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                          13th Generation



         Children of George Blackwell  and Lois Twichell
                         George Blackwell 1834 - 1916   John Blackwell & Sarah Howes    Ronald E. Blackwell    Memoirs

                         Also view the Descendants of Milton Field Blackwell








   George Henry Blackwell - 1st born of Lois and George Blackwell
George Blackwell
1864 - 1941

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George Henry Blackwell                    
b.  14 May 1864  Anoka, Minn.     "
May 15th, our eldest son was born. We called him George Henry for his father and
fatherís brother."
  ..... " We left Anoka on a Monday morning October 9th. (1864)" (For Canada)

d.  18 Apr  1941
Married:  2 Aug 1899  Neepawa, Manitoba, Canada.
Mary Maud Sirett
b.  13 Aug 1875
d.  11 Apr 1941  Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

More investigation is needed here.  I note the closeness of the death date for both George and Mary.

Children of George and Mary
14th Generation Children

Emily Maud Blackwell    ( 
Harold Alexander. Nelson 
No children listed.

William Franklin Blackwell    ( 
married. Unknown
Amy M. Thorburn.
No children listed.

George Alvin Flowers Blackwell   (
b. 12 Oct 1900  Neepawa, Manitoba
d.  4 Oct  1977  Manitoba
Buried in Gary Memorial Park Cemetery, Winnipeg.
married. Unknown
Henrietta Georgina Oliver (1)
Henrietta is the daughter of
 Thomas Kennedy Oliver and Mary Jane Moore (IGI)

married.  1974
2nd     Jane Evans (2)
b. 8 Feb 1906  Belfast Co., Antrim, N. Ireland (IGI) 
 Jane previously had married William Evans in 1926 in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Margaret Ruth Blackwell    (
b.   3 Aug 1905   Manitoba (Blackwell Farm)
d. 24 July  1966   Manitoba (Automobile Accident)
married:  about 1930
Earl Stinson
No Children listed.

Harry (Hal) Westbrook Blackwell  (
b. 24 Nov 1913  Winnipeg, Man., Canada
d. 26 Nov 1941  K.I.A.  WW2 


 "Lest We Forget"

The name 'Harry' is used in the information we received from IGI with the initial 'W'.    We also know that the Blackwell in the
military records died on exactly the same day and year as Harry is listed - Nov 26, 1941.   The confusion is the first name. 
There is an explanation that is quite possible without documentation.  Henry is listed in the military information.  That is a
popular name in the Blackwell Family at this time. We think that he was either  named Harry Henry or just Henry Blackwell
and was called Harry for a nickname.  In any event, we have the right Blackwell.

The Canadian Military have a wonderful website.  I found the following information on it.
In World War ll there are 4 Blackwell deaths listed.
They are as follows

Dale Lamar Blackwell  Mar. 9, 1943
Frank Joseph Blackwell  Dec. 3, 1940
Henry Westbrook Blackwell  Nov. 26, 1941
Henry Albert Edward Blackwell  Sep. 1, 1944

There are 10 Blackwell deaths listed in the First World War.

                           Blackwells that died in the 2nd World War

This is the Book or Remembrance - Second World War.
Click on it and read down on the left side to the 8th Name

Sgt. Henry Westbrook Blackwell - Royal Canadian Air Force
Service Number  R/80013
Buried:  Kinloss Abby Burial Ground, Moray, United Kingdom
Grave #20  Row A
Listed date of Death - Nov 26, 1941

A short review of Canada's part in the Battle of Britain Click Here
If anyone has information on Harry, we would be pleased to place it on the site.
Possibly some of the other Blackwells listed in the Book of Remembrance are members of this family.

Assault Goes In





     Mary Almena Blackwell
Mary Almena Blackwell
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Almena was the name of Lois Twichell's Step Mother who married Royal Twichell after Ruth Field died.
It was traditional for Lois and George to name their children with the name of previous family members.
Thus the name Mary Almena Blackwell

Mary Almena Blackwell
b.  5 Feb 1866  Wingham, Huron, Ont., Canada
d.  Unknown
George A. Barrett
b. Sept 7 1862  Winnipeg, Manitoba
d. Oct 20 1915  Mission, BC., Canada (Hatzic Prairie, BC)

Children of Mary and George
Children - 14th Generation

Henry Barrett    
George Avon Barrett
Bernard. A. Barrett

Comment from Lois Twichell Memoirs - "On February 16th, Mary had her third boy, Bernard, and her last child"

It was a direct descendent of Mary that was such assistance to me in the early days of this website. 
To view more of the Blackwell Branches not listed on this website - View the website of
Laurie Barrett. 
Laurie has produced an excellent website that takes Mary Blackwell's family even further. 
To view,



                   Alvin William Barradell Blackwell
    Alvin William Barradel Blackwell
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Alvin William Barradel Blackwell
b.  21 Nov 1867  Wingham, Ont., Canada.
d.  Unknown
Married:  25 Dec 1901 by Rev. Collins Court
Janet Dodds

Children - 14th Generation
No recorded family at this time

Information from (LCB) tells that 75 people attended the wedding.    
The service was performed by Rev. Collins Court - Presbyterian Minister.  
The service was held on the farm near Glendale.                              

