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             12th Generation



      Elizabeth Blackwell
                     1827 - 1865

12th Generation
Elizabeth Blackwell 
b. 1827 Withington, Gloucester, England. (1851 Census) (Withington Parish) 
d. aft. 1864 We think in 1865 in Cheltenham as this was the home of the family (1851 Census)



Believed to be where Elizabeth Blackwell was baptized
Parish of Withington

General Information
 In 1851, George Sr. 10.2 and his younger son Henry 10.2.5 left sometime after the British 1851 census was taken,
and followed the two eldest sons to America.   On Nov. 12. 1864, Mary Barradell Blackwell died. 
One year later, Elizabeth took ill and she also died.  That left Sophia 10..2.2 and William 10.2.6. alone in England. 
This was also confirmed by the Lois Twichell Memoirs.

We do not know if Elizabeth was married.  She was the eldest child in the family and because of the many years of
Mary's illness, it is likely that Elizabeth was the dominant member in the organization of the family.
It must have been a strenuous life for Elizabeth but she stayed to the very end.  It is possible that Elizabeth did marry
and took the family in to live with them.  However, no records have been uncovered to show this.
I have not been able to find any records after 1851 of Elizabeth.  Possibly she moved to the location of her husband
that is unknown to us.  Record searches will have to be done in England from this point on.  However, it is doubtful
that she would have left her ailing mother far behind.  Since Elizabeth herself was ill, she probably remained in
Cheltenham where the family home was.  We know her mother lived in Cheltenham at the time of her death on
November 12 1864.  (Buried in Shurdington; just out of Cheltenham)  It is my opinion that Elizabeth remained in
Cheltenham to the end.  She may be buried in Shurdington next to her Mother or in
Shurdington beside her unknown husband.

In the 1851 Census she is listed as 24 and is a Milliner.  It shows her birth place as Brockworth.

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