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State of Minnesota
In the early days of Minnesota, the land
had to be surveyed and maps drawn. 
Henry Blackwell (10.2.5) was one of the
Surveyors for Douglas County and other
areas of Minnesota.  Eventually, many
maps had been drawn using the tools of
the day.  This page will show the Maps
displayed in this website.  Maps will
continually be loaded onto this page. 
Send us one.


                Henry Blackwell   




Minnesota - 1866   

MN. - 1866  Submitted by Kathryn Johnson
Photo 157
Click to Enlarge

The image is a Map of Minnesota in 1866.
I have left it quite large to improve the clarity.  Adjust side bars as necessary as some of the small writing is difficult to see.
Locate VanLoon Lake, and you will see the property of Miner VanLoon (Lower left) directly across the lake from the property of Henry Blackwell.
Blackwell Lake (Near Holmes City) is still called Blackwell Lake.  Van Loon Lake is now called Pocket Lake.
                                                                                                                                                        ...............Submitted by Kathryn Johnson

Minnesota - First Map  

  First Map of Holmes City Township - Believed drawn by Henry Blackwell
       Photo 158
      First Map of Holmes City Township
Believed drawn by Henry Blackwell between 1862 - 1865

New York -
View a Map of Erie County in the Mid 1840s - Click Here   Erie County is a vast area.  Find "Concord" and that was the place Lois Twichell was born.

England - Gloucester              
View a PDF Map of Gloucester    Find Cheltenham to see where our Blackwell Family came from.
Gloucester Area Map    Excellent Map.  Blue Circle is Cheltenham.  Find Cowley. Shurdington, Brimpsfield and Withington.  All are close together.
North Gloucester
Central Gloucester
Towns & Parishes

A Close up of the areas our Blackwells came from (Cheltenham is the Circle)
Note Withington - Charlton Kings - Shurdington - Leckhampton - Badgeworth - Cowley - Brimpsfield
All the family were baptized in most of these locations.  Mary Barradell was buried in Shurdington.
All areas are very close to each other.


Photo 175
A portion of the Map of the area near Athol, Mass.
For the search for Twichells

Photo 200
Minnesota in 1874


Google Earth Maps

Blackwell Lake, Manitoba, Canada
Blackwell Lake, Manitoba, Canada

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Blackwell Lake, British Columbia, Canada
Blackwell Lake, British Columbia, Canada

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