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Cohoes Family of Floyd Cohoes and Neva Briggs  


Cohoes Lineage - Floyd W. Cohoes


The daughter of Henry Blackwell and Amanda VanLoon, Mary Jane Blackwell married Frank Mackenzie. 
Their daughter, Ruth Mackenzie married Charles Cohoes. 
This connected their family with the Blackwell family
In turn, their son, Floyd Cohoes married Neva Briggs
Finally, their daughter, Marilee Cohoes married Lewis Larkey
That is the connection between the Blackwell, Mackenzie, Cohoes and Larkey family

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Family of Ira Ebenezer Briggs and Alice Michael
13th Generation Ira Ebenezer Briggs
b. Unknown, Iowa
d. Unknown, (Probably Iowa)
Ira's ancestry is from England, then to Massachusetts.  From there to Vermont
and then to Ohio and finally settled in Iowa.
Married: Date Unknown
Alice Michael
b. Unknown, Iowa
d. Unknown, Zimmerman, MN.
She was the daughter of Martha Beard whose ancestry is from Germany.
They came to Pennsylvania, then to Virginia and Indiana.  Finally residing in Iowa.

13th Generation Children of Ira Briggs and Alice Michael  4th Generation Children of Ira Briggs and Alive Michael (Order of birth unknown)
The Children of Ira Briggs and Alice Michael
14th Generation Earl Briggs
b. Unknown
d. Unknown
Married: 10 Jun 1910  Zimmerman, MN.
Anna Swanson
b. Date Unknown
d. 20 Jul, 1965  Zimmerman, MN.
She was the daughter of Carl and Eva Swanson
They emigrate from Sweden in the 1850s and settled west of Zimmerman, Orrick Township., MN.

Earl Briggs 15th Generation Children of Anna Swanson and Earl Briggs
The Children of Earl Briggs and Anna Swanson
15th Generation
Vyrle Briggs   b.   3 May 1912 
Neva Briggs   b. 14 Jan 1914 Zimmerman, MN.
Orville Briggs b. 27 Feb 1918
Elwin Briggs   b. 17 Jul 1924  d. 10 May, 1942 (Motorcycle Accident)

At this time the Cohoes Family Joins with the Briggs Family
This connects the Mackenzie and Blackwell family to the Cohoes that
was previously connect through Frank Mackenzie and Mary Janette Blackwell


15th Generation Floyd Wrighter Cohoes
b.   3 Sep 1906  Livonia Township, Sherburne Co., Minnesota,
d. 10 Oct 1990  Forest Lake, Washington Co., Minnesota.   Cert # 1990 - MN - 028284  buried in Scandinavian Cemetery, Forest Lake, MN.
Married:  23 Nov 1938  Zimmerman, Sherburne Co., Minnesota.
Neva Elsie Briggs         
b. 14 Jan 1914  Zimmerman, Sherburne Co., Minnesota

The Granddaughter of Henry Blackwell, Emma Ruth Mackenzie, married Charles Cohoes and gave birth to a number of children.  One was Floyd Wrighter Cohoes (  who married on November 23, 1938 to Neva Elsie Briggs.  This is the connection.  


The Children of Anna Swanson and Earl Briggs
The Children of Neva Briggs and Floyd Wrighter Cohoes


Neva Elsie Briggs    Floyd Wrighter Cohoes  1906 - 1990
                    Photo 147                            Photo 148
     Neva Elsie Briggs               Floyd Wrighter Cohoes

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15th Generation Floyd Wrighter Cohoes
                           The Children of Floyd Cohoes and Neva Briggs
The Children of Floyd Cohoes and Neva Briggs
16th Generation   Children of Floyd Cohoes and Neva Briggs  Marilee Suzanne Cohoes  
b. 11 Feb 1940  St. Paul, Ramsey Co., MN.
Married:  30 Jun 1962  Scandia, Washington Co., MN.
Louis Vernon Larkey
b.  5 May 1939  St. Paul, Ramsey Co., MN.                                                                                        Richard Floyd Cohoes
b. 19 Jul 1943  Forest Lake, Washington Co., MN.
m. 1963  Hugo, Washington Co., Minnesota
Judith Lorraine Olinger
b. 15 Mar 1946  Minnesota  Layton Charles Cohoes
b. 19 Oct 1947  Forest Lake, Washington Co., MN.
Married:  9  Feb 1974  Foley, MN.
Janet Jean Johnson
b. 28 Oct 1946  St. Cloud, MN.


The Article below is submitted by Marilee Larkey (Cohoes)
Footnote:  This is from the Floyd W. Cohoes Appreciation Day Dinner.  It was held at the Forest Lake Senior High School, Forest Lake, Minnesota on May 20, 1972.  This event was in honor of my Father's retirement.

