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This Website is built around what we call the "Primary" Blackwell family.  That is, the Blackwells that left Gloucester, England in the middle of the 1800s and came to North America via Montreal into Canada and New York into the United States.  It is one family consisting of the father, and three sons that made the journey leaving behind two daughters, a young boy and their mother in England with plans to bring them over after the men had settled.  It was a good plan, and for the most part, it worked.  The mother and eldest daughter died before they could reach their new country, but the second daughter and her young brother arrived some years later.  Since that time, the family settled in Minnesota as well as in both Central and Western Canada.  Through marriage, there have been a number of other fine families that joined with the Blackwell line.  This page is to assist in the search for your ancestors in this Website, including the families that joined through marriage.

The links showen here will give some insight on how we track each family member and also their lineage.
Individual Family Members have an assigned number:
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The first 'documented' Blackwell is that of John Blackwell of 1755 who married Hannah Cook.  We have no documented proof at this time about his own parents, (see previous) so we do not know what family number to apply to him, as we do not know his true generation.  Therefore, because he falls into the 10th Generation that we have established we have given him the family number of 10, meaning his generation.
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This is the family that emigrated from England that was discussed in the above text.  If your ancestor is John Blackwell, click on the Green Name, if you are from George Blackwell, click on the blue name, and if from Henry Blackwell, click on the Navy Name.  From James W. Blackwell, click on the Red.  The daughters (Maroon) had no children.

Elizabeth,   Sophia,   John,   George,   Henry,   William

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The First Documented Blackwell
johnblackwell1775     10th Generation   Father of George Blackwell of 1801  Our first documented Blackwell.

The Emigrating Family
georgeblackwell1801  11th Generation  Father of Elizabeth, Sophia, John, George, Henry, William
childgb1801    12th Generation    Lists all Children of George Blackwell and Mary Barradell and descendants.

Descendants of:
childjb1832     13th Generation    Children of John Blackwell and Mary Jane McGannon and descendants.
childgb1834    13th Generation    Children of George Blackwell and Lois Twichell and descendants.
childhb1839    13th Generation    Children of Henry Blackwell and Amanda VanLoon and descendants.


barradell1    Generations of the Barradell Family    Mary Barradell was the wife of George Blackwell of 1801
byford1    Married into the Blackwell Family in 1941 through Ernie Blackwell
cohoes1    Married into the Blackwell Family through Henry Blackwell of 1839
downing1    Married into the Blackwell Family through John Blackwell of 1832
field1    Married into the Twichell Family through Royal Twichell.  Multiple spelling versions of the name 'Field'.
king    Mary Byford married Byron King
larkey    Married into the Blackwell Family through Henry Blackwell of 1839.  View the Mini Website
mackenzie1    Through the line of Henry Blackwell of 1839 and Amanda VanLoon 
mackenzie2    More descendants of Henry and Amanda Blackwell
John H Mackenzie    Captured the Murderous Indians - Read the Story and all information
McNeil    Children of Benjamin McNeil and Laura Blackwell
mcgannon1    Married into the Blackwell Family through John Blackwell of 1832
seaver    Married into the Twichell Family through Lemuel Twichell
twichell1    Lois Twichell married in the Blackwell Family through George Blackwell of 1834
vanloon1    Married into the Blackwell Family through Henry Blackwell of 1839  (Shonk Family on this page)
vanloonmem    Memories as written by the family
Shonk Family    Part of the Van Loon - Blackwell connection

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ernieblackwell    Married Jessie Byford
johnblackwell1872    Married Ruth
kenblackwell1933    Married Lois Tinney
lois1    Information on Lois Twichell
miltonblackwell1873    Son of John Blackwell of 1877
ronblackwell1945    Son of Ernie and Jessie Blackwell - Webmaster of this website
royaltwichell1    Father of Lois Twichell (wife of George Blackwell of 1834)
stephanablackwell    Son of Henry Blackwell and Amanda VanLoon
williamblackwell1864    Son of Henry Blackwell and Amanda VanLoon
What We Remember    A Family writing of the Life of Miner and Charity VanLoon
Growing Up Years    Excellent Story of living through the 20s, 30s, and 40s. by Neva Briggs Cohoes


compendium1    Biography of Henry Blackwell written in his time.
compendium2    Biography of T.J. VanLoon written in his time.
contact    How to email us at this website.
credits    Contributories
enter1    Entering the website
index    First page when website opens
intro    Explanation of Website
letters    Reprinted Letters from old family history.
Listing of all pages.
maps    Maps of important areas of England, Minnesota and Canada
melfort1    History of Melfort, Sk. The Baseball Years.  Tribute to Ernie Blackwell and the Team
mem1    First Page of Twichell Memoirs
mem2    Second Page of Twichell Memoirs
mem3    Third Page of Twichell Memoirs
mem4    Fourth Page of Twichell Memoirs
mem5    Fifth Page of Twichell Memoirs
mem6    Sixth Page of Twichell Memoirs
menu    The Page you are now viewing
numerical    Explanation of the Number System
overview    A quick review of this website
poem    Two - "Perhaps" found in Jessie Blackwell Bible  "Voice from the Past" by Ron Blackwell
previous    Blackwells before 1755
surnames    A Surnames Page of this Website

surmem    A Surnames Page of only the Twichell Memoirs
unknown1    Unknown Blackwells or Needed Identification

VanLoon Family write the History of Minor Vanloon and Charity Davenport - Interesting Information

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