbia.
Photo by Ron Blackwell by Cel Phone Cam
Photo 56a

More on Laura Blackwell and Benjamin McNeil

The Children of Laura Blackwell and Benjamin McNeil
The Children of Laura Blackwell and Benjamin McNeil
14th Generation Children of Laura Blackwell and Benjamin McNeil  Benjamin Spencer McNeil
Florence Helen Bachmann  Herbert Milton McNeil 



Norma Marion Clarinda Blackwell  Norma Blackwell
Norma Marian Clarinda Blackwell

Norma Blackwell - Wilkinson   1881 - 1926 / 27
Norma Marian Clarinda Blackwell
click to enlarge
Photo 58

Tombstone of Charles and Norma Wilkinson
Tombstone of Charles and Norma (Blackwell) Wilkinson
Click to Enlarge
Photo 222b

13th Generation Norma Marian Clarinda Blackwell
b.  17 Aug 1881  Wingham, Ont., Canada
d.  24 Oct 1946  Brandon, MB. 
Married  14 Feb 1912  5:PM  at Terre Bonne Farm located North of Kirkella, Manitoba. 
Charles Wilkinson          

b.  3 Sep 1877  Welcome, ON.
d.  12 Jul 1955  Brandon, MB.

Fourth born of John Wilkinson and Lydia Wilkinson who were both born in England.            Charles and Norma Photo
Norma and Charles were married by Rev. Creswell 

The Children  of Norma Blackwell and Charles Wilkinson
The Children of Norma Blackwell and Charles Wilkinson
14th Generation Children of Norma Blackwell and Charles Wilkinson  Clare Rollins Wilkinson
b.  30 May 1917  Brandon, MB.   Will be 90 years of age in May of 2007
Married:  20 Nov 1943?   Divorced about 1958
d. 16, Nov 2008
She passed away peacefully in her room at the Souris Personal Care Home, Sunday  November 16 2008.
She was buried in Brandon Cemetery with her Parents on Friday  November 21, 2008.
Charles Frederick Hill             
b.  26 Oct 1914  Brandon, MB.
d.    2 Mar 1975  Brandon, MB.

Clare Rollins Wilkinson

Clare Rollins Wilkinson  1917 - 2008
Clare Wilkinson
Photo 222

Clare Wilkinson - Joan Hill - Charles Hill - Richard Charles Hill
Photo taken in 1949

Photo 58d

More on Clare Wilkinson and Chares Hill  Chester Wilkinson

b.  7 Sep 1922  Brandon, MB.
Isabel ...........?  Alma Wilkinson

b.  29 Jun 1924  Brandon, MB.
Married:  Date Unknown
Stanley Hyett

b. Unknown
d. 2006
Resided in Ontario  Willard Wilkinson

b.  8 Oct 1928  Brandon, MB.
d.  8 Mar 1929 Brandon, MB.
No Children Listed
The Children of Clare Wilkinson and Charles Hill
The Children of Clare Wilkinson and Charles Hill
15th Generation Children of Clare Rollins Wilkinson and Charles Hill  Richard Charles Hill 
b. 31 May 1946  Brandon, MB.
d.  6 May 1992
1) Married:  Date Unknown
Olive Thomas
2) Married: Date Unknown
Cheryl West 
(Previously Married)  Joan Clare Hill
b.   Mar 1949  Brandon, MB.                                                                        Wilkinson Photos
Married: Date Unknown 

Irwin Robert Joseph Harlton
b.   Oct 1946

 .........Our thanks Jocelyn Demer

The Children of Chester Wilkinson and Isabel Wilkinson
The Children of Chester Wilkinson and Isabel Wilkinson
15th Generation Children of Chester and Isabel Wilkinson  Patricia Wilkinson  Janet Wilkinson

The Children of Alma Wilkinson and Stanley Hyett
The Children of Alma Wilkinson and Stanley Hyett
15th Generation Children of Alma Wilkinson and Stanley Hyett  Ken Hyett  John Hyet

The Children of Richard Charles Hill and Olive Thomas & Cheryl West
The Children of Richard Charles Hill and Olive Thomas & Cheryl West
16th Generation Children of Richard Charles Hill and (1) Olive Thomas  Teresa Clare Hill
b.  1971  Kathy Joan Hill
b.  1973

