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The Downing Generations

Downing 1    Downing 2    Downing 3

The Connection
Charles Nelson Downing married the daughter of John Blackwell 10.2.3 - Mary Josephine Blackwell
The Wedding occurred on 17 Mar 1887 Litchfield, in Meeker, Minnesota
This is the Connection.

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The number system used on this page is only for reference on this website and is not the standard used by any known Downing Genealogy Site.
The Downing Pages as provided by Bob Downing, son of Robert Malcolm Downing

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 The First known Downing is of the 7th Generation

D9 John Downing 1st
D7.John Downing 1st
b. 1650 England
d. 1729 Crofton, Ct
Married 1676
Mary ...........?
b. 1654 England


8th Generation

Children of John Downing 1st and Mary ...........?
Children of John Downing 1st and Mary .....?
D7.1  Jonathan Downing 1st
b. 1677
d. 1729
He is buried in Groton, New London, CT.
Married:  Groton, New London, CT.
Mary Perego
b. 1 Apr 1677  Lyme, New London, CT.
She was the daughter of Robert Perego (1635) and Mary ?? (1638)

D7.2 John Downing
b. 1679
d. Unknown


9th Generation

Children of Jonathan Downing 1st and Mary Perego
Children of Jonathan Downing 1st and Mary Perego
D7.1.1 Jonathan Downing 2nd
b. 11 Sep 1703  Groton, New London, CT.
d. 24 Sep 1785  Canterbury, Windham, CT.
Married: Abt 1725
Elizabeth Gates
b. Feb 1703/04 Preston, New London, CT.
d. Dec 1778
She was the daughter of  Stephen Gates 3rd (1665) and Jemima Benjamin (1666)


10th Generation

Children of Johnathan Downing 2nd and Elizabeth Gates
Children of Johnathan Downing 2nd and Elizabeth Gates
D7.1.1.1 Perigo Downing 
b.   9 Jan 1725/26    Norwich, CT.
d. Unknown
Married:    11 April 1751    Canterbury, Windham, CT.
Lydia Adams
D9.1.1.2 Susannah Downing
D7.1.1.2. Susannah Downing
b. 14 Sep 1727    Norwich, CT.
Married: 11 Apr 1751    Canterbury, Windham, CT.
Samuel Parish
D9.1.1.3 Jonathan Downing 3rd 
D7.1.1.3.Jonathan Downing 3rd
b. 28 Nov 1728    Canterbury, Windham, CT.
d. 24 Sep 1786   
Married: 11 Mar 1757    Canterbury, Windham, CT.
Deborah Adams
D9.1.1.4 Elizabeth Downing
D7.1.1.4.Elizabeth Downing
b.  8 Jun 1731
Married: 27 Sep 1756    Canterbury, Windham, CT.
Benjamin Durfey
D9.1.1.5 Daniel Downing
D7.1.1.5.Daniel Downing
b. 28 May 1733
d. 25 Jun 1738    Canterbury, Windham, CT.
D9.1.1.6 Phinehas Downing
D7.1.1.6.Phinehas Downing
b. 11 Oct 1735    Canterbury, Windham, CT.
d. Unknown
Married: 18 Oct 1756    Canterbury, Windham, CT.
Alice Adams
D9.1.1.7 Stephen Downing
D7.1.1.7.Stephen Downing
b.  3 Jul 1737
Married: 17 Nov 1763    Windham, Windham, CT.
Abigail Butler
D9.1.1.8 Daniel Downing 2nd
D7.1.1.8.Daniel Downing 2nd
b. 26 May 1739    Canterbury, Windham, CT.
Married: 10 Oct 1760    Canterbury, Windham, CT.
Hannah Adams
D9.1.1.9 Cornelius Downing
D7.1.1.9.Cornelius Downing
b.  6 May 1741
d. Unknown
D9.1.1.10 Reuben Downing
D7.1.1.10.Reuben Downing
b. 10 Jun 1744
d. Unknown
D9.1.1.11 Levi Downing   
D7.1.1.11.Levi Downing
b.  1 Oct 1746    Canterbury, Windham, CT.
d. Unknown
Married: 21 Nov 1771    Canterbury, Windham, CT.
Keziah Cleveland


11th Generation

Children of Phinehas Downing and Alice Adams
Children of Phinehas Downing and Alice Adams
D7. Alice Downing 
b. 11 Aug 1757
D9. Phinehas Downing Jr.
D7. Downing Jr.
b. 22 Apr 1759
D9. Eunice Downing  
D7. Downing
b. 20 Jul 1760
D9. Stephen Downing
D7. Downing     Note: Stephen is of the same Generation as John Blackwell 10. b. 1775
b. 12 Feb 1762 Canterbury, Windham, CT
d. 12 Jul  1843   
He served in the Continental Army and a "Privateer" serving on a ship that claimed 3 British "Prizes" (They sank 3 British Ships)  
Stephen was purchasing Federal land as quickly as he could at only $1.25 per acre.

