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"I wonder if we will look after our future as well as our ancestors looked after our past"


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"I am not the author, I am only the messenger"
                                                       ----- R. Blackwell




Special Thanks to all the Genealogy Societies of Minnesota.  Your support has been exceptional.

Joel Watne
Joel Watne should be commended for the wonderful work he has done in searching out old Minnesota newspaper records and other information and freely putting the results online for us all.    He has opened many doors for me and has resolved many of my questions in searching for my ancestors activities as well as providing material that made the website much more informative and accurate.  Thanks Joel

Evelyn Bromley  A complete list of all Blackwells Listed in the British Columbia Archives.  The list is a little old and updates are on line. 

Miles Davenport - A descendant of Minor VanLoon and Charity Davenport.   He contributed information that was able to clarify much early history.  There has been a lot of confusion in the past about our Charity.  Miles got it right for us.

Pat Krivak - Pat was able to confirm the father and mother of Minor VanLoon.  He confirmed information we had previously received as well.

Shelly Winter - Providing a complete copy of everything in Evart's Cemetery.  Thanks Shelly

LaVerne Olney - Our thanks for her Olney Information that connects from the daughter of John Blackwell 10.2.3

Marilee Larkey 
Marilee is descended through the Henry Blackwell line.  Henry was the fifth born child of George Blackwell (10.2) and Mary Barradell.  It is in Henry's honour that Blackwell Lake in Minnesota was named.  He was also the surveyor that planned out much of Minnesota in the very early days of that state.  Marilee has sent numerous photos, and text about the Cohoes and Mackenzie family.  Then, with her own family in mind, we have the Larkey Family.  Marilee Cohoes married Louis Larkey and on goes the life blood of Henry Blackwell (10.2.5) and his descendants.

James Blackwell  
This in itself, is quite a story.  By chance, James saw a posting I had made and contacted me.  We discovered each other.  We were family; he being descended through John Blackwell (10.2.3) and me from John's brother, George Blackwell (10.2.4)  Not only did James and I share information, but we actually started working on the website together.  In fact, after both of us putting in long hours in an attempt to find the truth about who the first Blackwell was that brought us all out of Gloucester, England that, up to this point, was believed to be a John Blackwell who was born in 1806.  However, James found documented evidence of the truth.  It was George Blackwell (10.2) who was born in 1801.  This information changed everything for many of our family.  For the website, it made it credible for the first time.  To this very day, I have not met James.  However, we plan on getting together, and I think it will be in Minnesota and at the VanLoon Cemetery, the place that George Blackwell (10.2) is buried.   So it should be.

Ken Blackwell  
Not long after James Blackwell and I had a lot of new information, along came Ken.  Ken is the brother of James.  Ken also got hooked on the genealogy and among other things, could not handle the suspense any longer so he packed up and went to Minnesota to get at the facts.  When he returned from Minnesota, he had more then any of us bargained for.  Among photos, and documents, he had a vast amount of information that soon led to other connections and discoveries.  The good side to all of this, is that in the late summer of 2005, I got to meet Ken and his two daughters.  They came out for a visit.  Although only for a short day, it was wonderful to meet them. 

Kirk Blackwell  
Kirk contacted me by email.  I noted immediately that his email was signed "Kirk Blackwell"  That was a first, and it was good to see.  Kirk is married with two girls.  He was born and raised in Minnesota but is presently in Poland as they are missionaries.  Kirk is descended through the line of Henry Blackwell (10.2.5) and has provided much information on his connections.  Even more keeps coming regularly.

Joyce Cummings 
Joyce lives in England and has been a big help to me.  She is involved in Genealogy and is doing lookups for me and research in various Parishes.  People like Joyce offer incredible opportunities for people like me.  I have no way to get to England, and even if I did, I would not know how to even begin such a search.  Joyce is a very valuable part of this genealogy site, and she is not even related to us.  She just knows the value of Genealogy to people and wanted to help.  Thanks Joyce.

Denise Blackwell - Kraft 
Denise is the child of Robert Vincent Blackwell, a descendant of Henry Blackwell (10.2.5)  A family contributor to the website.

Tara Van Bergen
Tara is the Great Great Granddaughter of John A. Blackwell and Ruth Keller.
Tara has sent much information to the website.  Thank you Tara.  Your contribution added to the credibility of the website as well as supporting evidence.  Keep it coming.

Taryn Nelson Flolid
Taryn supplied important information from the Compendium of Northern Minnesota that, along with other facts of importance, it confirmed and corrected much of the information that has been reported in the website previously.  Thank you Taryn.

Kathryn Johnson
Important contributor on VanLoon and other information.  Kathryn is the person who did the important research for me concerning some of the critical details of Minor VanLoon and Charity Davenport.  Kathryn's information is throughout the website.  Thank you Kathryn.