Children of Richard Charles Hill and (2) Cheryl West  Amanda Hill
b.   1987

The Children of Joan Clare Hill and Irwin R.J. Harlton
The Children of Joan Clare Hill & Irwin R. J. Harlton
16th Generation Children of Joan Clare Hill and Irwin R. J. Harlton  Jocelyn Joan Harlton    (Contributor of much information to this website)
b.  Mar 1975
Married:   Apr 1998
Christopher Demer  Keith Joseph Charles Harlton
b.   Jul 1977

 The Children of Jocelyn Harlton and Chris Demer
The Children of Jocelyn Harlton and Chris Demer
17th Generation Children of Jocelyn Harlton and Chris Demer  Taylor Anne Marie Demer
b.  Mar 1994  Brittany Paige Demer
b.  Aug 1997  Mathew Richard William Demer
b.  Dec 1998



Charles Maitland Blackwell
Charles Maitland Blackwell

Charles Maitland Blackwell   1883 - 1946
Charles Maitland Blackwell
click to enlarge
Photo 59

Charles Maitland Blackwell
13th Generation Charles Maitland Blackwell             More Information
b.  26 Feb 1883  Wingham, Ont., Canada        
d.  21 May 1946  Cornwallis
Married  9 Feb 1918 at 'Rose Glen Farm'
Helena (Lena) Catherine Rose                                             

b. 1885
d. 1947

The Children  of Charles Blackwell and Helena (Lena) Catherine Rose
The Children of Charles Blackwell and Helena Catherine Rose
14th Generation Children of Charles Blackwell and Helena Lena) Catherine Rose Ivy Rose Blackwell John Clayton Blackwell   
b. Manitoba



more information on family members

Henry Westbrook Blackwell
Sgt. Henry Westbrook Blackwell
"Book of Remembrance"

Comment from the Webmaster
Notice the Flag above the Photo of Henry Blackwell.  This is the "Union Jack"  It is the Flag of the United Kingdom.  Canada did not have Canadian Citizens at that time; Canada had British Subjects.  As a result, we Canadians went to War under the Union Jack.  The Red and White Canadian Flag did not occur until the 1960s.  With that change came the Canadian Citizen.  It was a significant event for Canada.  With the respect we have for the Union Jack, and the people who fought and died for it, we have shown it here for our Henry.  This is the Flag that Henry would serve under for his country - Canada.


For all the photos and Biography information of Henry W. Blackwell We would like to thank Cecil Pittman for his respectful dedication to the memory of the young Canadians who gave so much.  His efforts allowed us to honour our own family.

The Canadian Military have a wonderful website.  I found the following information on it.  In World War ll there are 4 Blackwell deaths listed.  One of them is Henry.  They are as follows

The Book of Remembrance - Click Here
Containing the names of Canadians who fought in wars and died either during or after them

Dale Lamar Blackwell  Mar. 9, 1943
Frank Joseph Blackwell  Dec. 3, 1940

Henry Westbrook Blackwell  Nov. 26, 1941
Henry Albert Edward Blackwell  Sep. 1, 1944

There are 10 Blackwell deaths listed in the First World War.
There are 4 Blackwell deaths listed in the Second World War.

  Search the Book of Remembrance for your Family 

When the page opens, type in only the last name, then Click 'Search'

If anyone has information on "Harry", we would be pleased to place it on the site.
Possibly some of the other Blackwells listed in the Book of Remembrance are members of this family.

Henry W. Blackwell was not the only member of our family who served during Canada's conflicts.  There have been a number of them.
We honour all our Soldiers, past and present, for their courage and conviction.

 "Lest We Forget"

The Battle Of Britain  A short review of Canada's part in the Battle of Britain Click Here


Birth Information of Charles S. Blackwell from Province of Manitoba
Birth Information of Charles S. Blackwell from Province of Manitoba

Last Name: Blackwell
Given Names: Charles Sirett
Sex: Male    Date of Birth: 05/12/1907
Name of Hospital:
Place of Birth: R.M. of Langford

Mother's Details

Maiden Last Name: Sirett    Given Names: Mary M.