Married: 16 Aug 1784                               
Susannah Helme
b. 16 Sep 1767
d.   2 Sep 1814
D9. Lydia Downing
D7. Downing
b. 12 Feb 1764
D9. Sarah Downing
D7. Downing
b. 13 May 1770
Assumption:  This Sarah died in infancy.
D9. Sarah Downing
D7. Downing
b. 21 May 1772
D9. William Downing 
D7. Downing
b.  8 Jun 1775


12th Generation

Children of Stephen Downing and Susannah Helme
Children of Stephen Downing and Susannah Helme
D7. Lydia Downing 
b. 1716 Cayuga, NY
d. 12 Sep 1815

D7. Samuel Downing
b.  20 Jul 1788
d. Unknown

D7. Sally Downing
b.  6 Aug 1790
d. Unknown
D9. Rufus Downing
D7. Rufus Downing                                             
See The Rufus Downing Trading Post
b. 22 Aug 1792 Cayuga, NY
d. 18 Sep  1834   (Also listed a 1 Sept 1934)   
Rufus and his father, Stephen, owned a trading post in
southern Michigan in the 1820's

Married: 16 Feb 1816
Lela Weston
b. 11 Sep 1801  New York  (Info. from 1880 US Census)
d. 2 Oct 1839

D7. Polly Downing
b. 13 Feb 1795
d. Unknown

D7. Steven Downing Jr.
b. 15 Feb 1797
d. Unknown
Married: 17 Jan 1863
Mary Crandall
b. Date Unknown  Frenchtown, Monroe, Michigan
D9. Miner Downing
D7. Miner Downing
b.   1 Oct 1799 Cayuga, NY
d. 26 Sep 1848
Married: 26 Apr 1821
Amanda Adams
b. abt 1800
d. Unknown

D7. Sophia Downing
b. 16 Dec 1804 Cayuga, NY
d. Unknown
Married: 12 Jun 1835
Duncan Reid Clark
b. 16 Aug 1802
D9.  Nelson Downing
D7.  Nelson Downing
b. 24 May 1807 Auburn, Cayuga, NY
d. 24 Feb 1908
Married: 23 Mar 1838
Clarrisa H. Cone
b. 26 Apr 1821 Clarendon, Orleans, NY
d. 15 Jan 1896
The Mother of Clarrisa Cone is Nancy Thomas and are descended
back to the Mayflower line to Daniel Spencer and Mehitable Spencer

D7. Christopher Downing
b. 11 Jul 1810 Cayuga, NY
d. abt 1830


13th Generation

Children of Rufus Downing and Lela Weston   D9. Zelia Downing 
Children of Rufus Downing and Lela Weston
D7. Downing
b. 18 Feb 1835  Nottawa, Michigan
d. abt 1894  (A relative lists the death date as 20 Apr 1894)
Married: 18 Sept 1855
Sidney E. Chase
b. 6 Sept 1829 in New York
d. 23 Nov 1896  Wasepi, St. Joseph Co., Michigan
Sidney and Zelia spent their adult lives living in Wolcottville, Indiana.
Zelia worked as a milliner
Sidney worked as a machinist and inventor.    Information courtesy of Chris Wade

D7. Helm Downing 
b. abt 1822

D7. Lewis Downing   
b. abt 1824
d. 17 Feb 1911
Married: 13 Apr 1853
Eliza Richards
b. Unknown
d. abt 1907

D7. Theodor Downing   
b. abt 1826
d. Unknown
Married:  8 Dec 1852
Mary J. Quackenbush

D7. Sample Downing   
b. abt 1828
d. Unknown
Married: Date unknown
Ester Reynor

D7. Susannah Downing   
b. abt 1830
d. Unknown
Married: abt 1851
Bernard Laffey

D7. Lucy Jane Downing   
b. abt 1820

Children of Miner Downing and Amanda Adams
Children of Miner Downing and Amanda Adams
D7. Steven W. Downing 
b. 11 May 1832
d. 27 Jul 1917

D7. Roxa Downing 
b. Unknown
d. Unknown
Married: Unknown
Benjamin Riesdorg
b. New York


Children of Nelson Downing and Clarrisa Cone
Children of Nelson Downing and Clarrisa Cone
D7. Oscar Downing   
b. 18 Sep 1844 Monroe, Michigan
d. Unknown
Married: abt 1865
Julia Laughley
b. abt 1848
d. Unknown

D7. Horace Winfield Downing
b. 27 May 1855 Monroe, Michigan
d. 21 Dec 1925
Married:   4 Jun 1884
Maryetta Olds
b.   7 Feb 1858 Milan, Monroe, Michigan
d. 11 Dec 1941  MJB

D7. Charles Nelson Downing
b. 19 Sep 1858 Monroe, Michigan
d. 11 Nov 1954 Portland, Multinomah, OR.
Married: 17 Mar 1887 Litchfield, Meeker, MN.
Mary Josephine Blackwell
b. 17 Jun 1867 Litchfield, Meeker, MN.
d. 28 Mar 1956  British Columbia, Canada.
She is the daughter of
John Blackwell  (10.2.3) and Mary Jane McGannon

D7. Herbert D. Downing 
b. 25 Apr 1863 Monroe, Michigan
d. abt 1913
May Edie Leak
b. 1867 Monroe, Michigan


14th Generation

Children of Sidney and Zelia
Children of Sidney Chase and Zelia Downing
D7.  Emily Chase  (assumption she is first born)
b. 31 Aug 1856
d. 15 Jan 1884
Married:  8 Sept 1874  Mongo, Indiana
Alfred A Wade Sr.    Great Grandfather to Chris Wade  Contributor
b. 11 Aug 1849  Yorkshire, England
d.   3 Mar 1927  Howe, Indiana  (age 78)

D7.  Frank Wade
b. 1868
d. Unknown


Children of  Horace Winfield Downing and Maryetta Olds
Children of Horace Winfield Downing and Maryetta Olds
D7. Frank H. Downing   
b. 1886
d. 1898
No Children Listed

D7. Pearl E. Downing   
b. 22 Jul 1889 Milan, Monroe, Michigan
d. 23 Jan 1969
No Children Listed

Children of Herbert Downing and May Leak
Children of Herbert Downing and May Leak
D7. Lillian Elming Downing 
b. 25 Jun 1895
No Children Listed


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