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Children of James W. Blackwell  10.2.6.      Back to James W Blackwell                                                                                                    

12th Generation James W. Blackwell  10.2.6
b. 1845   Charleton Kings, Gloucester, England. (Census 1851)  (adopted)
(1910 Census reports age 62 meaning b. 1848)
d. 1917   Puyallup, Washington, USA.
 (LDS) ( LCB)  Referred to as Bill in the Twichell Memoirs.  (1910 Census - Pierce, WA)
Married:  21 Mar 1876  Alexandria, Minnesota.
Emma V. Hill  (Previously married to Stephen VanLoon - View Marriage Notice
This family was reported in the 1910 US Federal Census as living in Pierce, WA.

The Children of James W Blackwell and Emma V Hill  Children of James W. Blackwell (10.2.6) and Emma V. Blackwell
The Children of James W Blackwell and Emma V Hill
13th Generation  Lewis S, Blackwell 
b. 1877 
d. Unknown  Hallie M.                Census Info          1876 Newspaper Posting
b. 1885   Minnesota
d. Unknown

Results for Washington State, 1910 Federal Census - Pierce County
Name:                               James W Blackwell          Emma V Blackwell        Steven S Blackwell    Hallie M Blackwell
Relationship:                             Head                              Wife                          Son                    Daughter
Age:                                           62                                 55                            34                         24        
Race:                                    White  Male                   White  Female 
Yrs Married:                                 35                                 35                          Single                    Single
Yr of Immigration to USA:            1869 
Language:                                English                           English                      English                   English
Place of Birth:                           England                           Illinois                    Minnesota              Minnesota
POB of Father:                          England                         Kentucky                    England                  England
POB of Mother:                          England                       Pennsylvania                 Illinois                   Illinois
Profession:                              Carpenter                          None                     Fruit Farmer
Place of Employment                  House                              None                      Employed   
Property: Owned or Rented          Owned                                                   
Property Owned or Mortgaged       Owned
Property: Farm or House               Farm
Number of Farm Schedule               13

In this Census of 1910 it appears the Steven works the Farm while James is retired.  It seems that both children are single and living at home on the farm.  The age difference between the children is 10 years in this 1910 Census.  In the 1880 Census it was 8 year difference.  James is listed as 62 in 1910.  This is contrary to both the 1880 and 1885 Census.  I think the 1910 Census is in error as the Gloucester Census in 1851 indicates he was 6 Yrs of age meaning he was born in 1845 or 1846.  The 1880 and 1885 Census indicate about the same year of birth.  Only the 1910 Census is out by so much time as it indicates he was born in 1838.  This same Census says that Lewis is 34 meaning he was born in 1876.  This is close to the 1877 date in the 1880 Census and the same year in the 1885 Census.

Note:  Emma V. Hill was previously married to Stephen Van Loon who drowned about a year after they were married.
This marriage was the second occasion that a Blackwell married a Van Loon.  Henry Blackwell and Amanda Van Loon were the first to marry between the families.
Update:  A finding in the Ancestry Message Board of Minnesota as posted by Joel Watne
The Alexandria Post, Alexandria, Douglas County, Minnesota
Friday, March 31, 1876, page 4, col. 2.
BLACKWELL—VANLOON—In Alexandria, Minn., March 29th by the Rev. Wm. M. Wells, Mr. J. W. Blackwell and Mrs. Emma V. VanLoon. (Hill)   All of Douglas Co.  
Transcribed from microfilm copy of newspaper at Minnesota History Center, St. Paul, MN.""

Additional research found the following... (

        Name               Head             Sex     Race  Age      POB      Occupation      Father POB     Mothers POB
James W. Blackwell     Self       M     Male      W     33     England   Carpenter         England           England
    Emma V. Blackwell      Wife       M    Female   W     25    Illinois     Housekeeping     KY                 PA
        Lewis S. Blackwell        Son       S      Male      W      3     MN                              England            Illinois

Census 1880
Emma V Blackwell b. 1855 Illinois     Age 25   Occupation: Housekeeper
Married to James W. Blackwell
She lists the birthplace of her father as in KY and her mother in PA.
Lewis S. Blackwell  b. 1877  MN (
presume Alexandria)  Age 3 

Census 1885 
County of Douglas - Alexandria, MN.
256    Blackwell    J.W.          39        M        England
                         Emma        31        F         Illinois
                         Louis          8         M          MN  
                          HM            0         F           MN

The First Marriage of Emma V. Hill - March 29, 1876
The First Marriage of Emma V. Hill - March 29, 1876

The Alexandria Post, Alexandria, Douglas County, Minnesota
Friday, March 31, 1876, page 4, col. 2.
MARRIED.  Stephen VanLoon
BLACKWELL—VANLOON—In Alexandria, Minn., March 29th by the Rev. Wm. M. Wells, Mr. J. W. Blackwell and Mrs. Emma V. Vanloon. All of Douglas Co.

Stephen VanLoon married Emma Hill and after only about one year of marriage, Stephen drowned in Pocket Lake. 
Emma later married James William Blackwell 10.2.6, father of Lewis and Hallie.

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