More on John Blackwell and Sarah Howes
More on John Blackwell and Sarah Howes
Many years after Sarah died, John married a High School Sweetheart.  Her name was Elizabeth .......?  However, she died not long after the marriage and John was alone again. 

Time Line - John Blackwell was born in 1877, the same year that Chief Crazy Horse was murdered.  John Blackwell is the Grandfather of the Webmaster, Ronald Ernest Blackwell (

Obituary of John Blackwell
Obituary of John Blackwell
Dearly beloved, we are gathered together this afternoon to pay tribute to the memory of the late John Ernest Blackwell, who went to be with his Lord on April 28, 1974, at the grand old age of 97 years.  Mr. Blackwell was born at Wingham, Ontario in 1877 and was united in marriage to Sarah Eleanor Howes in 1905.  To this union was born 4 sons and 1 daughter.  Across the years the family have lived at Brandon and Killarney in Manitoba, and Melfort, Saskatchewan where Mr. Blackwell worked as a Plasterer and Building Contractor,  In 1950 they moved to Penticton, where in spite of his age, Bro. Blackwell continued his work, building two dwelling houses, the former Church of the Nazarene on Eckhardt and Ellis, and engineered the construction of the I.G.A. store on Government Street. 

Bro. Blackwell was a valued member of the Church of the Nazarene, where he used his talents in service to God and the church, and was at one time honored by the church for his many years of service he gave as treasurer and Board member. He was also a Life member and continuous supporter of the Canadian Bible Society.  During his later years this kindly gentleman was not able to get around much, but never wavered in his faith or testimony of the goodness of God to himself and his loved ones.  He was predeceased by his wife in 1957, and is survived by 4 sons, Ivan of Melfort; Allan in California; Ernest of Moose Jaw; and Gordon in Penticton, and 1 daughter, Phyllis McGraw in the States; as wells as 5 Grandchildren.
Bro. Blackwell will be greatly missed by a host of friends and loved ones, who have known and loved him across the years.


Lois Blackwell: It was thought that Lois Blackwell was the first born of John Blackwell and Sarah Elinor Howes.  Actually she was born in 1916.  Finding this out at the time I did, would mean considerable change to the family numbers and some arrangement in the web pages.  I do know through family knowledge and records that she died near birth and this was found to be correct.  According to the records of the Brandon Cemetery, she died in 1916.  View Records  She only lived for 27 days and died on 20 Apr 1916.  I was to far into the website that making the change at this late date would require the time I presently do not have.  Possibly someday I will have the time.  For the moment, remember that Lois was born in 1916, after the birth of my own father and before that of Phyllis.  I have shown the correct order of the family here for review only until I get it changed to be accurate in the website.   I am sorry for this error.  Ivan Howes Blackwell b. 1908  Allan Blackwell b.1910  Ernest Henry Blackwell b. 1913  Lois Blackwell b. 1916  Phyllis Blackwell b. 1922  Gordon Blackwell b. 1923

More on Ivan Howes Blackwell and Agnes Kaluzy
More on Ivan Howes Blackwell and Agnes Kaluzy
Ivan was an MP during the Second World War.  He did not talk much about it but when I got a little older I started asking more questions every time we would see him on visits to Melfort, or when he and Agnes would come to Moose Jaw.  One day, when I was in my early teens, he called me aside and told me a story about an incident.  I will not tell all the details as the story is most graphic.  It did help me to understand why he never wanted to discuss the topic and it woke me to something that I never knew before.  In a way, after he told me the details, I had wished he had not told me at all.  Now, I understand why he didn't speak of it.  The photos he had were as graphic as his words.  War is a terrible thing, and as one scholar said, only the dead will see war no more.

As an MP he would do all sorts of activities other then what you would see in the moves, although he would have to do that also.  When the front lines would move forward in battle, the MPs would have to establish routes for the "logistics" to follow the front.  Fuel, ammunition, food, etc.  During one situation, the Canadians (referred to as the "British") took over a Concentration Camp.  The name of the Camp was Belsen.  Ivan was one of the first men in prior to the Senior Officers arriving.  What took place and what he saw will not be mentioned here.  However, your imagination can not do justice to what he saw.  To support his story, he took photographs of his own, and lots of them.  He presented me with a few of these photos to keep and I have them to this day.    His story told me that our history books are correct but also that all sides in the war became full of hate.  But that is what war always does to people I suppose. 

