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                           13th Generation

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           Descendants of Henry Blackwell
                           Henry Blackwell   William Minor Blackwell and Descendants   Compendium of Northern Minnesota

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                          The Line of Mary Janette Blackwell - Ruth Emma MacKenzie - Floyd Cohoes - Marilee Cohoes - The Larkey Family
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                    Children of Henry Blackwell (10.2.5)
   Mary Janette Blackwell 
  (Nickname - Nettie)
   Frances Blackwell  ( Died in Infancy)   
   William Minor Blackwell 
   John Blackwell  ( Died in Infancy)            
   Emma Blackwell    (Mrs. John Anderson)
   Stephen A. Blackwell   

First born of Henry Blackwell 10.2.5

Mary Janette Blackwell

Mary Janette Blackwell abt 1878
Mary Janette Blackwell - Mackenzie
abt 1876
It was Mary Janette ( that died during child birth on Dec 25 1900.
It was reported that her child also died.  However, the family reports that the daughter, named Mary Jane (
was actually taken and adopted by Frank Morse.  ( She was raised by her father's sister and renamed Marie Morse )
She later married Sidney Oliver.  Her photo is also below at age 10

Mary Janette Blackwell
b.  4 May 1861  Meeker County, Minnesota
d. 25 Dec 1900  Minnesota.  She died at home during childbirth.
Married: 18 Oct 1878  Holmes City, Minnesota
Franklin Benjamin Mackenzie
b.  2 Mar 1857  Fort Snelling, Minnesota
d. 13 Aug 1939  Britton, South Dakota  (Obituary below)
Franklin has been reported to be the son of John Mackenzie and Mary Trumble. (Photo below)
However, other  sources state that he was the son of William L. and Susie Mackenzie.

                     After the death of Mary, Frank married Miss. Lilly Moses of Battle Lake, Minn. in 1915.

Frank Mackenzie with daughter Marie

State of Minnesota - County of Douglas
I hereby certify that on the 19th day of July in the year of our Lord, 1878 at Residence of Bride's Father in said County, I, the undersigned, a Minister of the Gospel did join in the bonds of Matrimony, according to the Laws of this State, Franklin B. McKenzie of the County of Douglas and the State of Minnesota and
Mary J. Blackwell of the County of Douglas and State of Minnesota in the presence of
Emma V. Blackwell - Witness, and Henry Blackwell - Witness
                                                                                                              ........John Solmon

Recorded in Book B Page 177 of Marriage License.

This copy was issued by the County of Douglas, State of Minnesota by Darlene Chermak,
County Recorder for the County of Douglas on 5th May 2003.


Family of
Mary Janette Blackwell & Frank MacKenzie

Although 8 children have been reported in this marriage, we can only list 7.

14th Generation Children John James Mackenzie   
b. 14 Jul 1878   
d. 28 Sep 1878
Died in Infancy - Holmes City, MN. Ruth Emma Mackenzie   
Note:  The information on the Cohoes Family and their Ancestors has been compiled by
Marilee Larkey (Cohoes).  We have created a website within a website for this purpose.
A Website within a Website:  To show the line of Ruth Emma MacKenzie, Granddaughter of
Henry Blackwell and Amanda VanLoon
- Click Here Benjamin Mackenzie   
b. 1879  Holmes City, Minnesota.
d. 15 Sept 1890
Died of Cholera Infantum
It was reported that he died in infancy.  Actually, he died young. (age 11) Sarah Josephine Mackenzie   
b. 30 Mar 1886  MN.
d. 1966  South Dakota
Married: Date Unknown
Max Graves
b.  Unknown
d. Unknown

        15th Generation Children of Sarah Mackenzie and Max Graves  Vernon Graves       Harold Graves     Cecil Graves         Iola Graves         Noreen Graves      Walter Graves       Raymond Graves  Esther Graves       Everett Graves    Frank Graves Ernest Mackenzie  
b. 29 June 1895  Holmes City, MN.
d. 16 July 1957  Breckenridge, MN.    Death Cert#  1957-MN-019621
Married:  17 Nov 1915
(1)  Mary Margaret Smith
b. 10 Jan 1896 Bancroft, Iowa
d. 1929 Plentywood, Montana
Married:   28 Oct 1935  Milnor, North Dakota
(2)  Marie (Mary) Anna Bergstoe
b. 24 Nov 1896 Milnor, North Dakota
d. 21 Dec 1962 Jamestown, North Dakota