His third name "Barradel" is after the maiden name of Mary Barradell the
wife of Lois's Father in Law.   Lois and George often did this with their
children to retain the name of distant family.
This was a common practice in other families as well.



    Saraph Sophia Blackwell
          Seraph Sophia Blackwell

Seraph Sophia Blackwell                                             
b.  3 Aug 1869  Wingham, Ont., Canada
d.  Unknown

In typical tradition, Lois and George named her with the middle name of "Sophia". 
after George's sister, Sophia who died in Alexandria.


Ruth Blackwell
b. 11 Nov 1871  Wingham, Ontario (Huron County)
d. 24 Sept 1872
Infant Death 



      Milton Field Blackwell
    Milton Field Blackwell
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Like his father and ancestors, Milton was an industrious individual.
His efforts are seen here in the Blackwell Dairy Farm that was built on
hard work and integrity.  With his own family involved in all aspects
of the Farm operation, the tradition continues on to this very day.
A fitting tribute to Milton Field Blackwell and his family.

To view the entire website of Blackwell Farms, Click on the Dairy Logo

In 1908, just 5 years before Blackwell Dairy Farm was created, the family
of George Blackwell and Lois Twichell had a photo taken of the entire family.
Click to View

Milton Field Blackwell
b.  12 Jun 1873  Wingham, Ont.
d.  Unknown
Buried in Pleasant St. Cemetery, Kamloops, BC.  Ref # KFHS-216
Married:  3 Sep. 1900 (Wingham, Ont.)
BC Archives show the same marriage date but show the location as Vancouver.  Reg # 1900-09-047287
Micro Film # 1983529
Agnes Eadie
Buried in Pleasant St. Cemetery, Kamloops, BC.   Ref # KFHS-216

They are reported to have had 6 sons and 4 daughters.  Not all names are known.

View The Descendants of Milton Blackwell as provided by Evelyn Bromley

Children of Milton and Agnes
14th Generation  Charles Milton Blackwell  b. 24 Apr 1903  Van., BC  d. 7 Mar 1950  North Van., BC.  George Maitland Blackwell b. 24 Apr 1903  Van., BC  d. 21 Nov 1964 Van., BC  David L. Blackwell  b. aft Dec 1903  d. aft Mar 7 1950  Raymond Albion Blackwell  b. Apr 4, 1907  d. 11 Dec 1966  Kamloops, BC.  Everett A. Blackwell  b. Abt. 1914; d. 22 Apr 1978, Burnaby, BC,  Arthur C. Blackwell  b. Aft. 1900.  Daughter   (Married G. Walker)  Daughter  (Married E. Laverty)  Daughter  (Married P. Frampton) Dorothy E. Blackwell  b. Aft. 1900; (Married. P. Foley)

BC Archives show a Emily Eadie Blackwell as born on 31 Aug. 1901 in Vancouver.  Reg # 1901-09-123044
Microfilm # B13817  (GSU # 2135887)

Milton moved to British Columbia in 1895 and spent a few years in the construction business in Vancouver.
He then went into mixed farming near Kamloops.
He married Agnes Eadie in 1900 in Wingham, Ont. 

Milton and Agnes are listed as being buried in the Cemetery on Pleasant Street in Kamloops, BC., Canada.
It is located at the junction of Pleasant Street and Eighth Ave. in the region called High Country.
Ref No.  KFHS-216

It is thought that his middle name "Field" is after the last name of Lois's birth mother.  Ruth Field.
Ruth was the mother to all of Lois's brothers and sisters, even though she died while Lois was still very young. 
Ruth was married to Royal Twichell   who was the son of Lemuel Twichell and Grandson
of Enos Twichell (Twitchell)



            Emily Lois Elizabeth Blackwell
Emily Lois Elizabeth Blackwell
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Photo was taken on her wedding day in 1898
This above photo is of a photo.
It was hung in the Fleming, Saskatchewan Home in the 1908 and was in the
Family Photo  taken with the family gathered around it.

Emily Lois Elizabeth Blackwell
b.  15 Dec 1874 Wingham, Ontario (Huron County)
d.  18 Jul  1899
Married  1898         
Will Kennedy

Children of Emily and Will
14th Generation

William Kennedy Jr.        No information on William Jr. at this time.

Emily died shortly after giving birth.
Emily was named Emily Lois  Elizabeth, in honour of Emily Twichell, Lois's sister that died in 1848. (LCB)
We think the name Elizabeth is after George's sister,  Elizabeth Blackwell  who died in England abt 1865.
Will Kennedy Sr. (husband of Emily) was highly regarded by the Blackwell Family and they remained close through the years after Emily's death.