Now, it may seem odd but I was born on the day the first world war ended and the year the second world war ended. 
That is, November 11, 1945.  Every year I would get the day off from school or when I started working for a living,
even to this day as it is a National Holliday. I still get to watch the TV Documentaries that are dedicated to the Veterans.  It was November and usually to cold to go outside in the province I lived in.  TV was made to order.  On one occasion in 2001 I was watching one of these shows and it was a film by the Official Camera Man of the Canadian (British) Military.  The story was on Belsen.  One of the photos my uncle had was of a group of Nazi Prisoners about 6 across and two deep.  In the front row, far right, was a prisoner who was short, bald and really terrible looking.  During the show on TV, I saw the movie camera version of exactly the same shot.  Even the burned out building behind them was the same.  The prisoner I mentioned spoke as he could speak a little English and the Military had sound equipment.  I was ecstatic to see this footage.  Suddenly, in the corner of the shot, I saw a soldier with an MP insignia.  He was holding a still camera and was taking a photo of the German Prisoners. Could it be?  I am really not certain, but the odds of it being Ivan were very good.  It felt good considering that I would be born only a few months later. (D.O.B. Nov 11, 1945)

More on Ernest Blackwell and Jessie Byford
More on Ernest Blackwell and Jessie Byford
Note:  Ernie & Jessie, while in Melfort, Saskatchewan, where heavily involved with a baseball team that was, and still is as of today, the most winning team in Saskatchewan History.  As such, the Melfort Juniors were inducted into the Saskatchewan Baseball Hall of Fame in August of 2001.  See Melfort Jr's

Ernie Blackwell was a business man.  He worked hard and he was very honest.  His wife, Jessie Byford, was involved with my father in the family business as long as I can remember.  Together, they became successful and also together, they earned the respect of their community.  Their support of the young people that wanted to play baseball eventually led to something that nobody could ever dream of.  They became the team with the most wins in Saskatchewan, a record that stands to this very day.  They had five consecutive Championships.  They were great.  I had the label of Mascot. 
When they left Melfort, they moved to Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan.  They opened their business there after selling the one in Melfort.  My mother became heavily involved with the Emanuel Lutheran Church and my father, once again, got involved with baseball for your people.  The city named a baseball diamond in his honour after his death.  He would be proud.
Their life in Moose Jaw was full of friends and good times.  Then, with the passing of Jessie, his life changed drastically but he never stopped being the person he always was.  Finally, in 1985, he died of Cancer.  He will be remembered forever.

The information on and came from Myrtle Snider - nee Switzer.
She is the Stepsister to Jessie Byford.
No other information has been researched in this matter. 
I was never made aware of these details until 2004.  (REB) View the Ernie Blackwell Page


More on Laura Blackwell and Benjamin McNeil
More on Laura Blackwell and Benjamin McNeil
Story of the Quilt
Story of the Quilt
Lois Twichell, the mother of Laura, was about age 5 when she lost her Mother, Ruth Field.  Her father, remarried a friend of Ruth's, at the request of Ruth while on her death bed.  Royal married Almena Mary Nourse who had been a Spinster and School Teacher up to this time.  Amanda had been given some knitting material by her father when she was young.  It was for her hope chest that she kept.  The wool was placed in the chest and kept for many years.  When Lois started having children, Amanda made a quilt from this material and gave the quilt to Lois.  In later years, Laura was given the quilt by Lois.  With the material dating back to the 1820s, the quilt made its way through the family.  Today, it sits on the bed of Laura McNeil in the home in the photo above.

More Information
More Information
According to Victoria Records, Laura was married in Victoria.   This is wrong information.
Vital Event Marriage Registration of British Columbia show her as being married in Vancouver. #1912-09-072857 
BC Archives Microfilm No. B11377   This is correct information. 
BC Archives also show her as being married at Point Grey  Reg, # 1912-09-070120  Microfilm No. B11376
In fact, we know she was married in Point Grey, BC.     See Details from Memoirs   Point Grey is along
West 10th Ave. of Vancouver.  Today, it is an excellent shopping area set into a serene backdrop of old homes
as it was one of the earliest areas of Vancouver.