Ernest Mackenzie
Ernest Eugene Mackenzie

                    15th Generation Children of Ernest and (1) Mary  Margaret Smith
           Donald (Scott) Malcolm Mackenzie  b. 19 Dec 1916
           Rodney Boyd Mackenzie b. 11 March 1928  Comertown, Montana
                    Hazel ............      b. 25 Jan 1929
           Duane Eugene Mackenzie b. 20 July 1925 Comertown, Montana  d. 25 Aug, France  
                    Note:  Duane married Eileen Boehm who was born on  4 Sept. 1924

                    15th Generation Children of Ernest and (2) Marie (Mary) Bergstoe
           Dale Roger Mackenzie  b. 25 Aug 1937  Milnor, North Dakota  

View the complete report of "Descendants of Ernest Eugene Mackenzie" - Click Here

                        16th Generation Children of Rodney and Hazel
               Richard Duane MacKenzie  b. 7 Apr 1951  Weyburn, Sk.
               Karen Lee MacKenzie  b. 9 Apr 1955  Radville, Sk.
               David Wayne MacKenzie b. Aug 18 1956  Regina, Sk.
               Cheryl Lynn MacKenzie b. 8 Aug 1958  Regina, Sk.

                            17th Generation Children of Richard MacKenzie and 'Unknown'
                   Julie Ann Dawn MacKenzie b. 28 May 1971 d. 18 Jun 2002 (Helicopter Crash)
                   Jeffery MacKenzie  b. 11 Jun 1975  Weyburn, Sk.
                   Janna MacKenzie  b. 30 May 1979  Weyburn, Sk.

                            17th Generation Children of Karen Lee MacKenzie and 'Unknown'
                   Darwin .................. b. 7 Feb 1977  Weyburn, Sk.
                   Toni Lynn .............. b. 20 Jan 1980  Weyburn, Sk.
                   Tyler Eldon Duane ...b.  1 Dec 1982  Weyburn, Sk.
                   Chris Joseph .......... b. 23 Feb 1986  Weyburn, Sk.

                                18th Generation Children of Darwin .............. and 'Unknown'
                       Terry .............. b.   6 Nov 1994  Weyburn, Sk.
                       Randi .............. b. 26 Sept 1997  Weyburn, Sk.
                       Mathew ........... b. 26 July 2001  Moose Jaw, Sk.

                                18th Generation of Toni Lynn ............... and 'Unknown'
                       Ryder Lee .........b. 17 Oct 2003  Weyburn, Sk.

                            17th Generation Children of David Wayne MacKenzie and 'Unknown'
                   Justin MacKenzie b.  9 Apr 1986  Weyburn, Sk.  

                            17th Generation Children of Cheryl Lynn MacKenzie and 'Unknown'
                   Shelan ........... b. 10  Jul 1980  Estevan, Sk.
                   Pamela ...........b.  9 Sept 1982  Estevan, Sk.
                   Erin ................b. 29 Jan 1984  Estevan, Sk.
                   Andrew ...........b.  3 Aug 1986  Estevan, Sk.

                                18th Generation Children of Shelan ............ and 'Unknown'
                       Teegan Jayla ............ b. 30 Sept 2003  Regina, Sk.

Sarah and Ernest Cohoes  About 1898
Click to enlarge
Sarah and Ernest Mackenzie
(brother & sister)
Photo taken about 1900
The building in the back is believed to be the family home of Mary Janette and Franklin Mackenzie.
The home is located near Pocket Lake (VanLoon Lake at that time)

ERNEST EUGENE6 MACKENZIE (FRANKLIN BENJAMIN5, JOHN HAMILTON4, DUNCAN3, ?2, UNKNOWN1) was born June 29, 1895 in Holmes City, Douglas County, Minnesota, and died July 16, 1957 in Breckenridge, Minnesota. He married (1) MARY MARGARET SMITH November 17, 1915. She was born January 10, 1896 in Bancroft, Iowa, and died 1929 in Plentywood, Montana. He married (2) MARIE (MARY) ANNA BERGSTOE October 28, 1935 in Milnor, North Dakota. She was born November 24, 1896 in Milnor, North Dakota, and died December 21, 1962 in Jamestown, North Dakota. Martha Louise Mackenzie 
b. 27 Dec 1893  Holmes City, MN.
d. Holmes City, MN.  
Died in Infancy. Mary Jane Mackenzie       
b. 25 Dec 1900  Her mother died during this birth.
d. 1972  California
Married:  Date Unknown
Sidney Oliver
b. Unknown
d. 1965  California

Mary Mackenzie at age 10 - 1871
Mary Jane Mackenzie - age 10  1910
Mary Jane Mackenzie was adopted by Frank Morse ( Husband of Mary's Father's sister) (Her Aunt)
Her name was changed to Marie Morse.  She married Sidney Oliver and she died in California in 1965.

