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                                          PREFACE  The Memoirs of Lois Clarinda Twichell Blackwell

Those seeking information on life in early Minnesota will be greatly impressed with the detail that Lois offers in her memoirs.  She entered Minnesota about 1850 so her information predates most writings.  Her home was on the edge of St. Anthony falls as well as other locations in Minnesota.  Her father was a Coleporter or Traveling Preacher.  He is well noted in Minnesota.  Lois married in Anoka, Minnesota to George Blackwell in 1863.  The Blackwells are also well documented in her memoirs and along with the other research we have done, we have accumulated a considerable amount of information.  The best friends of the Blackwells were a family by the name of VanLoon.  They intermarried and have been growing ever since through the line of Henry Blackwell and Amanda VanLoon.  George Blackwell Sr. (Lois's father-in-law) is buried in VanLoon Cemetery.  Blackwell Lake is named for him or his son Henry.  Henry Blackwell and wife are also buried in VanLoon Cemetery as well as many other family members of both Blackwell's and VanLoons.  Enjoy the Memoirs.  Let your mind wander and walk the grassy fields of Minnesota, and haul water from the river bank with Lois.  Even if you are not related to this family, you will be taken with the life of all the pioneers of Minnesota and what they went through in those days.  If you have family from Minnesota, then this could just as well be your story.  In fact, many names of people in the area are mentioned.  Possibly, they are your family.
                                                                                                                  ............. Ron Blackwell   
                                                                            - Great Grandson of Lois Twichell and George Blackwell (10.2.4)

Note:  These memoirs are not to be copied, redistributed or used for commercial use in any way.  They are a gift to the descendants of Lois Twichell and George Blackwell.  It was the wish of Lois.  Historical Societies may use them in any manner that supports the interest of Genealogy but with no financial, or commercial use at all.  Historical Societies that operate on Donations are free to use any portion of this website, including the Memoirs.
Private Researchers, can also use these Memoirs for Non-Profit Genealogy use.  All use, of any kind, must be by permission.  This simply means that you send me an email indicating where they will be used.  A link is not necessary, but appreciated.  Copyrights Apply
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There are comments written by George Henry Blackwell (eldest son of Lois)  He has made comments in the original manuscript.
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Ronald Ernest Blackwell (  Great Grandson of George Blackwell (10.2.4) and Lois Clarinda Twichell
Webmaster of this Blackwell Genealogy

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