Benjamin Howard McNeil
Benjamin Howard McNeil
Buried in Pleasant St. Cemetery, Kamloops, BC.  Ref # KFHS-216   From the Lois Twichell Memoirs - Mr. McNeil’s home in the Lilloet District at 100 Mile House and Area Historical Society on the Cariboo Road.   It was here that Laura and her new husband went to start their life together.
Upon completing her visit to the McNeil Home, Lois Blackwell wrote a letter to Laura.  See Letter No 4

It should be noted that the "McNeil's" became a prominent pioneering family in the area.  Their home is now Heritage Property. View Info.

Descendants of Laura Alberta Blackwell
Descendants of Laura Alberta Blackwell
Information provided by Evelyn Bromley

Generation No. 1

1. LAURA ALBERTA2 BLACKWELL (GEORGE) was born 24 Feb 1879 in Wingham, ON, Canada, and died 06 Apr 1964 in Kamloops, BC, Canada2. She married BENJAMIN HOWARD MCNEIL 07 Dec 1912 in Point Grey, BC, Canada3. He was born Bef. 1890.

Notes for Laura Alberta Blackwell:
1. Laura Alberta BLACKWELL Birth: 24 Feb 1879 Wingham, Huron, Ontario

2. Laura Alberta McNeil 1964 4 6 84 Kamloops 1964-09-005378 B13266 Of 100Mile House. Born 24 Feb 1879 to George Blackwell and Clarinda Twichell. Widow of Benjamin Howard McNeill.
Burial at Pleasant St. Cemetery on Apr 9 after dying from a cerebral thrombosis.

Burial: 09 Apr 1964, Pleasant Street Cemetery, Kamloops, BC4
Census: Apr 1881, With father: Alberta Blackwell Female English 2 O <Ontario> Bretheren

Marriage Notes for Laura Blackwell and Benjamin McNeil:
1. Benjamin Howard McNeil & Laura Alberta Blackwell 1912 12 7 Point Grey 1912-09-070120 B11376.
Laura was 33, born Wingham, ON to George Blackwell and Lois Clarinda Twichell, Milton Field Blackwell
and Seraph Blackwell were witnesses. But also Benjamin Howard McNeil Laura Alberta Blackwell 1912 12 7
Vancouver 1912-09-072857 B11377 Not sure why they would be registered in both Vancouver and Point Grey.
Check the details on the Vancouver entry.

Comment form Lois Twichell Memoirs explain the marriage location of Laura Blackwell and Benjamin McNeil.  "In June my husband and I went west and spent two pleasant months with Mary, Milton and their families in Vancouver, and with Seraph and Laura in Victoria. The girls had bought a place and were keeping house, so they too had a home. We had left Norma to keep house and she and Charlie were faithful and did the farm work and did it well in our absence."  "The summer following Laura came home to prepare for her wedding, which was to take place before Christmas. She was quite ill for a time and threatened with fever. However, it broke up on November 27. I started with her to Vancouver where her wedding was to take place at her brother Milton’s. She was married at 11 A.M. December 7 1912 to Benjamin McNeil of the Lilloet District of B.C."

2. BC Government Archives - Death Registry.
3. BC Government Archives - Marriage Registry.
4. BC Government Archives - Death Registry.
5. LDS Copy of 1881 Canadian Census, "Electronic."
6. BC Government Archives - Death Registry.
7. BC Government Archives - Marriage Registry.

On the day of their wedding, this is what the Victoria Inner Harbour looked like
Photo 57

More on Clare Wilkinson and Chares Hill
More on Clare Wilkinson and Chares Hill

Clare had contributed much detail for this website through her photos via Jocelyn 'Harlton' Demer

Information on the family of Charles F Hill.
(Richard) Charles was the first born of Edward Hill who was born 25 Apr 1888 and died 12 Aug 1961 Brandon, MB. and Ellen Higgins who was born 6 Dec 1884 Bridgewater, Somerset, England  and died 25 Apr 1977  Brandon, MC.
Charles had three brothers - Frank Hill - Harry Hill - Ernest Hill who died in 1946  The two sisters are Marion (Mrs. George Sproston) and Phyllis (Mrs. Southhall who died in 1962)