Sarah Mackenzie (top) and Mary Mackenzie (Marie Morse)
abt 1904

More Information


August 17, 1939

Frank B. MacKenzie
With the passing of Frank B. Mackenzie of Gwinner at the Britton hospital on Sunday, Aug. 13. 1939. the last chapter in the eventful career of North Dakota's oldest living settler came to a close.  A recent survey by the state historical society proclaimed him the oldest living settler in the state.  Heart failure was responsible for his death.   Frank B. Mackenzie was born March 2, 1857 in old Fort Snelling, now Minneapolis, Minnesota.  His father worked in Minnesota, Dakota and Canada so his boyhood was spent in the Northwest.  He first came to what is now North Dakota in 1865.  He led an adventurous life and once in company with his father and others was taken captive by the Chippewa Indians at Fort Ransom.  Two days later however, he and his companions were released.  In October 18, 1879, he was united in marriage to Miss Mary Blackwell.  To this union, eight children were born; four boys and four girls.  His wife passed away on December 26, 1900.  His second marriage was in 1915 to Miss Lily Moses of Battle Lake, Minn.
The deceased came to Dakota the second time in 1884 and operated a hand-fed threshing machine in this section of the state.  Since 1904 he has resided continuously at Gwinner, North Dakota.  He was a carpenter and builder by trade.  The deceased is survived by his wife and four children as follows.
Mrs. Ruth Cohoes of Zimmerman, MN.
Mrs. Sarah Graves of Alexandria, S. Dakota
Mrs. Mary Oliver of Peoria, Ill.
Ernest  Mackenzie of Milnor.
Also, seventeen grandchildren and two brothers in Oklahoma.
Funeral services were conducted from the family home in Gwinner Wednesday afternoon with Rev. James A. Sanaker of Milnor officiating.
Burial was in the Milnor Lake View cemetery.

Possible Connection to an interesting character and story.

We have reported this story as we are advised it is about the father-in-law of Mary Janette Blackwell.  It is possible this connection is wrong.  However, the story is interesting and does relate to Indian attacks that are mentioned in other areas of the genealogy so we have linked to the information.

John H Mackenzie abt 1862
John H Mackenzie
abt 1862

Littlesix and Medicine Bottle
Click to enlarge
Littlesix and Medicine Bottle

                            Information on the father of Franklin Benjamin Mackenzie - John H. Mackenzie
                            Murders committed by two Indians put them on the run.
                            The story of their capture and hanging is interesting.
                            John H. Mackenzie was the one who actually worked out a plan to make the capture.

The Capture - Click Here


Second born of Henry Blackwell

Frances Blackwell

Frances Blackwell
b. 1863
d. 25 Mar 1872
Frances died from Spotted Fever at the age of 9.  (Douglas Co. Records)


Third born of Henry Blackwell

William Minor Blackwell

William Minor Blackwell   
b.   2 Sep  1864  Holmes City, Minnesota  (Newspaper report states - "He will be 78 in Sept. of 1943)
d. 13 May 1943 Alexandria, Minnesota      (He was the 1st white child born in Meeker County)
Death Cert#  1943-MN-003758
Married:  24 Feb 1887  Effington, Minnesota  (In the home of the Bride's Parents)
Wilhelmina Frederica (Minnie) Lauermann           
b.  16 Aug 1868  On a farm near Chaska in Carver Co., Minnesota
d.  10 Feb 1953  Alexandria, Minnesota     Death Cert #  1953-MN-003929
She was the daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Phillip Lauermann of South Effington, Otter Tail Co. 

