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Perhaps if we could see the splendor of that land
To which our loved ones are called from you and me
We'd understand.
Perhaps if we could hear the welcome they receive
From old familiar voices - Oh! so dear,
We should not grieve.
Perhaps if we could know the reason why they went,
We'd smile, and wipe away the tears that flow,
And wait content.

Poem found in the Bible of Jessie Blackwell


Voice from the Past
Oh, sleepless night , what do you want?
I gave my soul throughout the day
to the words and utterance of families away.
I sat at my keyboard and worked so long
trying to remember the ones that were gone.

I checked all my emails and wrote a few more
trying to find that open door.
I know they are out there; they want me too.
I seek my remembrance of those from before.

Finally I doze to a silence so deep;
A voice is calling "why do you sleep?
I am here, why can't you find me?
I have waited so long for you to come by me"

"I lived my life so you could be there.
Why do you sleep in such despair?

I know you are trying, I can see you from here.
Do not give up, I will always be there"

"Our time will come when you find the link
then we both will rejoice in the pages you ink.
But you must know that we know you care.
For now that is all that we can share"

"The pot of gold is not the quest
It is the shine of the rainbow that my memories rest.
I have been gone for many a year,
I will be there for you when you are here"

"Then we will walk and talk of those pasts,
that is of memory and of truth that lasts.
So when you awake and start again,
know that we know it is not in vain"

"And when we meet under the light of our tree
you will finally meet all that are free.
You will be forever knowing of all
As the tree of our Family grows straight and tall"
                                   R.E.B (


Know Yourself
"Because you do not know me does not mean I was not.
If that is so then why search for your lot?
Is it for me that you hunger or your place on a line?
You have your life before you to look for mine.
Either is good for what is a name
but to show the world that we are the same."

                                                               R.E.B (


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