The Memoirs of Lois Twichell - Blackwell Genealogy

  Lois Twichell and George Blackwell  - photo in 1908


The Life of Lois Twichell was written down by herself near the end of her life.  All the information in
her Memoirs are from Memory and Letters she kept over the years.  The website was built on these
Memoirs and expanded through research by myself and assistance from other Blackwells.  The
Memoirs are reprinted here for you to read.  Lois was born in 1841 and died in 1925.  It was a full
and wonderful life and her message is clear about what the needs of the people were during those
times in order to survive and continue to grow.  It is a wonderful story of the history of so many of
the pioneers of Canada and the United States.  If your family history involves the State of
Minnesota and parts of Ontario in Canada, then I suggest you take a pen and paper, as while you
read the Memoirs, you will find many family names mentioned that Lois knew and had relationships
with.   Her story would not be unlike other Pioneers, so her words could be the words of many from
those brave days of humanity and community builders.  The Memoirs of Lois Twichell are a gift to
the family so that they may know and understand their beginnings.

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