William Miinor Blackwell - Photo taken in 1943

The Family of
William Minor Blackwell & Wilhelmina Lauermann

Children - 14th Generation  Clara Blackwell Married - Elmer Drum and resided in Minneapolis 
William Blackwell Jr. Resided in Holmes City 
Robert Blackwell Resided in Oakland, CA. 
Adeline Blackwell Resided in Chicago 
Martha Blackwell deceased prior to 1943 
Viola Blackwell Mrs. Paul W. Hanson resided in Alexandria 
Stephen F. Blackwell  Resided in Holmes City 
Gladys Blackwell Mrs. Eugene Hintzen resided in Montevideo 
Wilmina Blackwell Mrs. Gordon Hawley - deceased prior to 1943
Harriet Blackwell Resided in San Francisco


Tombstone and Obituary - Park Region Echo - Page 8 - Col. 2


        William Minor Blackwell       Obituary of William M. Blackwell
1864 - 1943                                                



OBITUARY - Park Region Echo - Feb 17, 1953

Rites Held Friday for Mrs. Blackwell, County Pioneer

Funeral services were conducted Friday for Mrs. Wm. Blackwell, one of the pioneers of the Holmes City community, who passed away a week ago.  Mrs. William M. Blackwell ( Wilhelmina Frederica Lauermann ) was born Aug. 16, 1868 on a farm near Chaska in Carver County, Minnesota, the oldest of eleven children.  Before she was a year old she went with her parents, Mr. & Mrs. Phillip Lauermann, to South Effington, Otter Tail county.  When she was about ten years, her parents moved to Lake Mary Twp., Douglas County.  She lived here until she was married.  Mrs. Lauermann was married to William M. Blackwell Sept. 2, 1864.  Ten children were born to this union.  Clara, (Mrs. Henry House) of Minneapolis; William, deceased; Robert, of Brainerd; Adeline (Mrs. Erick Shelberg), Chicago, Ill.; Martha (Mrs. Peter Swenson, deceased; Harriet, (Mrs. Harriet Blackwell of San Francisco; Viola, (Mrs. Paul W. Hanson of Alexandria; Gladys, (Mrs. Eugene Hintzen of Montevideo); Stephen Blackwell of Minneapolis; Wilmina, diseased, (Mrs. John Gordon Hawley of Sandstone)
There are 11 grand children and 18 great grand children surviving along with one brother,
Fred Lauermann, Alexandria, and a sister, Lena McClintock of Brainerd.
Mrs. William Blackwell died at Alexandria Tuesday, Feb. 10, being at the time of her death, 84 years of age.  Burial services were conducted at the Holmes City Trinity Church, Friday, Feb 13, by Rev. John Payne
Kenneth Brundell and Mrs. Melvin Mattson sang "There's A Land That Is Fairer Than Day," accompanied by Mrs. Henry Beheng. -  Interment was made at Pocket Lake in VanLoon's Cemetery.  The pallbearers were: 
Reuben Wagehius
, Phillip Johnson, Virgil Johnson, Sigfried Backlin,
Emil Guldbranson and John Gordon Hawley.
Among the children present were:  Clara, Robert, Adeline, Viola and Gladys.

Tombstone of Wilhelmina Blackwell
1869 - 1953

Holmes City in 1943

Blade's Store in Holmes City of 1943
Click to Enlarge

Believed to the the family photo of William Minor Blackwell family taken on the occasion of their 55 Wedding Anniversary
Photo 1                Photo 2
Blackwell Family Photos 1942
Click to Enlarge
Submitted by Marilee Larkey


In 1942 the family gathered the summer before their parents 55th wedding anniversary.   All are present in the photo with the exception of the two deceased girls.  The newspaper report  mentions that two of the grandchildren are present.  As two are shown in the photo, we assume it is them; namely, Celeste and Norma.  Due to the age of the photo, and other photos and  information we have, we conclude that it was taken in the early 1940s. 

Who is in the photos...

                                                     Photo 1
At this time we can only guess, but the woman on the extreme right is assumed as being Adeline Blackwell - Shelberg.
I have looked at the photo of her from around 1920 and I think I see the same person  (see
Adeline Blackwell)
We know that the elderly couple seated in the center is Wilhelmina (Minnie) Lauermann - Blackwell and William Minor Blackwell.  The two children can not be identified but it is thought they are Celeste and Norma Blackwell
See Newspaper article below for details.

Photo 2
          We know that in Photo 2 the woman on the extreme right is
Ruth Cohoes.

Newspaper Article Dated February 1943 - Holmes City, MN.