Clare was born in Brandon, Manitoba on May 30, 1917 to Charles and Norma Wilkinson, the eldest of 4 Children. She lived all her life in Brandon, except for a short time the family moved to Gretna, Manitoba.
    Clare was a very hard worker, and worked even when going to school, and managed to get her grade 11.
Over the years, she was a grocery clerk, and kept house for families. She retired at 65 from St. Augustine’s Catholic Church Priest Residence where she kept house for them for quite a few years. She purchased a cabin at Minnedosa Beach in 1974, and enjoyed over 30 years there.  You couldn’t keep her away from the cabin, and she hated it when it was time to close up for the winter, and always started packing boxes in January, so she would be ready for May long weekend!!!   She was an avid sports fan, and during the season watched the Toronto Blue Jays faithfully, knew all the pitchers and players by name. She watched hockey and curling  in the winter, or any sports.

She married Charles Hill in 1943, but divorced in 1968. From this marriage, there were 2 children. Richard born in 1946, and Joan in 1949. Unfortunately, Richard died in 1992.
She was a very talented lady, and learned to play the piano by ear, but eventually learned to read music. She loved playing at a party with whoever played another instrument. She would tackle anything, and even built a porch on our house. Crafts were a big thing, and knitting sweaters and slippers for everyone. She was always sewing.
She always enjoyed Christmas, and went all out to decorate her house, and bake. There was always an abundance of food!! Mom LOVED to eat!!!  She loved to travel, and would either get on a bus or train and go to B.C. or down east to visit her brother and sister. Even took the bus to California a few times to visit a friend, and would always bring back souvenirs for everyone.

She was predeceased by her parents, Charles  1955, Norma 1946, infant brother Willard, and Charles, the father of her children 1975, only son Richard 1992, and of course the usual brother and sister in laws, aunts, uncles, cousins.

She is Survived by her only Daughter Joan, son in law Irwin, and their children, Jocelyn (Chris) , and Keith.
Richard’s Daughters, Theresa (Alvin), Kathy (Dan) , and Amanda.
8 great grandchildren. Taylor, Brittany, Mathew, Daniel, Hunter, Ashley, Elliot, Ethan)
3 step-grandchildren ( Eileen, Lori, Kerri ) and 9 step- great grandchildren. (Alex, Carleigh, Grace,  Kristen,  Keyera, Brady, Samantha, Anika, Thomas.)
Her sister in law Marion Sproston, sister Alma Hyett, and brother Chester (Isabel) Wilkinson in Ontario, and numerous nieces and nephews.

Mom enjoyed a full life, and we were very fortunate to have her with us to age 91. We all have many memories to cherish her, and am sure she will always live on in our hearts.

                                                                                  ......... Written by Joan Clare Harlton  (daughter)

    View Obituary for Clare Rollins Wilkinson


Wilkinson Photos
Wilkinson Photos

Norma 'Blackwell' Wilkinson and daughter Clare
Photo taken about 1919
Photo 58b

Left to Right
Photo 58c

Charles Wilkinson, Norma 'Blackwell' Wilkinson, Mrs. Archie Gordon, Clare Wilkinson, Rev. Archie Gordon
Photo taken in 1937 while the Gordon's were on leave from their work in India

Charles and Norma

Charles and Norma Wilkinson  1939
Charles Wilkinson and Norma 'Blackwell' Wilkinson
Photo taken in 1939
Photo 58a

The Scans of the Memos below were found in the bible that was given to Norma in 1898 (Probably by Lois)

Old Memo about Family Information - Wilkinson   
Photo 212                 Photo 213
Old Memos concerning
Charles Wilkinson and Norma Blackwell and their children
Courtesy of Jocelyn Demer

A beautiful Poem written to Clare by her Mother, Norma

Photo 214a
Click to Enlarge

Obituary for Clare Hill nee Wilkinson

Obituary for Clare Hill
Image 214b
Click to Enlarge

More about Charles Blackwell and Helena Rose

When Charles was born, the family were living near a river called the Maitland.  It is assumed that this is where his middle name came from as it is not found in previous families. (REB)   See Below

It is easy to see how Ivy Rose got her middle name as it was the maiden name of her Mother.  Helena carried the nickname "Lena".  As the farm called "Rose Glen" and belonged to Helena's father, we can only assume the farm was named after the last name of Helena's Mother and the last name of her Father.  "Rose Glen"

Thanks to Jocelyn Demer - nee Hill for updating this and other information.

