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Family of Kenneth Blackwell and Lois Tinney  -  Son of  Fred Blackwell ( and Dorothy Nelson


15th Generation Kenneth George Blackwell                                                  
b. 15 Mar 1933  Flint, Michigan
d. 21 Apr  1991  Freemont, Michigan of Cancer
Married:  15 March 1955
Lois Marie Tinney
b.   1 Apr 1935
d.  28 Jun 2003  Stuart, Florida.
Buried: Rosedale Memorial Park Cemetery, Grand Rapids, Michigan 
The Children of Ken Blackwell and Lois Tinney
16th Generation Children of Ken Blackwell and Lois Tinney
16th Generation Children of Ken Blackwell and Lois Tinney  Mary Jane Blackwell  James Donald Blackwell  Sharon Lynn Blackwell  Kenneth Lloyd Blackwell 

Information on Kenneth Blackwell - Lieutenant Colonel U.S.A.F. (Ret.) and his family

 Kenneth Blackwell
  Lieutenant Colonel U.S.A.F. (Ret.)


Kenneth George Blackwell
Ken joined the US Air Force after two years of college at Michigan State University.  He served twenty years as a pilot in the U.S.A.F.   With overseas tours in Japan in 1959 he was assigned to a tow target squadron flying the B-57 Canberras.  They pulled targets for air to air combat practice for fighters as the plane was outfitted with a target towing reel in the bomb bay.  It was easily removed and replaced with nuclear weapons, the true underlying mission in Japan.  His "target" was Peking, China.  In Vietnam of 1965 / 66 he flew 199 combat missions. (100 more than regulations allowed as 99 was the cut off)  He would erase the "hash" marks next to his name on the squadron chalkboard that tallied all the pilots' missions making himself appear "light" so consequently flying more.  He was awarded medals (twelve in all) for his bravery in combat.  For more on his life in Vietnam read "
The Doom Pussy" and THE DOOM PUSSY ll".  In Korea of 1971 / 72 he flew "push-me-pull-you's.  A twin engine Cessna with a prop in the front and one in the back.  He flew forward air controller missions.  In 1973 he retired from the US Air Force as a Lieutenant Colonel with over 5000 hours in the B-57 alone.  He returned to his hometown of Newaygo, MI. where he resided until his death.

(Photo courtesy of Ken Blackwell
Photo 103a
Photo and Caption from the website of Lt. Col. Marquis (Mark) Witt - U.S.A.F (Retired) with permission.

These men were among the very first to see action in Vietnam in the Doom Pussy Squadron.
Back Row
"Smash" Chandler;   (Bear?) "Nails" Nelson;    Ed Cook;    Jerry Russell;   Ken Blackwell;  and Bill Breedlove.
The others are unidentified and believed to be photographers who wanted to "go on a combat mission".

Excellent link with photos and information - Click Here

The Doom Pussy  Website Link of Interest
Thanks to Ken's Son, James Blackwell for this information.



Children of


16th Generation
16th Generation Mary Jane Blackwell Mary Jane Blackwell
No information at this time

James Donald Blackwell James Donald Blackwell
16th Generation
b.   8 Apr 1960  Johnson Air Base, Japan
Married:  27 Sep 1986
Gabrielle Susan Baffi

Children of James Donald Blackwell James Donald Blackwell 

James Blackwell Family  2007
Photo 104
James Blackwell Family in 2007
Left to Right
James - Erin - Clayton - Gabrielle

Sharon Lynn Blackwell Sharon Lynn Blackwell
No information

Kenneth L. Blackwell Kenneth L Blackwell 
b.   7 Aug 1963  Hill Air Force Base, Utah
Married:   20 Dec 1985  Mt. Pleasant, MI., USA
Linda Kay Clear
b. 16 Mar 1961  Panama Canal Zone, Panama  She is the daughter of Carl Evert Clear and Karen Lee Fike

Children of Ken L. Blackwell


17th Generation

The Children of James Blackwell and Gabrielle Baffi  Children of James Blackwell and Gabrielle Baffi
Children of James Blackwell and Gabrielle Baffi
17th Generation  Erin Elizabeth Blackwell  Clayton Kenneth Blackwell 

The Children of Ken Blackwell and Linda Clear    17th Generation Children of Ken Blackwell and Linda Clear
Children of Ken Blackwell and Linda Clear  Danielle Larissa Blackwell - Clear (adopted)  
b. 6 Apr 1984 MI.  Jessica Rychelle Blackwell 
b. 20 May 1986  Ankara, Turkey.   



