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The Connection
George Blackwell (10.2.) married Mary Barradell 4 Mar. 1824. 
Their third born was John Blackwell (10.2.3) of 1832 who was born in Cheltenham, England. 
John McGannon married Mary Carney 14 Oct. 1824
Their eighth born daughter was Mary Jane of b. 1842 who was born in Jennings, Indiana.
John Blackwell married Mary Jane McGannon in Minnesota on 11 Jun. 1862
That is the connection.


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Follow the Lineage of Mary Jane McGannon       


9th Generation
Family of John McGannon and Mary Matlby
9th Generation 1 John McGannon  
b. 1725  Belfast, Antrim, Noire
d. 1803  Culpepper, Va.
Mary Matlby
b. 1729  Culpepper, Va. 


Children of John McGannon and Mary Matlby
Children of John McGannon and Mary Matlby
10th Generation
10th Generation Children of John McGannon and Mary Matlby
1.1 Jane McGannon  
b. abt 1752  Culpepper, VA  

1.2. Alse McGannon  
b. abt 1754 Culpepper, VA 

1.3 Darby McGannon
b. 18 May 1756  (believed to be in Culpepper, VA.) (FS report Ireland)
d.   1 Feb 1830  Jennings, In.  Buried  4 Feb 1830 Spauldingfarm, Jennings, Indiana.
Married: 1787  Culpepper, Va.
Sallie Cogswell
b.  13 Oct 1769  Culpepper, VA.
d.  21 Aug 1833 Jennings, Indiana  Buried 24 Aug 1833 Vern, Freedom, Jennings, Indiana.

Photo 167
Click to Enlarge
Tombstone of Darby McGannon
Revolutionary War
May 18 1756 - Feb 1 1830
Photo Courtesy of Robert Barnes


The Children of Darby McGannon and Sallie Cogswell
Children of Darby McGannon and Sallie Cogswell
11th Generation
11th Generation Children of Darby McGannon and Sallie Cogswell
1.3.1  Zachariah McGannon  
b.  5 Oct 1790 Place unknown 
d. 21 Jan 186? Place unknown. 
Lucy Coleman

1.3.2  John McGannon     parentofmaryjanemacgannon                                                 View Photo
b. 9 Feb 1793  Virginia      (IGI report date as 2 Feb 1792 Culpepper, VA.)
d. at 2:30AM Tuesday, May 25, 1875  Litchfield, Minnesota  (Source -Obituary provided by Meeker Co. Historical Society)
Married: 14 Oct. 1824  Vernon, Jennings, Indiana      (IGI report 13 Oct 1824 Jennings, Indiana)
Mary Carney
b. Abt 1807  Kentucky

1.3.3  Damsel McGannon     
b.  1796 Gallatin, Kentucky. 
d. 20 Aug 1826 Jennings, Indiana.
Married: 27 Dec 1823 Jennings, Indiana. 
Daniel Lattimore

1.3.4  Alexander McGannon  
b.  abt 1806 Date / Place unknown.  d. Unknown.
Married: Sally Butler  2 Jan 1833  Jennings, Indiana.

1.3.5  Jane McGannon    
b.  25 Mar 1807 Gallatin, Kentucky  d. 25 Jun 186?  Jennings, Indiana.
Married: Walter C Lattimore  3 Oct 1827  Jennings, Indiana..

1.3.6  Sally McGannon    
b.  abt 1810  Date / Place Unknown
Married: Manlove Butler  Date / Place unknown.

1.3.7  Aylesey McGannon  
b. abt 1810 Location Unknown (probably Jennings, Indiana)

1.3.8  Hugh McGannon       
b. abt 1813 Location Unknown (probably Jennings, Indiana)
Married: Mary L.   18 Mar 1835  Jennings, Indiana.