""Mr. & Mrs. William Blackwell Sr., pioneers of Douglas County will observe their 55th wedding anniversary next Tuesday, Feb 24th, quietly at their home on Pocket (Van Loon) Lake.  They were married at the bride's parents home in Leaf Valley, Feb 24th 1887.  After their marriage they farmed for fifteen years near Holmes City.  Forty years ago they moved to their present farm and have resided there ever since.""
""They are the parents of 10 children, eight of whom survive.  There are 12 grandchildren and 6 great grandchildren.  All of their children were at home last summer to visit them.   Mr. and Mrs. Minor Van Loon, his grand parents (on mother's side) (REB) were the first white settlers in Douglas County.  They fled from Southern Minnesota during the Indian outbreak and stayed in the Fort at Sauk Center until the trouble was over.  Van Loon's Lake is named after them.  Mr. Blackwell is the first white child born in Douglas County.  His father, the late Henry Blackwell, was  one of the first surveyors here.  Mr. Blackwell will be 78 years old in September..  Mrs. Blackwell was born in Meeker County and will be 74 years old in August.   Both are in fairly good health.""

"The Children are"
Clara (Mrs. Elmer Drum) of Minneapolis; William Jr. of Holmes City; Robert of Oakland, CA.; Adeline of Chicago; Martha (deceased);
Miss. Harriet Blackwell of San Francisco; Viola (Mrs. Paul W. Hanson) Alexandria; Stephen of Holmes City;
Gladys (Mrs. Eugene Hintzen of Montevideo; Wilmina (Mrs. Gordon Hawley) deceased."

"The Grandchildren are"
"Douglas Drum; Norma and Celeste Blackwell (Mrs. Ted Lloyd); Robert and Kenneth             Blackwell; Martha (Mrs. Reuben Terras); Harriet (Mrs. W.Jackson); Carrol and Donald  Blackwell; Paul Hanson Jr.; Frances Hintzen; Sharon Hawley."


 Article from a Newspaper written by Norma Blackwell Chavira (Granddaughter)

Wilhelmina (Minnie) Lauermann and William Minor Blackwell in 1943
Minnie & William Blackwell

"Great Grandma Mandie Blackwell (Amanda), who was pregnant at this time, was in her kitchen cooking dinner and had a pot of beans ready in the oven when a long legged Indian sneaked in when she had her back turned, swept the red hot pot of beans from the oven with his bare hand and ran.....flew through the woods and disappeared.  It was shortly after that, that my Grandfather, William Minor Blackwell was born.   He was the first white child born in Douglas County, Minnesota."
                                                       ................................. Norma Blackwell Chavira


Article on the Philipp Lauermann Homestead reprinted below

The Philipp Lauermann Homesteand
Written by Mrs. Phylles Lauermann Wilken

  Philipp Lauermann 1838 - 1917.  Augusta Groesnick Lauermann 1849 - 1927.  Frederick J. Lauermann  1875 - 1956.  Ida Schmitz Lauermann  1875 - 1955.
  Lake Mary Township was the homestead site of the above persons and their children.  I 'm the only grandchild to have been born in the original log room in which my grandparents set up housekeeping.  My father, Fred Lauermann, was proud that both he and I arrived into this world in the same room.  By then, 1913. the logs had been sided over and the house expanded.
  My grandparents emigrated from Berlin, Germany and stayed briefly in New York City.  Philipp Lauermann and his 16 year old bride moved with her family the Groesnick by ox cart to the Leaf Valley area.  Because winter would soon set in they dug out a cave home in the hillside and survived.  The first year the two families cleared and planted an acre of potatoes and this is what they existed on.  It was here their first child, a girl named Minnie was born. Philipp and his family moved and established the Lake Mary homestead.  He selected a heavily wooded claim to insure wood for building and warmth.  Little did he realize the ordeal of clearing land.  The hardships of grubbing and clearing land were passed on to my father, Fred.  He took over ownership at the age of 22 when his parents retired to a small acreage on the west side of Lake Winona.  My parents married in 1900.  My mother, a bride from Milwaukee, found those early days lonely. 
  The Lauermanns raised ten children.  They were staunch in their religious faith and endured the hardships.  They lost two babies in one night from diphtheria.  There was no one to assist and they buried their own.  Other tales told of the men walking as far as St. Paul, Minnesota in the dead of winter to find work.  Grandmother related how Indians would peer into her windows when she was left alone with the babies.  Flour was obtained by an ox cart trip to St. Cloud, Minnesota.  In later years peddlers made my grandmother's home their regular overnight stop.
  I believe it is only fitting to mention that grandmother's brothers and sister were important pioneers of the Lear Valley area.  The Carol Groesnick family settled in Garfield.  A sister married Casten Henry Prohel, another wed Willard B. Ellis and homesteaded the Leaf Valley district.
  Philipp's and Augusta's children are to be remembered as follows.  Minnie married William Blackwell (Son of Henry Blackwell -REB)  and homesteaded a farm on Pocket Lake.  Wm. Blackwell's mother's father was Henry Van Loon, (wrong name, actually should be Minor Van Loon.  She is confusing Minor with Henry Blackwell - REB) one of the first settlers in Minnesota, who is recorded in history.  Mary,  Mrs. Albert Kaun, homesteaded in Round Prairie.  Martha, a nurse, proved a claim near Bismarck, North Dakota, later married Dr. Britton of New Salem, North Dakota.  Lena, wed Herman Howie of Noonan, North Dakota.  Arnold died in an explosion while homesteading in northern Minnesota.
  My father farmed until 1923 when he sold the homestead to the Louis Chan family and retired to Alexandria.  My father served as presided of school district #14 for many years.  My foster brother, Farris Lauermann of South Milwaukee and I attended the one room school .  Honor should be given to the loyal and faithful teacher of many years service, Mabel Barros (Mrs. August Erickson) of Alexandria.
                             .............. Written originally by Mrs. Phylles Lauermann Wilken


