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John Blackwell   10.       1775 - 1840 est.                                                                                                  

10th Generation
10 John Blackwell      
b. 1775   Gloucester, England
Chr.  3  Sept. 1775  Cowley, Gloucester, England.    
d. (probably before 1851 as there is no listing in the 1851 Census for him)
Believed to be the son of John Blackwell and Jane "Blackwell" (Unconfirmed)  Refer to comment below for information

Married:  April 8, 1800  Cowley, Gloucester, England (Gloucester Marriage Index 1800 - 1837)
Hannah Cook

The First confirmed
b. 1775
I believe I have found the family that our John (10) came from. - To View Click Here  (Supposition only at this time)
The children of John Blackwell and Hannah Cook
The Children of John Blackwell and Hannah Cook
11th Generation Children of John Blackwell and Hannah Cook
10.1 John Blackwell         This information on John Blackwell is listed by (I.G.I) (Unconfirmed at this time)
10.2 George Blackwell     Takes you to the George Blackwell Page  -  I.G.I, Church Records, 1851 Census of England, MN Census 1860/70, MN. Land Titles, LCB,  We have also sited his gravestone in VanLoon Cemetery near Holmes City, MN.

John Blackwell (10) married Hannah Cook in Cowley, Gloucester, England in 1800.  From this marriage came at least one son by the name of George Blackwell who married Mary Barradell.  It was George and Mary who had the dream of America, and instilled this in their family.  Through their children they brought our Blackwell Family to the New World.  That is the connection to all of us.

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Parish of St. Michaels - Brimpsfield, Gloucester, England
Photo 1
 The Parish of Brimpsfield
Believed to be the church John of 1775 was baptized in.  

In 1775 it was the start of the American War of Independence.  The Continental Congress established a regular army in June 1775, and appointed George Washington as commander-in-chief.  The United States Marine Corps traces its institutional roots to the Continental Marines of the war, formed at Tun Tavern in Philadelphia, by a resolution of the Continental Congress on November 10, 1775, a date regarded and celebrated as the birthday of the Marine Corps.   
In 1775
In 1775
...The first of the 'Canadians' entered the War of Independence on the side of the Americans and remained until the end of the conflict.
...Napoleon rose to power in France. 
...Great quantities of French Gun Powder was supplied to the Americans. 
...It was the middle of the Industrial Revolution in England. 
...It was the year of the birth of my G.G.G.Grandfather in Cowley, Gloucester, England: John Blackwell (10)
More Information
More Information
Although John Blackwell (10) did not come to America, his son George (10.2) and subsequently his grandchildren did.  By the time John (10) had reached the age of 13 (1788) the first load of Convicts set sail to Australia    At the time, the British Government was going through drastic changes, and some of their policies caused hardships for the common people.  It was a difficult time for Britain, and the opportunity to leave was met with excitement and promise.  It was also at the time that American and Canadian business and Government was doing everything in their power to lure immigrants to open the new land.  British subjects were preferred due to their political system and language.

