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              MacKenzie - Cohoes - Larkey
The history and ancestors of Henry Blackwell are shown on the pages of this Blackwell Genealogy.
However, as in all families, the branches that grow out of all the generations create their own history
and should be remembered not only for their past, but also because of the future that they have created
for themselves.  The Larkey family are one of those branches of Henry Blackwell that have taken care of their roots and future as well as those of their ancestors.  As a result, the pages with the background shown are in fact, a Website within a Website to show the successful growth of the Larkey family as it pushes through time through the lines of the Blackwell, MacKenzie, Cohoes and finally, to reach their own - The Larkey Family. 

All information for these pages was provided by Marilee Larkey - Cohoes. 
You may contact Marilee with information or requests through the webmaster by Clicking Here

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