Fourth born of Henry Blackwell

John Blackwell

John Blackwell
John was deceased very early and we have no information.


Fifth born of Henry Blackwell

Emma Blackwell

Emma Blackwell (Anderson) with her husband, John Anderson
with children Elva Oberg (adopted) and Florence Anderson
LaVonne, a younger child, is not in this photo.

Emma Blackwell
b. 8 Feb 1873  Holmes City Township
d. 6 Jun 1951
m. 13 Aug 1894 
John W. Anderson.     
b.30 Jul 1871  Grove City, Minnesota.
d. 19 Jan 1942  Holmes City, MN. 
They resided close to Emma's parents.   Emma taught school for many years in rural Douglas Co. schools.
They farmed in Holmes City Township until 1942, when John died.   Emma then moved to Alexandria, MN.
John was the son of Ole A. Anderson and Marna Joranson.  When John was 10 years old (1881) he moved to
Holmes City with his parents.
John and Emma are buried in VanLoon Cemetery.

    Children of Emma and John
    Alva Anderson (adopted)
    Florence Anderson
    Lavone Anderson


Sixth born of Henry Blackwell

Stephen A. Blackwell

Stephen Blackwell
Photo submitted by Marilee Larkey

Stephen A. Blackwell                     
b. 5  Jun 1878                                                                
d. 5  May 1969  Santa Clara, CA. (Source - Marilee Larkey)
Married:  6 Dec 1900
Inga (Hilma) Peterson   
b. abt 1888
 4  Aug 1952 Linn, OR. (Source - Marilee Larkey)
Marriage reported by the Alexandria Post  12 Dec 1900  Page 6 Col. 6
and the Alexandria Citizen  13 Dec 1900  Page 1 Col 1.  They were married by Judge Saxton.
            14th Generation Children of Stephen A. Blackwell ( and Hilma Peterson
Royal Everett Stephen Blackwell
   Henry Blackwell 
   Myron Blackwell 
   Loraine Blackwell
   Sherwin Blackwell
   Lynn Blackwell
   Burton Blackwell


Back Row    Henry 13 - Myron 10   
Front Row  Lorayne 7 - Sherwin 3 1/2
Photo taken in 1920
Click to Enlarge Photo
Photo submitted by Marilee Larkey

Click Photo to Enlarge
Photo taken about 1923 in Alexandria, MN.
This photo is believed to be
Steven A. Blackwell (right) with his son Henry (left)
We estimate the son to be about 16 years of age.
This means the photo would have been taken in 1917
assuming Henry was born one year after the marriage date of 1900.
You will note that "Stephen" is wearing a ribbon banner around
his left shoulder and right waist.  Obviously, it was a day of
celebration in that area.  We are not aware of what event.
Photo submitted by Marilee Larkey

Important Information
It has been found in the Holmes City, MN. 1920 Census that Stephen is listed as 41 years, Hilma at 32.
Henry is listed as 13, Myron as 10, Lorayne as 7, and Sherwin as 3.
It also shows Amanda (widow of Henry Blackwell) and she is listed as 78 years.
This confirms other information that Amanda did live with her son after the death of Henry (10.2.5)

In an Oregon Census of 1930, Lorayne is listed as 17 and Sherwin as 14.
It also shows two boys - Lynn as 8 and Burton as 6.
Stephen is listed as age 50 and Hilma as age 41.