1.3.9  Mary E. McGannon    
b. Unknown  d. Unknown  
Married: James F. Johnson  12 Jan 1841  Jennings, Indiana.

1.3.10 Reuben McGannon       
b. Unknown  d. Unknown  
Married:  Branham  Date & Place unknown.

1.3.11 Thomas McGannon      
b.  9 Jan 1789  d. Unknown  
Married: Eleanor Tanner


John McGannon - father of Mary Jane McGannon  Mary Polly Carney - Mother of Mary Jane McGannon
Photo 168            Photo 169
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John McGannon and Mary "Polly" Carney
Parents of Mary Jane McGannon

These photos appear to have been taken around the year 1855/1860
Note:  Damaged Photo of Mary
Photos were done on solid plates, not film. 
Damage to the plate distorts the image

Obituary of John McGannon

The Children of John McGannon and Mary Carney
The Children of John McGannon and Mary Carney
12th Generation
12th Generation Children of John McGannon and Mary Carney  Julia Herndon McGannon     
b. 10 Jul 1826 Indiana.
d. Unknown
Married: 23 Jan 1851  Jennings, Indiana.
James Madison Staples                                                                                  Link to the Staples Family Website
b.  2  Oct 1814  Indiana  (Jefferson County)
d. 28 Mar 1882  Clark County, Indiana  Thomas McGannon  
b. 13 Jan 1828 Indiana 
d. Unknown.
Married: 1 Nov 1855  Jennings, Indiana.
Cordelia McConnell       
Note:  An email from Donna Pickett indicates that Thomas was married on 15 Oct 1852 to Alice Butler in Jennings Co.,
Possibly this was a first marriage.  Pleasant Carney McGannon 
b. 11 Nov 1829 Indiana. 
d. Unknown 
Married   23 Aug 1857  Jennings, Indiana.
Elizabeth Hicks  Sarah E. McGannon   
b. 22 Sept 1831 Indiana.
d. Unknown 
Married: 30 Nov 1854  Jennings Co., Indiana.
Samuel Y. Gordon  James A. McGannon  
b. 24 Dec 1834 Indiana.
d. 1862  Killed by Indians in Minnesota in 1862  Henry McGannon      
b. 21 Jan 1837   Indiana.
d.   5 Oct 1909   (Source: MN Death Index - Cert ID# 1909-MN-006896) 
Married: Date Unknown
Helen ...............?  Martha Dianah McGannon     
b. 13 Apr 1839 Indiana. 
d. Unknown 
Married: Date Unknown
Oran W. Wiley 
Note: It has been reported that Martha McGannon married George Wagner on 16 Aug 1860 (possibly a second marriage)

12th Generation Mary Jane McGannon  
b.    8 Jul. 1842  Vernon, Jennings, In.
d.  28 May 1929 Providence, Providence, Ri.
1) Married: 11 Jun. 1862
John Blackwell  10.2.3 (Blackwell Numerical System)
b.    4 Jan 1832  Cheltenham, Gloucester, England.
d.  24 May 1875  Litchfield, Meeker, Mn.
2) Married:
Frank Belfoy  Catherine P. McGannon
b. 14 Feb 1845 Date / Place unknown 
A.T. Koerner

Note of Interest: McGannon
Retyped Will of John McGannon, probated Apr 18, 1803. Culpeper Co.   Will Book "D", p. 436. Children:
Also COGSWELL, Jane Barnes and Darby McGannon. (1 page)
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When John McGannon died in 1875 all of the children were living in Minn. except Julia, Pleasant and Thomas.
When Mary died in 1894 Thomas was in Minn.  Julia and Pleasant remained in Indiana.

Much of this information was provided by Donna Pickett.



The Children of James Staples and Julia McGannon
The Children of James Staples and Julia McGannon
13th Generation
13th Generation Children of James Madison Staples and Julia McGannon  Staples, Minntia
b.  3  Dec 1851  Clark Co., Indiana
d. 10 Jan 1859  Clark Co., Indiana  Staples, Thomas Jefferson
b.  Apr 1852  (believed to be in Clark Co., Indiana)
d.  Unknown  Staples, Theodore
b.  20 Aug 1853  Clark Co., Indiana
d.  11  Jan 1859  Clark Co., Indiana  Staples, John Francis
b.  3 Mar 1856  (believed to be in Clark Co., Indiana)
d.  Unknown  Staples, Julietta  (F)
b.   3 Aug 1858  Clark Co., Indiana
d. 20 Aug 1858 Clark Co., Indiana   (Infant Death)  Staples, Carney M
b.  1863  Clark Co., Indiana  (Married: Addie O. Stucker  6 May 1883)
d.  Unknown  Staples,  James Henry
b.  3 Jan 1865
d.  Unknown  Staples, Child
b.  11 Jun 1867  Clark Co., Indiana
d.  11 Jun 1867  Clark Co., Indiana  (Infant Death)  Staples, Child
b.  7 Nov 1869  Clark Co., Indiana
d.  7 Nov 1869  Clark Co., Indiana  (Infant Death)