John Ernest Blackwell (Grandfather of the Webmaster)
John Ernest Blackwell  
             1877 - 1974
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John Ernest Blackwell            
b.  23 Feb 1877  Wingham, Ont., Canada              
d.  1974  Penticton, BC, Canada  Age 97
Married  1905     Look Up Here
Sarah Eleanor Howes
b.  12 Aug 1882
d.  1957  Penticton, BC., Canada.  Buried in Summerland, BC.  Age 74

Children of John and Sarah
14th Generation

Lois Blackwell            (infant death)
Allan Blackwell      
Ivan Howes Blackwell
Phyllis Blackwell    
Ernest Henry Blackwell
Gordon Blackwell   

Many years after Sarah died, John married a High School Sweetheart.  Her name was Elizabeth .......?
However, she died not long after the marriage and John was alone again.

Time Line
John Blackwell was born in 1877, the same year that Chief Crazy Horse was murdered.

John Blackwell is the Grandfather of the Webmaster, Ronald Ernest Blackwell (




      Laura Alberta Blackwell - McNeil   1879
Laura Alberta Blackwell
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Laura Alberta Blackwell
b.  24 Feb 1879  Wingham, Ont., Canada
d.  Unknown Date -  Buried in Pleasant St. Cemetery, Kamloops, BC.   Ref# KFHS-216
Married  7 Dec 1912   (According to Victoria Records, she was married in Victoria)
However, Vital Event Marriage Registration of British Columbia show her as being married in Vancouver. #1912-09-072857  BC Archives Microfilm No. B11377 
BC Archives also show her as being married at Point Grey  Reg, # 1912-09-070120  Microfilm No. B11376
In fact, we believe she was married in Point Grey, BC.
Look Up Here and type "Blackwell" into the location for Bride's last name.
Benjamin Howard McNeil
Buried in Pleasant St. Cemetery, Kamloops, BC.  Ref # KFHS-216

Descendants of Laura Alberta Blackwell
Information provided by Evelyn Bromley

Generation No. 1

1. LAURA ALBERTA2 BLACKWELL (GEORGE) was born 24 Feb 1879 in Wingham, ON, Canada, and died 06 Apr 1964 in Kamloops, BC, Canada2. She married BENJAMIN HOWARD MCNEIL 07 Dec 1912 in Point Grey, BC, Canada3. He was born Bef. 1890.

Notes for Laura Alberta Blackwell:
1. Laura Alberta BLACKWELL Birth: 24 Feb 1879 Wingham, Huron, Ontario George BLACKWELL Lois Clarinda TWICHELL

2. Laura Alberta McNeil 1964 4 6 84 Kamloops 1964-09-005378 B13266 Of 100Mile House. Born 24 Feb 1879 to George Blackwell and Clarinda Twichell. Widow of Benjamin Howard McNeill. Burial at Pleasant St. Cemetery on Apr 9 after dying from a cerebral thrombosis.

Burial: 09 Apr 1964, Pleasant Street Cemetery, Kamloops, BC4
Census: Apr 1881, With father: Alberta Blackwell Female English 2 O <Ontario> Bretheren5

1. Benjamin Howard McNeil Laura Alberta Blackwell 1912 12 7 Point Grey 1912-09-070120 B11376. Laura was 33, born Wingham, ON to George Blackwell and Lois Clarinda Twichell, Milton Field Blackwell and Seraph Blackwell were witnesses. But also Benjamin Howard McNeil Laura Alberta Blackwell 1912 12 7 Vancouver 1912-09-072857 B11377 Not sure why they would be registered in both Vancouver and Point Grey. Check the details on the Vancouver entry.

2. BC Government Archives - Death Registry.
3. BC Government Archives - Marriage Registry.
4. BC Government Archives - Death Registry.
5. LDS Copy of 1881 Canadian Census, "Electronic."
6. BC Government Archives - Death Registry.
7. BC Government Archives - Marriage Registry.

Children - 14th Generation
Non Listed

          On the day of their wedding, this is what Victoria Inner Harbour looked like




Norma Blackwell - Wilkinson   1881 - 1926 / 27
Norma Blackwell
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Norma Blackwell
b.  17 Aug 1881  Wingham, Ont., Canada
d.  1926/27
Married  14 Feb 1912
Charles Wilkinson

Children - 14th Generation
Non listed

Norma and Charles were married by Rev. Creswell
As you can see, we have very little information on Norma.
Please contact us if you can help.                                



       Charles Maitland Blackwell   1883 - 1946
Charles Maitland Blackwell
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Charles Maitland Blackwell
b.  26 Feb 1883  Wingham, Ont., Canada
d.  1946
Married  9 Feb 1918 at 'Rose Glen Farm'
Lena  ..................?

Children - 14th Generation

John Clayton Blackwell
b. Date Unknown  Manitoba
Ivy Rose Blackwell

When Charles was born, the family were living near a river called the Maitland.
It is assumed that this is where his middle name came from as it is not found in previous families. (REB)

Please contact us if you have any information this family