A document in my possession on letter-head of the.....

Terre Bonne Farm
S.A.Blackwell, Proprietor
Breeder of Poland China Hogs and
Rhode Island Red Poultry.
Telephone - Lowrey, Line 97, No. 777
Alexandria, Route 7, Minnesota   July 11, 1916

"Office of the Register of Deeds, Alexandria, Minn.
I am sending you this certificate of incorporation for registrary as I do not know the fee. 
Will you drop a card telling me the amount and I will send it at once, and then you will please record it."
Yours truly
7/12 1916

This document was mailed by Steven on July 18th, 1916
(Note the spelling of registrary - as written on document)

Stephen A. Blackwell and Hilma Blackwell - Peterson
with children - Henry and Myron
Click to Enlarge
Photo submitted my Marilee Larkey


First born of Stephen A. Blackwell

Royal Everett Steven Blackwell (  Royal Everett Steven Blackwell
b. 24 Feb 1901 Douglas Co. Birth Cert# 1901-05853
d. 22 Jul 1973  Santa Clara, CA.

Second born of Stephen A Blackwell

Henry Blackwell ( Henry Blackwell 
b. 13 Jan 1907 Holmes City, MN.
d.   3 Feb 2001 Mountain Lake, Cottonwood Co., MN.
1. Arvilla Davis
b. 10 Apr 1906
d. 22 Oct 1905  Oregon
2. Eunice Adelle
b. 26 Dec 1927
d.   8 Sep 1994  Oregon.

Third born of Stephen A. Blackwell

Myron Blackwell (

Information From Obit. dated Dec 30, 1992 Echo Press Myron Blackwell
b. abt 1910
d. unknown
1) Avilla Davis    (Birth Mother was Betty Wilcott of Spokane, WA)
b. unknown
d. unknown
2) Eunice 'Blackwell'  (of McMinnville, OR)
        15th Generation Children of Myron Blackwell ( and Avilla Davis Robert L. Blackwell
        b. (adopted) 2 Jan 1941 Halfway, OR.
        d. 24 Dec 1992  Deaconess Medical Ctr., Billings, Montana
        Married:  29 Aug 1964
        Marjorie Kay Fast
        b. Unknown
        d. Unknown
                16th Generation Children of Robert ( and Marjorie
       Kari Blackwell  (Mrs. Nathan Janzen of Vadnais Heights)
       Kirk Blackwell  (of St. Paul)
       Kami Blackwell (of St. Paul)

Obituary of Robert Blackwell
Echo Press
Dec 30 - 1992

Robert Blackwell
Funeral services for Mr. Robert L. Blackwell, 51, of Mountain Lake, MN., were held at 1:30 PM on Tuesday, December 29, 1992 at the Evangelical Mennonite Brethren Church in Mountain Lake with Pastor Richard Koma officiating.  Burial followed the service in the Evangelical Mennonite Brethren Church Cemetery in rural Mountain Lake.  Mr. Blackwell died on Thursday, December 24, 1992 at Deaconess Medical Center in Billings, Montana.  Robert Lee Blackwell was adopted at birth by Myron and Arvilla (Davis) Blackwell on January 2, 1941, at Halfway, Oregon.  He attended school in Washington and Oregon and graduated in 1959 from Lustre Bible Academy in Lustre, Montana. 


Fourth born of Stephen A. Blackwell

Loraine Blackwell ( Loraine Blackwell
b. abt 1913  We only know she was in Sodaville, Linn., OR. in 1930.
d. unknown
No other information is available at this time.

Fifth born of Stephen A. Blackwell

Sherwin Blackwell ( Sherwin Blackwell
b. 30 Apr 1916 
d. 10 Apr 1990  Linn, OR.

Sixth born of Stephen A. Blackwell

Lynn Blackwell ( Lynn Blackwell
b. abt 1922
No other information available at this time

Seventh born of Stephen A. Blackwell

Burton Blackwell ( Burton Blackwell
b.  8 Sept 1924
d. 16 Jun 2002  California.
No other information available at this time


We are searching for more information on the families listed on this page.