Documented Lineage of Kenneth George Blackwell
1775 to 2010 is 235 Years of Documented History

John Blackwell 1775            G.G.G.Grandfather    10th Generation 
 George Blackwell 1801            G.G.Grandfather     11th Generation
   John Blackwell 1832                 G.Grandfather      12th Generation
     George H Blackwell 1870            Grandfather       13th Generation
       Frederick D Blackwell 1906          Father              14th Generation
        Kenneth G Blackwell 1933                                  15th Generation
        Mary Jane Blackwell            Daughter                    16th Generation
        James D Blackwell                Son                           16th Generation
        Sharon Blackwell                    Daughter                    16th Generation  
        Kenneth Blackwell                    Son                            16th Generation  
        Erin E. Blackwell                         Granddaughter             17th Generation
        Clayton K. Blackwell                     Granddaughter             17th Generation  
        Denielle L Blackwell                        Granddaughter            17th Generation  
        Jessica R Blackwell                           Granddaughter            17th Generation  

It was a family affair

The Blackwell Brothers and Cousins that put it all together
It was James who worked so hard to find the documentation on George Blackwell Sr. and other members of the family.  The three of us, including James's brother, Ken; took every opportunity we could to track and validate our suspicions about the truth of who the man was that was responsible for our departure from Gloucester and emigration to America.  James is the one who actually found and confirmed George Blackwell Sr. as the man responsible for bringing our family from England to America.  He even supplied the documentation and the signature of the man.  After all the work we had gone through, it finally came down to that moment. 

For years it was believed that a John Blackwell of 1806 was the individual.  However, when looking at the information we knew that something was not correct about it.  It was a series of guesses that had contributed to the wrong conclusion.  As we searched for information, we knew we were correct as we started to see the voids and errors and even how they were made.  Then, with the assistance of another Blackwell researcher, we got the break we needed and that was a strange circumstance.  I had posted a message in a forum asking for details about George Blackwell Jr. and went on to mention the names of the wives of George Jr. and his brothers.  In the message I put "George Blackwell Jr. married Lois Twichell who was the daughter of Royal Twichell and Ruth Field"  It so happens that Ruth Field was the biological mother that died while Lois was about four years of age.  The comment was taken from Lois's memoirs of which only a handful of copies were ever made and only a family member would have one.  No other researcher would have that information unless they had a copy of the memoirs.  I had one and the other was in the hands of the individual who returned my message, Laurie Barrett.  Laurie is a descendant of Mary Blackwell of 1866 ( who is a daughter of Lois Twichell.  Laurie has done considerable research on the Blackwell's and other lines in the family that I have never heard of as they joined the family from another branch.  My Grandfather is the sister to Mary Blackwell.  Both my Grandfather and Mary are children of George Blackwell of 1834 who is the brother of John Blackwell of 1832 who is the direct descendant of James and Ken Blackwell.  Laurie gave us the information taken from the 1851 Census that was exactly what we needed to confirm our findings to date and also confirm that we were on the right track. 

It was from that moment on that we started to acquire information at a considerable rate.  Ken Blackwell, decided enough was enough and wanted to see the real thing so he headed from Wisconsin to Minnesota in search of that proof.  Ken's results are all over this website.  Read

Who discovered our beginnings?  In truth, there were four people who contributed in the effort.
Ron Blackwell - Webmaster
Laurie Barrett - descendant of Mary Blackwell, daughter of Lois Twichell and George Blackwell 10.2.4
James Blackwell - descendant of John Blackwell and Mary Jane McGannon
Ken Blackwell - descendant of John Blackwell and Mary Jane McGannon
Lois Blackwell nee Twichell - through her memoirs she provided the need to search.  We confirmed her accuracy.

What happened that led everyone to think our founding father was John Blackwell instead of George Blackwell?
Once you have read the comments, be sure to read Letter 3 on the same page.   
Click Here
It was Ken and his brother James that assisted in a major way with this Website.  Ken, after reading email after email between James and I, decided that someone had to bring this hunt for George Sr. to some sort of a conclusion, so he took it upon himself to drive from Wisconsin to Minnesota and look into things personally.   What he got was more than a confirmation.  We had the tombstone of George Sr., his son Henry and his complete family and photographs as well.   Then, he found and photographed Blackwell Lake.  Other information was also gathered in the form of documents from the local genealogy society.  It was a remarkable trip for us all and it put the ultimate family question to rest of who it was that spearheaded the move of the family from England to America.  Thank you Ken.

Comment: I am so grateful to James and his brother, Ken for their hard work on the website.  It was not only invaluable but also fun. 



"The difference between a Hero and a Coward
Is what a man does with his fear"

                                                        'Ranger' during "Blackhawk Down" documentary.