Floyd W. Cohoes, honored by the Forest Lake community today for thirty years of educational service, was born on September 3, 1906 near Zimmerman, Minnesota.  Floyd was the second child of Ruth and Charles Cohoes who farmed their land in Sherburne County for many years. 
Floyd’s first exposure to education came in a one room school house in Sherburne County where he attended grades 1. to 8.  Upon graduation he began high school at Zimmerman, but since the school only provided one year of education at that time, Floyd then moved to Gwinner, North Dakota where he continued his high school education while living with his grandparents Mackenzie.  He returned to Minnesota for his senior year, graduating in 1924 from Elk River High School.  Saint Cloud College was Floyd’s next educational step as he entered his freshman year in 1925.  His bachelor’s degree goal was interrupted, however, by a period of fifteen years during which he began teaching but continued working toward his degree evenings, Saturdays and during summer vacation.  He earned his bachelor’s degree in 1941 from Saint Cloud.  From 1925 until 1936 Floyd taught in and around the Zimmerman area, mostly in small rural schools.  It was during this time that Floyd met and married the former Neva Briggs who was also a native of the Zimmerman area.  Neva had also been a teacher and in fact began teaching in the Zimmerman area in a rural school in which Floyd had taught the previous year.  Floyd and Neva were married on November 23, 1938.  Floyd came to Forest Lake in the fall of 1942 as a junior high teacher of Mathematics and Business Relations.  Three years later, in 1945, he became assistant principal of the high school.  In 1949 Floyd was appointed principal of the high school and in the early 1960s principal of the senior high school.  In 1942 Floyd began working on his administration credits and continued to do so summers, Saturdays and evenings until he completed his work here in Forest Lake in the summer of 1970. 
Floyd’s interest in youth extends beyond the school, also, for he has been involved with the Boy Scouts as a leader in Zimmerman, Saint Paul and Forest Lake.  He was also a 4-H leader in Ramsey County.  In addition, he taught first aid classes in Ramsey County and in Forest Lake.  Most recently, he was honored by being named an honorary member of the Forest Lake Chapter of the Future Farmers of America.  Among his community achievements, which are many, Floyd can be proud of his charter membership in the Lions Club and of his service on the Forest Lake Township Board.  It was Floyd who made the motion to begin work on the first section of sewer line which will eventually encircle all three lakes of the Forest Lake chain.
To supplement his teaching income, Floyd has combined his love of the outdoors with work on many occasions.  From 1946 until 1960 he and his family worked hard at a fruit and vegetable garden selling their produce locally as well as at city markets.  Floyd‘s hobbies of hunting, fishing and camping are a source of relaxation for the whole family.  Floyd’s other great hobby is traveling and his adventures have taken him around the world.  In the summer of 1969 Floyd and Neva joined an M.E.A. tour to Europe where they visited ten countries.  Their main mission was to visit the grave of Floyd’s cousin, Duane Mackenzie, whom his family had raised and who was killed in World War II.  The mission was difficult but successful. 
In addition to his travels in the United States and to Europe, Floyd’s latest adventure was an M.E.A. tour to Russia during Christmas vacation in 1970 with a friend from Two Harbors, Minnesota.  The best traveling, however, has been with students.  In 1966 Floyd and Neva accompanied the Forest Lake High School Band to New York, where the band won third place in competition sponsored by the annual convention of the Lions Club.
Floyd is a source of pride to his family and to the entire Forest Lake community which honors him on the occasion of his retirement.  Throughout his long educational career, he has been totally dedicated to the youth whom he has served.  His honesty and devotion are a source of inspiration for all who meet him.
In announcing his retirement to his students, Floyd said, “I’ve had thirty wonderful years here…..and I’m awfully glad I came your way.”  The community of Forest Lake, Floyd’s friends and family today express their appreciation for Floyd W. Cohoes coming our way.

Floyd W. Cohoes died on October 10, 1990 after a long and courageous battle with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease).

 Blackwell / Cohoes
Left to Right
Lorraine Blackwell, Henry Blackwell, Merton Cohoes, Floyd Cohoes, Mae Cohoes (wife of Merton Cohoes)


Cohoes Family
Photo 134a
Cohoes Family


A Website within a Website -  the Larkey Family  Follow a line of Henry Blackwell Descendants

The Children of Marilee Cohoes and Louis Larkey
The Children of Marilee Cohoes and Louis Larkey
17th Generation Children of Marilee Cohoes and Louis Larkey Todd Nicholas Larkey Timothy C. Larkey Brian Louis Larkey


The Children of Richard Floyd Cohoes and Judith Olinger
The Children of Richard Floyd Cohoes and Judith Olinger
17th Generation Children of Richard Cohoes and Judith Olinger Kristine Karen Cohoes
b. 4 Mar 1964  Minnesota
Rex Robert Ewert 
b. 27 Jun 1965  Wells, MN Curtis Lee Cohoes
b.  22 Jun 1967  St. Paul, Minnesota
Jennifer JoLynn Beck 
b. 11 Oct 1966  Minneapolis, MN Michelle Cohoes
b. 22 Aug 1975  St. Paul, Minnesota


The Children of Layton Charles Cohoes and Janet Johnson
The Children of Layton Charles Cohoes and Janet Johnson
17th Generation Children of Layton Cohoes and Janet Johnson  Darren Mackenzie Cohoes
b. 11 Jun 1976   Chisago City, MN.
d. 28 Aug 1979  St. Paul,  MN.  Scandinavian Cemetery, Forest Lake, MN (Infant Death)  Daniel Young Cohoes (adopted)
b. 21 Aug 1976   Seoul Korea  Robyn J. Cohoes (adopted)
b. 22 Oct 1980  Limon, CO.


The Children of Kristine Cohoes and Rex Evert
The Children of Kristine Cohoes and Rex Evert
18th Generation Children of Kristine Cohoes and Rex Ewert  Brooke Brittany Ewert
b. 24 Apr 1994  Minneapolis, MN.  Gunnar Garrett Ewert  
b.   9 Jan 1997  Minneapolis, MN.  Paige Patricia Ewert 
b. 11 May 1999  Minneapolis, MN


The Children of Curtis Cohoes and Jennifer Beck
The Children of Curtis Cohoes and Jennifer Beck
18th Generation Children of Curtis Cohoes and Jennifer Beck  Cody Richard Cohoes
b. 31 July 1992  St. Paul, MN.  Hailee Christine Cohoes 
b. 14 Sep 1993  St. Paul, MN.



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