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Blackwell Genealogy
-   A two part history of the Blackwell Family of Gloucester, England; Minnesota, USA, and Canada.

The Blackwell Genealogy Website first started by expanding the memoirs of Lois Clarinda Twichell.  In doing so, we were
able to back up to the year 1775 with more research being done.  This date of 1775 finds John Blackwell 10.  We created
the 10th generation for John Blackwell of 1775 as it was his grandson, George Blackwell 10.2.4 that married in Anoka, MN.
to Lois Clarinda Twichell in 1863.  Lois was of the 12th Generation in the Twichell / Twitchell lineage.  That meant that her
husband would assume a 12th generation place as we used the Twichell generations as our guide as they went back to
1410, farther then our Blackwell research had achieved.  Working backwards, George's grandfather would be the 10th
generation.  We then have stated that the first phase of the Website starts in 1775 to present day.  As more research
continues, we will refer to pre 1775 family as in Phase 2.

This page is not to be considered factual (although we think it is) as we have not been able to document some of these
findings.  However, we wanted you to see the direction we are taking and why.  Likewise, someone may have confirming
information or proof of our error.  Input from you and others will be a great help to us. 

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Remember  Phase 1 is from 1775 to present    Phase 2 is before 1755   

For considerable reading Lois Clarinda Twichell Memoirs

This is believed to the the family of John Blackwell of 1775


Phase 2 Starts Here

1st   Generation
Father   - Unknown    1.
Mother - Unknown
    Children: Unknown

2nd  Generation
Father   - Unknown    1.1.
Mother - Unknown
    Children: Unknown

3rd   Generation
Father   - Unknown    1.1.1.
Mother - Unknown
    Children: Unknown

4th   Generation
Father   - Unknown
Mother - Unknown
    Children: Unknown

5th   Generation
Father   - Unknown
Mother - Unknown
    Children: Unknown

6th   Generation
Father   - Unknown
Mother - Unknown
    Children: Unknown

7th   Generation
Father   - Unknown
Mother - Unknown
    Children: Unknown

8th   Generation
Father   - Unknown
Mother - Unknown
    Children: Unknown

At this point research has found this family with a third born son by the name of John Blackwell and his Christening date is the same
as our John Blackwell of 1775.  It is this John Blackwell that takes us into Phase 1 of our Blackwell Genealogy.  As a matter of interest,
the other children are given the same first names as found in our later research.  This is based on assumption.

9th   Generation        
Father  - John Blackwell    This could be the father to our John Blackwell 10.
Mother - Jane Blackwell (Brown)
Children of John Blackwell and Jane Blackwell (Brown)
Children of John Blackwell and Jane Blackwell (Brown)
Thomas Blackwell
Chr: 10 Jan 1773 

Richard Blackwell
Chr: 03 Jan 1774 

John Blackwell   Probably our John Blackwell (10) of 1775 in Phase 1  (John Blackwell 9.3)
Chr: 03 Sep 1775 

Mary Blackwell
Chr: 11 Jul 1778

Elizabeth Blackwell
Chr: 14 Feb 1781

George Blackwell                                 
Chr: 08 Jul 1784    d. 12 Sept 1784

Kezia Blackwell
Chr: 26 Feb 1786

Sarah Blackwell
Chr: 02 Nov 1787

George Blackwell
Chr: 19 Oct 1790  

The above information printed in Green was taken from IGI and is not considered totally accurate.  However, as this
page is designed to put "Possibilities" out for display, we invite good comments to dispute or prove this information.
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At this point, we leave Phase 2 and go to the next group of Family in Phase 1. that is Confirmed Information.  John Blackwell (10) and
wife, Hannah Cook.  This is actually our starting point on the Blackwell Genealogy Website.

Phase 1 Starts Here                            

10th Generation  
John Blackwell     (10)
b.  1775 Gloucester, England  Christened  3 Sep. 1775  Cowley, Gloucester, England.
d. Unknown  After 1800 (believe abt 1840) Gloucester, England  No listing in the 1851 Census that we know of.
Married:  8 April 1800  Cowley, Gloucester, England   Source - Gloucester Marriage Index 1800 - 1837
Hannah Cook
b.   Unknown    Believed to be about 1780
d.   Unknown    Believed to be about 1840
Source:  Gloucester Marriage Records 1800 - 1837  (Confirms name of Spouse of John Blackwell - ("Hannah Cook")

Children of John Blackwell and Hannah Cook
John Blackwell     10.1  (Mentioned on IGI but unconfirmed)
George Blackwell   10.2  Confirmed. (Gloucester Marriage Index)

George Blackwell    10.2
b.  1 Jan 1801  Brimpsfield, Gloucester, England (Confirmed date by information on Tombstone reading)
Chr. Feb 1801 Brimpsfield, Gloucester, England
d.  1 Mar 1877 Holmes City Township, Minnesota, USA  -  (Age 76 Years  2 Months)  (Tombstone sited)
Married:  4 Mar 1824  Cowley, Gloucester, England    Parish of Badgeworth (Near Cheltenham) (Church Records 1800 - 1837)
Mary Barradell 
b. 29 Oct 1797  Withington, Gloucester, England
d. 12 Nov 1864 Shurdington, Gloucester, England.  (Recorded as age 68 at time of death)  (Near Cheltenham)
Married:  4 Mar. 1824 Cowley, Gloucester, England     Parish of Badgeworth  (Near Cheltenham)
Believed living in Cheltenham at the time of death.  Buried in Shurdington.
(LCB) "His wife died in the fall of 1864 in England, the same year I left for Canada." 
Mary Barradell was the daughter of Robert Barradell and Henrietta .....?   (Barradell Genealogy - Judy Barradell - Smith) (UK)

Children of George Blackwell and Mary Barradell  (Showen in Phase 1 Color Code)
Elizabeth Blackwell   10.2.1
    Sophia Blackwell      10.2.2
        John Blackwell          10.2.3
            George Blackwell      10.2.4
                Henry Blackwell        10.2.5
                    William Blackwell      10.2.6  (adopted)  Source - Memoirs of Lois Clarinda Twichell

The Children of George Blackwell are the primary concern of Phase 1 of the Blackwell Genealogy as they are the ones who departed
England to come to Canada and the United States.  All present day Blackwells of these lines are descended from the four sons of
George Blackwell and Mary Barradell.  The two daughters, Elizabeth and Sophia had no children.

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