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The Blackwell Family covered in this website has been confirmed only as far back as about 1755 with the birth of John Blackwell, husband of Hannah Cook.  They are listed on the LDS site, and have been found by a researcher in parish records in Gloucester, England.  They are noted by IGI to have had two children.  The first being John Blackwell and the second, George Blackwell.  It should be noted that the birth of John Blackwell (10.1) is shown prior to the marriage date of the father and mother, John Blackwell (10), and Hannah Cook.  There is a good possibility that a John Blackwell was the older brother to our founding father, George Blackwell as it was a family tradition to name the first born after the father, or in the event of a female, after the mother.

We have confirmed the "second" born son (George Blackwell  10.2) and wife, Mary Barradell as the founding father and mother of our Blackwell Line that moved to the New World.  The move started in 1849 with the two eldest sons of George Blackwell (10.2) traveling to Canada (Montreal).  They are John Blackwell and George Blackwell.  After the Census was taken in early 1851 in Gloucester, England, we find the father, George Blackwell (10.2) and his young son Henry Blackwell arriving in New York City.  George Blackwell (10.2) almost immediately went to Canada to join his other sons, John Blackwell (10.2.3) and George Blackwell (10.2.4).  Henry Blackwell (10.2.5) stayed in New York for 3 years before he finally joined his father and brothers in Canada in 1854.  Henry was 11 years of age in 1851 so that means that he went to Canada when he was 14.  We do not know what he did in New York but we assume that he may have stayed with other family members that came earlier that we are unaware of.  The other possibility is that he could have been put into some other individuals care.  There is also the possibility that he was on his own.  It is not unusual for children to grow up at an early age in those early days.

They all went to Huron County in Ontario, Canada, and purchased some timberland in an area called the "Queensbush".  They then sold this land a few short years later at a good profit, and we find them all in Minnesota in 1857.

Eventually, George Blackwell (10.2.4) married Lois Twichell in 1863 in Anoka, Minnesota and the following year they moved to Canada.  John Blackwell married Mary Jane McGannon and became a prominent citizen in Litchfield, Minnesota.  He was the first school teacher in that area.  Henry, married Amanda VanLoon and set up a home near Holmes City in Douglas County.  The father, George Blackwell (10.2) lived with his son Henry, until George (10.2) died in 1877, and was buried in VanLoon Cemetery near Holmes City. 

The four sons,  John Blackwell, George Blackwell Jr., Henry Blackwell and William Blackwell, who was adopted prior to the 1851 Census, and came to Minnesota in the 1860s with his only remaining sister, Sophia Blackwell , are the focus of this website.  Their descendants are the foundation to all our Blackwell Line in Canada and the United States and other parts of the world.

Mary Barradell, the wife of George Blackwell (10.2) died in 1864 and a year later, the eldest daughter, Elizabeth Blackwell died.  At this point, all the remaining family eventually were in either Canada or the United States (Minnesota). 

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