Bob Downing
Bob literally provided all of the information on the Downing family.  Without Bob's input, the Downing pages would be blank.  Thanks Bob.

Laurie Barrett
Blackwell and family Researcher - see
Laurie is from the same original line as myself,  George Blackwell (10.2.4).  Her direct line goes through Mary Blackwell (, the daughter of George Blackwell.  Mary's brother, John Blackwell ( is my Grandfather.  Laurie has her own website that covers the Blackwells and other families that are not on the Blackwell Genealogy Website.  I would suggest you visit her site. 
How we connected was by chance.  I posted some information on one of the usual community lookup sites.  The message was about looking for information.  In the message I made mention about Royal Twichell and Ruth Field.  In fact, only those people in the world who had a copy of the Lois Twichell Memoirs would have heard of Ruth Field.  She was the biological mother to Lois Twichell.  Royal later remarried but no mention of Ruth was ever discovered.  Laurie saw my posting and replied as she also had a copy of the Memoirs.  Laurie then supplied me with information from a Census that helped get the website off the ground in the early days.  Thanks Cuz.

Robert Barnes
Supplied the photo of Darby McGannons Tombstone.  Our thanks.

Ron Mosocco
Our thanks for the link to his website of Civil War Information.  This is the interesting stuff I love.

Tom Melton
Tom supplied us some wonderful information on George Frost and his Civil War details.  That was a goldmine for me.

Edwin Twitchell
For wonderful support in the early days of this website.  He has provided considerable Twitchell information and other support.  I noticed the way Ed did his website.  He did not follow the 'written' fact, but assumed that errors could have been made.  His method of getting facts is what prompted me to give the same thought to this website. 

Jerry Canavit - Steamboat Writing & Research, San Antonio, Texas.
Jerry sent along a photo of the Steamboat, Nominee that Lois sailed on as told in her Memoirs.  It is the only known copy of the photo of Nominee.  This was a wonderful find for us.  Thanks Jerry

Donna Pickett - For much McGannon Information.  She also has provided me with other individuals that could supply information.  Many thanks Donna.

Jocelyn Demer - Descended through Laura Blackwell, daughter of George Blackwell 10.2.4 and Lois Twichell.  She has provided information on many of the family that had been unavailable to us.  Her contribution has been very valuable. 

Cecil Pittman - Cecil Pittman traveled with the Royal Winnipeg Rifles Association when they participated in the 40th Anniversary of the D Day tour to the Normandy beached (Juno Beach) in 1984, the Royal Winnipeg Rifles "pilgrimage" tour in 1989, the year the memorial was unveiled in the little village of Audrieu and the Royal Winnipeg Rifles 50th Anniversary tour in 1994.  He also attended the unveiling ceremonies of the Juno Beach Memorial located in Normandy, France in June of 2003.  Mr. Pittman has researched information through the National Archives, military histories, former veterans and from any other materials he can locate.  In 2002, he completed 104 stories for the Manitoba Geographical Names Program (Lakes, Rivers, Islands, etc. are named after Manitoba's World War II and Korean Conflict causalities)  Several soldier's photos from his collection were included with these stories in the publication "A Place of Honour".  Mr. Pittman has let us to live up to our obligation and simply 'Remember'.

Dale R. Mackenzie  Dale has provided considerable information, especially on John H. Mackenzie who was a most interesting individual.  It makes for interesting reading.  He was a true Indian Fighter and has many reports written about his exploits.  Thanks Dale.  Keep them coming.

Tienne Linden - Tienne has provided the only known photo of James W. Blackwell and his wife, Emma Hill.  Tienne is also providing more information on the Hill Family who are also a pioneer family of Minnesota.  Thanks Tienne - without your input, we would have nothing but a census document on our James W. Blackwell.  A picture is worth a thousand words, and in this case, a thousand Thanks.

Renee Thomsen - For wonderful photos and information on the Downing Family.  A valued contributor. 


Minnesota Historical Society
Wow.  These people are organized and well connected.  If they don't have it, it can't be had.  Join them.

