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Number System     Colour Codes     Number System - The Starting Point
Number System
Number System

The Blackwell Number System is easy to figure out.  Simply, if your father is and you are the first born then your number is  You are the 1 in this case.  Now, you will notice that the first number in your family number is a 10.  This is John Blackwell of 1775.  We have not confirmed his true lineage, but he is in our 10th Generation so we simply gave him the number 10.  Actually, information suggests he was 9.3 (third born of 9) but we have not confirmed that properly at this time.
In the number you can see that there are 14 Generations.  The first number (10) represents 10 Generations.  The second number, (2) is the 11th Generation.  It is a 2 because he was the second born of his father. (10)  Likewise, the third number is a 4.  This person is in the 12th Generation and he was the 4th born of 2 who as we know, was the 2nd born of 10.  Also as you know, 10 in this case, only represents the generation as he is our starting Blackwell at this time.
How did I determine our generations? 
How Generations were determined
: Simple.  I looked at our oldest recorded lineage that connected to our Blackwell Family and that was the Twichell / Twitchell Family.  They go back to 1400s.  Lois Clarinda Blackwell nee Twichell was in her 12th Twichell Generation.  So, when she married George Blackwell in Anoka, MN. in 1863, that let me put George in our 12th Generation.  That means his Grandfather was in the 10th.  That is why John Blackwell of 1775 is in the 10th Generation and carries the Number 10. until we confirm his actual lineage.  All of our Blackwell Family will have family numbers and they will all start with either 10.2.1 - 10.2.2 - 10.2.3 - 10.2.4 - 10.2.5 - or 10.2.6.  In real names, they are Elizabeth, Sophia, John, George, Henry, and James.  These are the Primary Children and they are the beginning for us all.   They are the first to leave England and come to America.  Therefore, all of our family come from one of these children.  I should point out that I doubt we will ever see a number that starts with either 10.2.1 or 10.2.2.  Elizabeth 10.2.1 died early in life and I don't think she ever married.  Sophia 10.2.2 did not have any children at all.  That means that only the males will carry our Lineage giving us four possible Lines for you to be part of.  You only have to find what Brother you are descended from, and from there, you just follow the website.  Remember, if you can provide information, please send it along.

(Note - Since this writing, we may have found the possible father to John (10).  It is speculation only and is posted for reference only - View)
Colour Codes

Colour Codes
You will notice that there are Five Colours in our Colour Code.  One is Maroon.  All Pages using this Colour Code or Links using this Color are pages or family members that are common to all of us.  That is, John Blackwell 10. who was born in 1775 is common to us all as is his son.  However, his Grandchildren are unique.  They are John Blackwell 10.2.3 in Green, George Blackwell 10.2.4 in Blue, Henry Blackwell 10.2.5 in Navy and James W Blackwell 10.2.6 in Red.  You will also see that the two daughters are in Maroon.  They are Elizabeth 10.2.1 and Sophia 10.2.2. as mentioned earlier.   They had no children and are common to all of us as they are sisters to all of the four sons of George Blackwell 10.2
 Only the Sons of George Blackwell
Please note that all the pages are color coded by the side border and the Blackwell Genealogy header.  This page is common to us all so is bordered in Maroon.  If it was Green, then this page would only contain John Blackwell information or information on his descendents to present day.  Likewise for the Blue Color for George, the Navy for Henry and the Red for James.  Once you find you are associated with one of the primary children and know his color code, then only the pages of that same color will concern you directly.

For John Blackwell of 1832    - Green Banner - Descendents of John will have their family number start with 10.2.3 and a
Green Header
For George Blackwell of 1834    - Blue Banner - Descendents of George will have their family number start with 10.2.4 and a
Blue Header
For Henry Blackwell of 1839    - Navy Banner - Descendents of Henry will have their family number start with 10.2.5 and a
Navy Header
For William Blackwell of 1845    - Red Banner - Descendents of William will have their family number start with 10.2.6 and a
Red Header
Located at the top of Every Page.  Header Colors follow each Lineage as do the left side borders of the same color.

Blackwell Genealogy    Blackwell Genealogy    Blackwell Genealogy    Blackwell Genealogy
John Blackwell 10.2.3              George Blackwell 10.2.4             Henry Blackwell 10.2.5              James Blackwell 10.2.6

Blackwell Genealogy
Maroon Header is for General Information pages
and Family pages that predate the Primary Children of George Blackwell 10.2


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