John Blackwell is the first known Blackwell in this portion of our Genealogy.  As a result, we do not know what order of birth he was.  All we know at this point about his timeline is that in our Blackwell Genealogy (that is aligned to the Twitchell/Twichell Family timeline), John falls into the 10th generation.  This was achieved by looking at the timeline of the Twitchell/Twichell family.  We note that Lois Twichell was in the 12th Generation of her family.  As a result, we placed her Blackwell husband in the 12th Generation of our Blackwell Timeline.  This simply puts John in the 10th generation as he is the Grandfather to the husband of Lois Twichell, George Blackwell 10.2.4  (4th Born of 2nd Born from 10th Generation)  For more information on our numerical system,   Click Here      Update -Recently, we have come across information on the internet that we think is very accurate due to its detail.  Although it is not documented proof, we believe it is accurate information on the Parents of John of 1775 and his brothers and sister.  View This Information
Blackwell Listings
Blackwell Listings:  Found in the Gloucester Marriage Records are as follows ....
For Cowley, Gloucester, England
1) William Blackwell married Hester Borler (Bowler) 24 Feb 1800  (Unknown to us)
Could be a relation but we do not know.
2) John Blackwell (of Cowley) married Hannah Cook 8 Apr 1800  (Confirmed)  (John was born in 1775 and we think we have found his family VIEW)
3) George Blackwell married Sarah Jones  12 Feb 1810  (Unknown to us) 
Could be a relation but we do not know
4) George Blackwell (from Badgeworth) married Mary Barradell,  4 May 1824 Cowley
(Confirmed) (Child of John and Hannah #2)
For Brimpsfield, Gloucester, England
For Brimpsfield, Gloucester, England
5) William Blackwell married Maria Rodway from Edgeworth, 28 Feb 1828 by license 
(Unknown to us)
Note:  When someone marries by license, it means that they were so young that a parent or guardian had to sign a document allowing the marriage.
Location of Towns and Villages in Gloucester
Location of Towns and Villages in Gloucester:
I always wondered why the family in England had been born in different areas.  I figured they must be some distance apart but in fact, the locations were very close together.    Some examples are listed below.  My knowledge of England's geography is very limited.

Distance from Cheltenham:
 ...Badgworth - 4 miles SSW
 ...Shurdington - 3 miles SW
 ...Charlton Kings - 2 miles SSE


Speculation only about John Blackwell 10.

More Detail on the information  below is found on Previous

The John Blackwell shown here is believed to be our John Blackwell (10) as the third born of John and Jane Blackwell (Batch C02761) (Source 0425388)  He is listed with all his brothers and sisters.  Note the same listing of names.  This could be an important find as it may join related families.
Speculation:  Although I can not prove it at this time, I am sure these Blackwells listed below are all related to my Blackwell Family.  Research is underway.  Record found in the LDS site is listed below.

Note:  I have put in temporary family numbers for these children in order to show what position they would be in if the following information was correct.  If true, all our family numbers would change.  As an example, my present number of and would change to should the information below be correct.  The 10 would be changed to 9.3 indicating the true position of John of 1775 as being the 3rd born of 9. 

John Blackwell and Jane Blackwell (Maiden Unknown - could be "Brown")
b. Est. 1740
d. Est. pre 1800

Their children are listed by IGI as follows.

Thomas Blackwell   9.1
Chr: 10 Jan 1773 

Richard Blackwell    9.2   
Chr: 03 Jan 1774 

John Blackwell        9.3     
Our John Blackwell (10) 'could' be the third born of John Blackwell and Jane Blackwell
Chr: 03 Sep 1775 

Mary Blackwell        9.4    
Chr: 11 Jul 1778

Elizabeth Blackwell  9.5
Chr: 14 Feb 1781

George Blackwell     9.6     
This George obviously died before 1790, thus, another child was named George IN 1790.
Chr: 08 Jul 1784              

Kezia Blackwell       9.7
Chr: 26 Feb 1786

Sarah Blackwell       9.8
Chr: 02 Nov 1787

George Blackwell     9.9   
 This is not our George.  Our George could be the son of 9.3 (Above)
Chr: 19 Oct 1790  

Note: Almost all the children have the same first names as our own Blackwell Family.  The dates match exactly for our John Blackwell 10.
IF TRUE then look at John Blackwell 9.3 above.  This could be John Blackwell 10. in our Genealogy.  His Christening information is listed as exactly the same year and date as our John.  This is not considered documented proof, but it gets very close.  He would be the third born of the Ninth Generation.  (We refer to him as (10) - meaning his generation.)

If the above information is correct, then we potentially have found the 8th Generation Blackwell's in the person of John Blackwell (9)  His wife's name was Jane and her maiden name could have been "Brown".  This information really only points a direction for further study.  Return to TOP

If you have any information on this matter, please Contact Us


Sources of Information
Sources of Information
...International Genealogy Index
...Gloucester Marriage Index  1800 - 1837 - Provided by Joyce Cummings. UK.

...Special Thanks to Joyce Cummings of England for her efforts in her research and investigation of my family.



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