For more information
For more Information on the Staples Family, Descendants and Ancestors  -
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The Children of Jane McGannon and John Blackwell
The Children of Jane McGannon and John Blackwell
Interesting Name: 13th Generation
Interesting Name:  Mary Jane McGannon
A couple of individuals have noted that in the name Mary Jane there were also the initials T. F. and H.   
As different as it may seem, here is the full name of Mary Jane McGannon.  Mary Jane Taylor Finley Henry Carney McGannon. 

Children of John Blackwell and Mary Jane McGannon                                                    View Children  Minnie Esther Blackwell  Addie Elizabeth Blackwell  Mary Josephine Blackwell  George Henry Blackwell  John A Blackwell       

Ed McGannon during a parade in Litchfield, MN 1894
Photo 170
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Ed McGannon
1894 Litchfield, MN. Parade



1860 Minnesota Census

A Number of McGannons are shown in the census as Family # 128 and living in Litchfield, Minnesota. 
Unknown to us at this time.

McGannon Portion of 1860 Census:

 Riley died on Oct 13, 1933 in Meeker County.  Age 93   Cert ID# 1933-MN-008135

Elise age 29   
James A age 25  24 Dec 1834 Indiana  Killed by Indian in 1862  See James
Julia age 1     
Riley age 6     Riley died on Oct 13, 1933 in Meeker County.   Cert ID# 1933-MN-008135
Thomas age 32   b. 13 Jan 1828 Indiana  See Thomas


as Published in The News Ledger
Thursday Morning  May 27, 1875
Litchfield, Minnesota.

At two o'clock Tuesday morning God heard the prayers of one of his faithful servants, and took him home to heaven.  For fifty-four days Mr. John McGannon has been suffering from the disease which finally caused his death.  During that time kind hand and loving hearts have ministered to his wants, and sought by every means that skill and affection could devise to alleviate his distress.

During the who term of his illness, he was cheerful; and except when a racked by pain (which he bore with great fortitude), he was in the best of spirits, ready to die, waiting cheerfully, hopefully, anxiously for the coming of that messenger who should in God's good time, summon him from earth and its troubles from time and its uncertainties, to the glorious realities of heaven.

Mr. McGannon talked freely of his death, told his children to shed no tears for him when he was gone, that death would be to him a sweet release from pain.  He realized in the fullest extent, that his life's work was done and he was waiting patiently the will of his Master, and these facts he impressed upon the minds of all his friends.  He remained conscious and in complete possession of his senses until the day preceding his death, when he seemed to be in a sort of lethargy. 

From this he roused occasionally and although he could not speak, he gave ample evidence that he recognized all who approached his bedside.  About two o'clock of Tuesday morning, the summons came, and John McGannon had ceased to be of this earth.  John McGannon was born in Culpepper county, Va., Feb. 9th, 1793 and was therefore, at the time of his death aged 82 years, three months and 16 days.  In 1799, his parents removed to Woodford County, Kentucky.  Here he resided until 1820, when he removed to Jennings County, Indiana, where he was married to Miss Mary Carney.  This marriage was blessed with twelve children, three of whom -all girls- died in infancy.  James was killed by the Indians in the outbreak of 1862.  The surviving eight are, P. C. Thomas and Julia, of North Vernon, Indiana.  Henry, Sallie (Mrs. S. Gordon,) Mary, (Mrs. Blackwell,) Catherine, (Mrs. A. T. Koerner,) and Mrs Martha Wagner, of Litchfield.  The Golden Wedding of this aged couple celebrated in this place last October.  In 1860 Mr. McGannon removed to Meeker County, where he has since resided.  He as a member of the Baptist Church, and had been for many years.




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