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John Hamilton Mackenzie  -                                                                            

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                               The start of the Mackenzie family.
                                 Historical review.


Our Connection to the MacKenzie Family  -  Historical Background
William Lyon Mackenzie (230) was a cousin to Duncan Mackenzie, the father of our Indian Fighter, John Hamilton Mackenzie (Photo 66a).  William Lyon  married Isabel Baxter.  Their daughter, Isabel Grace Mackenzie married John King.  Their child was William Lyon Mackenzie King (Photo 231) who became Prime Minister of Canada.  When John Hamilton Mackenzie's son, Franklin Mackenzie married Henry Blackwell's daughter, Mary Janet Blackwell, that linked the Mackenzie family to the Blackwells.  That is the connection in this genealogy.  The product of their marriage resulted in the birth of Marie (Little girl in Photo 61a).  When Marie was born, her mother, Mary Janette, died giving birth.  Marie was the last of 7 children.  View the family below.

William Lyon Mackenzie                               
b. 12 Mar 1795  Dundee, Scotland
d. 28 Aug 1861  Toronto, Ontario

Isabel Baxter
d. 12 Dec 1872


William Lyon Mackenzie - Hero of Canada

William Lyon Mackenzie
Mackenzie was born in Dundee, Scotland and immigrated to Upper Canada in 1820. From 1824 to 1834 he published the newspaper the Colonial Advocate in York, Upper Canada (now Toronto, Ontario), attacking the upper class clique known as the "Family Compact" which was in control of the government. He used the newspaper as a forum for expressing the ideas of himself and his reform party. In response to this, fifteen young men from wealthy, well-known families of York raided his printing office, damaged his press, and threw cases of type into Lake Ontario in 1826. In 1828 he was elected to the Legislative Assembly of Upper Canada, but was expelled five times for libel, each time being re-elected. 
In 1834 he became the first mayor of Toronto. In 1837 he led the Upper Canada Rebellion against Sir Francis Bond Head and the Family Compact, which was quickly put down. Mackenzie escaped to the United States, and set up a provisional Republic of Canada government on Navy Island in the Niagara River.  He was later imprisoned in the U.S. for his involvement in the Caroline AffairAn amnesty allowed his return to Canada in 1849, and he was a member of the Legislative Assembly of the Province of Canada from 1851 to 1858.  He died in his house (82 Bond Street) in Toronto in 1861 and is buried in Toronto's Necropolis. The home where he lived his last three years is now a museum.

        Photo 230

William Lyon Mackenzie
12 Mar 1795 - 28 Aug 1861
Photo 229

 Historical Link William Lyon Mackenzie - Historical Link Rebellions of 1837

Children of William Lyon Mackenzie and Isabel Baxter
Children of William Lyon Mackenzie and Isabel Baxter

Isabel Grace Mackenzie  She was the 13th Child of William Lyon Mackenzie   More
b.  6 Feb 1843  New York (Her father was exiled there)
d.  1917
Married:  1872 
John King
b. 1842
d. 1916

Information on John King   Historical Link
John King was raised by his mother and uncle in Berlin, Ontario (previous name for Kitchener, Ontario). An excellent student, John King graduated from the University of Toronto in 1865 with a master's degree and finished his law degree three years later.  John King had an easy-going personality that was reflected in his management of family finances. The King family left Berlin in 1893 for Toronto and John King became a lecturer at Osgoode Hall Law School. His legal practice did not prosper. As a result, the King family continually lived beyond their means, a situation that was not remedied until Mackenzie King was well-established in politics and helped support the family.
John King died in 1916.

John King:  Father to  Mackenzie King
                   John King

Information on Isabel Grace Mackenzie  
Information on Isabel Grave Mackenzie   Historical Link
William Lyon Mackenzie and Isabel Baxter had 13 children, the youngest of whom, Isabel Grace, was born in New York City during the family's exile from Canada.  Isabel Grace Mackenzie was engaged to John King while he was still a law student in Toronto. Five years later in 1872, when John King had established himself in a law practice in Berlin, Ontario, they were married. Both were 30 years old.  A vivacious, humorous, and affectionate woman, Isabel Grace Mackenzie had high expectations for her eldest son. The adversity of her childhood and the image of her father as a national hero who suffered for a just cause were vividly impressed upon her children.
Mrs. King died in 1917. Her death was a severe blow to Mackenzie King and an important step in his growing belief in spiritualism

Isabel Grace Mackenzie: Mother of Mackenzie King
        Isabel Grace Mackenzie

Children of John King and Isabel Grace Mackenzie
Children of John King and Isabel Grace Mackenzie

William Lyon Mackenzie King  "Prime Minister of Canada"   Historical Link
b. 17 Dec 1874  Berlin, Ontario
d. 22 Jul 1950  Wright County, Quebec
Married:  He never married.

Mackenzie King - 10th Prime Minister of Canada
William Lyon Mackenzie King
"Prime Minister of Canada"
Rt Hon. William Lyon Mackenzie King
Grandson of William Lyon Mackenzie
10th Prime Minister of Canada

Photo 231

Read this short review


The Connection

Duncan Mackenzie, Cousin to William Lyon Mackenzie and father to John Hamilton Mackenzie
John Hamilton Mackenzie is father to Frank Mackenzie
It is here that the Mackenzie family joins with the Blackwell family

John H Mackenzie abt 1862             
          John H Mackenzie           Frank Mackenzie and Daughter Marie 
          abt 1862                      Son of John H Mackenzie (left)
Photo 66a                                   Photo 61a      

The Lineage of Duncan Mackenzie

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