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Ruth Field - First Wife of Royal Twichell and Mother of all Children



The connection of the Field family is through the marriage of Ruth Field to Royal Twichell. 
Their daughter, Lois Twichell, married George Blackwell 10.2.4 of 1834. 
That is the connection.



See Also  Royal Twichell - Husband of Ruth Field

Solomon Field is the father of Ruth Field, wife of Royal Twichell and the Grandfather to Lois Clarinda Twichell - Blackwell.
The Field Family has been researched back to the year 1030

Notice how the Field name developed over the years.

Note: I have placed possible Generation positions. 
This is not accurate, but I have done so based on the years between births.
The Field family appears to be the longest running family in our genealogy.
The Twitchell / Twichell Family seems to be the most documented into their history.

View what is believed to be the most recent and accurate lineage to Ruth Field - Click Here


Hubertus De La Feld - 1st Generation
Hubertus De La Feld   1st Generation
b. 1030
d. Unknown

John De La Feld - 2nd Generation
John De La Feld   2nd Generation
b. 1070

??? - 3rd Generation

Adam Del Feld - 4th Generation
Adam Del Feld   4th Generation
b. 1157

Henry Del Feld
Henry Del Feld
b. 1170

Robert Del Feld
Robert Del Feld
b. 1177

??? - 5th Generation

??? - 6th Generation

Robert Del Feld - 7th Generation
Robert Del Feld   7th Generation
b. abt 1240
d. 1278

Thomas Del Feld
Thomas Del Feld
b. 1278
d. 1322

John Del Feld - 8th Generation
John Del Feld   8th Generation
b. 1300
d. aft 1336

Thomas Del Feld - 9th Generation
b. 1330
d. abt 1391
m. Date Unknown
Annabelle .............. .

Thomas Del Feld - 10th Generation
Thomas Del Feld   10th Generation
b. 1360
d. 1429
m. Isabelle .............. .

??? - 11th Generation

William Feld - 12th Generation
William Feld   12th Generation
b. 1415
d. 1480
m. Katherine ............ .

William Feld - 13th Generation
William Feld   13th Generation
b. 1450
d. 1519
m. Elizabeth ............ .

Richard Felde - 14th Generation
Richard Felde   14th Generation
b. 1500
d. 19 Aug 1542
m. Elizabeth ............ .

John Feld (the Astronomer)
John Feld (The Astronomer)
b. between 1520 - 1525
d. 3 May 1587
m. Jane Amyas

John Feld - 15th Generation
John Feld   15th Generation
b. 1568 England
d. 2 May 1597

Zachariah Feld - 16th Generation
Zachariah Feld   16th Generation
b. 1597
d. 1666
m. Mary ( possibly Stanley)

Samuel Feld - 17th Generation
Samuel Feld   17th Generation
b. abt 1651
d. 1697
m. Sarah Gilbert

Ebenezer Feld - 18th Generation
Ebenezer Feld   18th Generation
b. 1688
d. 1723
m. Elizabeth Arms

Moses Feld - 19th Generation
Moses Feld   19th Generation
b. 1719
d. 1787
m. Anna Dickinson

Soloman Field - 20th Generation
Soloman Field   20th Generation
b. 1746
d. 28 Apr 1828
m. Mary Wright

Solomon Field - 21st Generation
Solomon Field   21st Generation   Father of Ruth Field
b. 1776
d. Unknown
Ruth Porter  - Mother of Ruth Field

Children of Solomon and Ruth Porter - 22nd Generation -
Children of Solomon Field and Ruth Porter   22nd Generation
In our Blackwell Genealogy Website, this is the Blackwell and Twichell's 11th Generation)
Ruth Field   A possible photo of Ruth.  Unproven at this time - Click Here
Asahel Field
William Field
Huldah Field
Porter Field

The Family of Solomon Field and Ruth Porter - Father to Ruth Field. - Grandparents of Lois Clarinda Twichell
Ruth was the Wife of Royal Twichell and Mother of Lois Clarinda Twichell.  Lois Married George Blackwell 10.2.4. 
That is the connection.

On the first page of the Lois Twichell Memoirs is the story of Ruth Field and her life with Royal Twichell. Click Here

The Family of Ruth Field and Royal Twichell - Click Here

Details of Royal Twichell - by Ron Blackwell



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