The Name - Maitland 
The Name - Maitland  
From W.H. Smith's Gazetteer of 1846 describes Goderich Township as: 
A Township in Huron District, is bounded on the north by the River Maitland. on the west by Lake Huron; on the south by the River Bayfield; and on the east by Hullett.  The soil on the banks of the lake, and the Rivers Maitland and Bayfield, is poor and stony; the rest of the township is good land.  The township contains 56,066 acres, 35,118 of which are leased or sold, of which 5,156 acres are under cultivation.  Goderich contains one grist and two saw mills, fulling-mill, and carding machine.  There is a tavern on Bayfield road, four miles south of Goderich.  Population, 1,673.  Ratable property in the township, L16,189. 8s (British currency)
Note from the Webmaster:  The Maitland ran by the property of the Blackwell Family.  We think this is the source of the Maitland name being found in the Blackwell Offspring as they often spent time near the water and was greatly enjoyed.

Charlie Blackwell in 1937
Charles Blackwell
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Photo 59a
Shown during a visit to Kamloops, BC in 1937

Charles Maitland Blackwell and Catherine Blackwell (Rose)
Charles M. Blackwell Catherine Rose
    1883 - 1946        1885 - 1947
Photo 59b
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Information and Confirmation Needed

A Photo and Obituary was found in the Bible of Laura McNeil - Blackwell; daughter of George and Lois
We hope others may help in the identification of these people.
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It appears that either Norma or one of her children took an interest in genealogy or attempted to keep the family photo album detailed.  This was the usual method of genealogy in those days.  Some copies of that work is shown below with Memo Pad pages from the Photo Album.  See images 216 and 214 below and 212 and 213 above.

Unknown Blackwell Photo and Information found and provided by Jocelyn Demer

The photo below is that of an Unknown Blackwell taken when aged 27 1/2 years.

Unknown Photo from Norma McNeil nee Blackwell Bible
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Photo 216
Unknown person is aged 27 1/2 yrs at time of photo.

Comment from Webmaster
There are three possibilities of who this could be that would warrant Laura to keep this photo close to her.
First, it could be Ruth Field who is Lois Clarinda Twichell's (Blackwell) birth Mother.  This is just a guess but that means the photo would have been taken prior to 1844.  I am no expert in photography, but I think this photo could be dated back to that time.  A description of Ruth by her daughter, Lois Twichell, described her well.  This could be her.
Secondly, the other possibility is that the photo is of Almena Twichell, second wife of Royal Twichell.  Both of these
possibilities would have made the photo the Grandmother of Laura.  (Almena was Lois's Stepmother) 
A third possibility is that it is a photo of Sophia Blackwell 10.2.2 after she arrived from England before 1870.
In 1870, Lois's husband, George Blackwell 10.2.4, who also was into photography, is known to have returned to
Minnesota for a visit and also was known to have photographed his father (George 10.2)  While there, he visited Sophia (10.2.2) and young James. (10.2.6)  It is more then likely that he photographed them as well. 
I really want the photo to be that of Ruth Field, however, it is probably that it is Sophia, but to be kept in Norma's Bible I
would think it would be somebody even closer, such as Almena.  We will just have to hope other facts come along and can prove or disprove my guesses. 


Also found in Laura's Bible (below)

The Obituary is that of Mary Norma Latimer - nee Blackwell

Mary Norma Latimer nee Blackwell
 b.  Unknown                                
d.  9 Aug 1999  Penticton, BC.      
Married: 1) George Thom             
              2) Gerald Latimer             

Known Relatives of Mary Norma Latimer
Sisters:  Winona - Ellen - Enid (Begg)
Brothers: Andrew - Bruce

Obit - Mary Norma Latimer - Blackwell
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Photo 214

Mary Norma (Mamie) Latimer - nee Blackwell
When my Grandfather (John Blackwell would visit Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan in my growing up years, I would hear the name Mamie mentioned when he spoke to my parents about the family.  I had no idea who she was.  My Grandfather lived in Penticton at the time on a street that had the same name as my home town, Moose Jaw Street.

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