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Family of Ruth Mackenzie and Charles Cohoes                                                                                                                                         View Marilee Larkey Lineage

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     Ruth Emma Mackenzie                                                                   Charles Cohoes and Ruth Mackenzie
          1883 - 1942                                                                                                  Photo 130
.Photo 129                                                                                      Start

14th Generation
2nd Born of Mary Janet Blackwell and Frank Mackenzie
14th Generation Children of Mary Janet Blackwell and Frank Mackenzie                                                            Ruth Mackenzie's exciting Grandfather Ruth Emma Mackenzie 
b. 21 Jul 1883  Holmes City, MN. (Date taken from Obituary) (Obit below)
d. 12 May 1942  St. Paul, Minnesota.  Age 58 years.    Cert # 1942 - MN - 024319                                       Memories of Ruth Cohoes
Buried in Livonia Cemetery, Livonia Township, Sherburne Co., MN.
Note:  Another date is offered for her birth date as 10 Jan 1884 in Holmes City
(Rec. in Book A P134 Line 1)
Married: 30 Mar 1903  Minnesota.                                                                                                                         Obituary of Ruth Cohoes
Charles W. Cohoes 
b.    8 Aug 1874  Point Douglas, Denmark Township, Minnesota
d. 29 Mar 1966  Princeton, Mille Lac County, Minnesota.
   Cert # 1966-MN-006292
He was buried in Livonia Cemetery, Livonia Township, Sherburne County, Minnesota.
According to the MN Death Cert. his mother's maiden name was TRUAX.          

Read Letters written in 1918 and 1920 from Ruth Cohoes Mackenzie to Amanda Blackwell   Letter #5   Letter #6
15th Generation 
Children of Ruth Emma MacKenzie and Charles W. Cohoes
15th Generation Merton John Cohoes (see below)
Floyd Wrighter Cohoes  (Click on Name for more on family and descendants) (See Photos) Estelle Jeanette Cohoes (see below) Norman Charles Cohoes  (see below)


   Floyd, Ruth, Estelle Merton                                                     Merton, Norman, Floyd (Back Row)
            About 1910                                                                   Charles, Estelle, Ruth (Front Row)
   Photo 130a                                                                                  About 1930           
              Photo 131

 Blackwell / Cohoes
Lorraine Blackwell, Henry Blackwell, Merton Cohoes, Floyd Cohoes, Mae Cohoes (wife of Merton)

Left to Right
Photo 132

15th Generation
Children of Ruth Emma Mackenzie and Charles Cohoes
15th Generation Merton John Cohoes (View Photo 2)
b. 14 Jan 1904  Livonia Township, Sherburne Co., MN.
d. 13 Jun 1983  Portland, OR.
Married:  Date Unknown
Mae Wallace
b.  7 Apr 1907
16th Generation
Children of Merton Cohoes and Mae Wallace
16th Generation Imogene Cohoes 
b. 30 Mar 1930  Minnesota
d. Oct 1945  Oregon
Imogene died in a car accident.   She was a student at the time.
15th Generation
Children of Floyd Wrighter Cohoes and Neva Briggs
15th Generation Floyd Wrighter Cohoes                                            
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b.   3 Sep 1906  Livonia Township, Sherburne Co., Minnesota,
d. 10 Oct 1990  Forest Lake, Washington Co., Minnesota.   Cert # 1990 - MN - 028284  buried in Scandinavian Cemetery, Forest Lake, MN.
Married:  23 Nov 1938  Zimmerman, Sherburne Co., Minnesota.
Neva Elsie Briggs         
b. 14 Jan 1914  Zimmerman, Sherburne Co., Minnesota
15th Generation 
15th Generation  Estelle Jeanette Cohoes       Photo
15th Generation
b.   8 Sep 1909  Minnesota
d. 18 Jun 1980 Hennipen Co., Minnesota
Estelle died of a cerebral hemorrhage  She followed the religion of the Methodist Church. 
Her occupation was the hospital business officer.   She resided in Princeton, MN.
15th Generation
15th Generation Norman Charles Cohoes      Photo
b.   1 Mar 1912  Minnesota
d.  7 July  1985  Forest Lake, Minnesota
He served in the Navy in WWII.   
He was a salesman for CBS and other companies.  He resided in New York, Minneapolis, Forest Lake.

    Mackenzie Family abt 1914
     Mackenzie Family
Ruth Mackenzie Cohoes - Merton Cohoes (child) - Frank Mackenzie - Ernest Mackenzie - John H. Mackenzie
abt 1914
    From Left to Right

Photo 133

Merton Cohoes - Clara Blackwell Drum - Norm Cohoes - Floyd and Estelle Cohoes
Merton Cohoes -Clara Blackwell Drum -Norm Cohoes -Floyd Cohoes-Estelle Cohoes
Note:  The man on the left in photo 134 is the small child (front) in photo 133
Note: Clara Drum is the first born of William Blackwell and Wilhelmina Lauermann. 
Left to Right
Photo 134

Ruth Mackenzie  Viola Blackwell  Zelma Leonard (?)
Ruth Mackenzie - Viola Blackwell & Zelma Leonard
Ruth, (left) is the mother of the Cohoes children in Photo 133
Click photo to enlarge
Photo 135

Photo 160a


This is an excerpt from Memories of Ruth Mackenzie Cohoes, written by son, Floyd Cohoes:
Ruth was born on July 21, 1883 in a little house near Pocket Lake, a few miles south of Alexandria, MN.  Her father was Franklin B. Mackenzie, son of John H. Mackenzie and her mother was (Mary)  Jeanette Blackwell, daughter of Henry Blackwell and Amanda Van Loon.  Ruth attended the nearby Pocket Lake School open three months in the Fall and three months in the Spring.  Her Aunt Emma Blackwell was sometimes her teacher.
On December 25, 1900, when Ruth was 17, her mother died giving birth to a baby girl, “little Mary”.  Little Mary was taken to
Will Blackwell’s home to be nursed by Aunt Minnie who had a new baby.  Two weeks later Ruth’s Aunt, Ruth Mackenzie Morse came from Alexandria, South Dakota and took little Mary to live with her.
Ruth eventually met and married Charles Cohoes of Livonia Township near Zimmerman, MN.  She had four children: Merton, born January 14, 1904; Floyd, born September 3, 1906; Estelle, born September 8, 1909 and Norman, born March 1, 1912.  On May 12, 1942 Ruth Cohoes died of a cerebral hemorrhage at the age of 58.



Mrs. Chas. Cohoes Died in St. Paul
Suffered Heart Attack Friday and End Came After Four Days - Remains Unconscious
Mrs. Ruth Emma Cohoes, wife of Charles Cohoes, former well known residents of Lavonia, near Zimmerman, died Tuesday, May 12, 1942 at St. Paul, (MN) where the family had been living for the past six months.   Mrs. Cohoes was born July 21, 1883 at Holmes City, MN.,  and had reached the age of 58 years, when called by death.    She was married in Holmes City, MN. in 1903 to Mr. Cohoes, and had spent most of her life on a farm near Zimmerman.   She became ill last Friday, when she suffered a stroke, and remained unconscious until her death.  She is survived by her Husband and one daughter, Estelle, living at Princeton, three sons, Floyd, of White Bear, Merton, in Washington State, and Norman, who is a traveling salesman. 
One brother, Ernest Mackenzie, lives at Hutchinson, and two sisters, Sarah Graves, and Marie Oliver, also survive.  Mrs. Cohoes was a member of the Episcopal church and also a member of Fremont Grange.  The funeral will be held Friday afternoon at 2:00 o'clock at the Methodist church at Zimmerman.

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