Meeker County Historical Society
Once again, the homegrown history is kept safe.  These folks look after the history for one of the earliest pioneered areas of Minnesota.  They have a valuable resource of history, and they not only look after it well, they share it with a passion.  The Meeker County Historical Society.  Join their group.  Excellent

Douglas County Historical Society
A small fee will allow you to become a member.  They are a dedicated group of people that understand what your genealogy means to you, especially if your research is involved in their area as it is also part of their history as well.  I suggest that if you have had family in the Douglas County, Minnesota area that you join their organization. It will unlock many doors for you.   Douglas County Historical Society


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Flaming Text
These people know that not everyone has the time, talent or inclination to learn to do the neat little things with graphics and other trick ideas for their website.  However, they do not punish people without this ability by charging them ridiculous and expensive rates.  In fact, mush of it is free.  When I come across something that is commercial, but still offers something of value or even free, then I will accept it.  I won't use bad work and certainly not tasteless work.  In the case of "Flaming Text", it is good product and is easy to use.  It has nice free stuff and if you really want to get fancy, you can spend very little and get all the goodies.  Thanks to Flaming Text

Absolutely the very finest gifs of flags in the world.  I have never seen such a selection that you can have in three different sizes that will work on either white, black, or grey backgrounds.  They are kind enough to offer their beautiful flags for free to a non-commercial site.  All you have to do is acknowledge their flags with a link, such as this one.  You won't have a problem recommending such excellent work.

Picket Fence - White

A little about the Webmaster and Crew

I live on my sailboat in Victoria, British Columbia with my cats. (Bless the little darlings)  I had three of them but I lost one to Cancer. (Cutter)  However, it is much like keeping chickens.  It is as much trouble with two as it is with one, or even three.  It is easy to understand why it is they say that "Dogs have Masters, Cats have Staff".  They love me the most just before lunch or supper.  When it comes time for bed, Spencer is begging to get into the V-birth (she is so crippled she can't hop up)  Sloop paces the floor and has starts to meow.  All these years and she has never spoken.  Now, it seems I warrant a talking too.  So be it.  Spencer (the white one) is an Albino.  She isn't death, but is very obstinate.  Sloop and Cutter were sisters.  They are half Siamese and half Burmese. (I think)  Sloop never meowed until recently, and Cutter never shut up.  Cutter was the smart one of the group.  Sloop was the delinquent in the threesome.  If there was trouble in the marina, you know Sloop was in it.  Spencer wakes up and rolls over for exercise.  Only Sloop likes to sail.  Cutter and Spencer hated it. 

I now am trying my hand at writing novels and short stories.  As this is being written, I have three short stories that I have just finished off and one very long novel type of story is still underway.  It is very interesting and fun to write.  It is almost true, as there is some fiction in it to make it interesting.  I am on page 239 at this moment and only about a third of the way through.  I guess there will be some editing done!!!  I find it fills what is left of my day as I am often on the road.  The website takes up a lot of my time.  I had a second website on sailboats like what I have but I had to give it up.  It was getting expensive and something had to go.  I kept the genealogy site and handed the Boating site off to someone that can maintain it.

Photos Below

Inkwell and Quill
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My thanks to Diane for supporting me in my genealogy research by listening
to my stories that I found so interesting, and just had to share them with someone.


And to my three Cats, Sloop, Cutter and Spencer

Sloop likes to sit on the monitor and chase the cursor.  She is responsible for all spelling errors. Spencer loves to work on my papers laying around.  She is responsible for the "arrangement" of my web pages. And to Cutter, my best friend, who offered us all, the fine example of unconditional love, devotion and permanence.  She was the wise one of the three cats and would remind me to do things other then genealogy.  She let me know when the litter box needed changing, when it was dinner time, time to play, and bed time had a different sound in her complaint.  She would sit beside me and listen to the clicking sound of the keys on my keyboard and all the while, her eyes watched my fingers.  When I would leave to get a drink or make a sandwich, I would hear the keys clicking only to find that Cutter had made an entry or two.  She was the one who sat with me through the late hours of the night while I worked on the website.  Now, I sit alone.  I lost Cutter in January of 2007 to Pancreatic Cancer.  It was one of the most difficult losses I have ever experienced.  We were together to the very end.  Now you know why they are on the Credit Page of my Website.

Cutter - Unconditional Love to the end.
Photo provided by the Beacon Cat Hospital - Sidney, BC.
This photo was taken only moments before the end.

Spencer with my hat on

Sloop wants to play

How the Cats got their name.
I live on a sailboat.  It is rigged as a Sloop (One Mast with one sail forward and one main sail.
Later it had another 'stay' added for a second sail forward.  This means it is Cutter rigged.
The company that built the boat called them a Spencer.
And just so you know, the name of the Dingy is "Cats Paw" (a term meaning ripples on the water caused by wind)
For security reasons, it is a good idea to keep the Dingy a different name then the boat itself.
The boat's name is Vida de Oro (Life of Gold)  She is 35 ft. long and is well found.
Now you know.

Ron Blackkwell and Spencer - relaxing in the Cockpit
Me and Spencer in the Cockpit of Vida de Oro at anchor in Bedwell Harbor.

Below I have Vida de Oro out on the hard for new bottom paint.

Vida de Oro - On the hard getting new bottom paint.
Click to Enlarge
Vida de Oro



" I have never seen a wild thing feel sorry for itself "