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The listing below is still under construction.


Many Names listed in the Memoirs are not only Family but friends of Lois Clarinda Twichell.
They played an important part in her life and she saw fit to write about them in her Memoirs.
As a result, I have tried to find a way to make it a little easier for all researchers to find a name
that would have some meaning to them, not just the Blackwell family that this website builds on.
This Surname Page for the Memoirs is separate from the regular Surname Page for the Website.
It is also set up in pages, so you may find the same person on more then one page, possibly, more
then once.  The information you find in the memoirs on non Blackwells is all the information available.
For an even quicker search, try the following method on this, or any of the Memoir Pages.


Hold down  "Ctrl  and "F" keys at the same time"   A Window will open for you to type in a surname.
Click on 'NEXT' button to search for more locations of this name on the page.
You can do this on any page in the Memoirs or the Website.

Upon finding your Name - Look at the content before and after the name as the computer will
just take you to the name directly, not to the particular comments of that person.  Search a little.


Memoirs Surnames


The Names below are found on the First Page of the Memoirs -

Allen, Lyman - Teacher at Burns, Alleghany Co., NY
Andrews, Helen - Young friend of Lois Twichell 
Bronah, George - lived with his parents and widowed sister (Mrs. Thompson)
                        Lived across the river from the Twichells.
Botsford, Albert Wallace - Son of Barnabus Botsford and Elmira Twichell
Botsford, Barnabus - Husband to Elmira Twichell (sister to Lois)
Carter - Farm family the Dwight Twichell was sent to work until 21 years.
Field, Ruth - Wife of Royal Twichell
Field, Solomon - Father of Ruth Field
German, Marion - Young friend of Lois Twichell  (could this al be spelled Germane?)
"Globe" The - Steamer the Twichell family took from Buffalo, NY to Chicago. (1852)
Graham, Mrs. - House Keeper for the Twichell Family
Hodgson, Rev - Minister officiating the funeral of Ruth Field
Hurd, Sarah - Housekeeper for the Twichell Family
Kent, Rev. & Mrs. - Ministers know by the Twichell Family
Seaver, Esther - Wife of Lemuel Twichell
Shaw, Mr. - Town proprietor in St. Anthony
Smith, Captain - Captain of the Nominee (photo)
Smith, Mrs. & Mr.- Farmers that hired Humphry Twichell to do work.
Strout, Mr & Mrs. - Lived near the Twichells near Itasca.
Trembly, Maria - Childhood friend of Lois Twichell (See Mrs. Trembly)
Trembly, Mrs.- wife of Methodist Minister and friends of the Twichell family
Twichell, Adaline - Daughter of Lemuel Twichell and Esther Seaver
Twichell, Almeda - Daughter of Royal Twichell
Twichell, Almena - Second wife of Royal Twichell  (Almena Mary Nourse)
Twichell, Dwight - Son of Royal Twichell
Twichell, Elmira - Daughter of Royal Twichell
Twichell, Emily - Daughter of Royal Twichell
Twichell, Emmons - Son of Royal Twichell (also known as Royal Emmons)
Twichell, Eneas - Son of Lemuel Twichell and Esther Seaver  (Note Spelling - could be Enos)
Twichell, Humphry - Son of Royal Twichell
Twichell, Joseph - Son of Lemuel Twichell and Esther Seaver
Twichell, Lemuel - Husband of Esther Seaver
Twichell, Lemuel Humphry - Son of Lemuel Twichell and Esther Seaver
Twichell, Lois - Daughter of Royal Twichell (Wife of George Blackwell 10.2.4)
Twichell, Lucy - Daughter of Lemuel Twichell and Esther Seaver
Twichell, Mary - Daughter of Royal Twichell
Twichell, Miriam - Daughter of Lemuel Twichell and Esther Seaver
Twichell, Royal - Father of Lois Twichell
Twichell, William - Son of Lemuel Twichell and Esther Seaver

Death of Elmira Twichell  Death of Royals daughter
Death of Ruth Twichell  Death or Royals first wife
Royal Twichell remarries  A request by Ruth Twichell - Field.
Royal scouts Minnesota for possible move (Meets brother in Michigan)
Visit with Lemuel and Esther  Looking after the kids
Leaving New York for Minnesota  The start of the Family Move
Chicago  A stop in Chicago on the way.
Rockford, Ill.  Early description of Rockford
Steamboat Ride  "The Globe"   Exciting
Steamboat Ride  "The Nominee"    A wonderful description of onboard and land scenes.
Sugarloaf Mountain
Galena  Twichells stopped here.
Seeing Winona before it existed   Lois's mother makes a comment about this location
Arriving in St. Paul   Finally

PHOTOS on Page 1
Photo 158    Lois Twichell and George Blackwell (abt 1908)
Photo 158a  Wintergreen Hill
Photo 158b  Hudson, Allegany Co., NY.  Birth place of Lois Twichell
Photo 159
    Galena - Old Market House at the time of the Twichell trek.
Photo 160    Galena - Old Market House today
Photo 161    Captain Smith of the Steamer "Nominee"
Photo 162    Only known photo of the Steamer "Nominee"



The Names below are found on the Second Page of the Memoirs -

Beatty, Mr - April 24, 1853 his team of horses crashed through the ice on Coon Creek
Burt, Rev. David - Minister to Lois while in Winona, MN.
Clark, Mr. - Teacher in the Junior room (Also see Mr. Thomas)
Good Thunder - Indian Chief at the Twichell Home during visit from Governor (photo)
Governor of Minnesota - Stayed at the Twichell Home when meeting with the Indians (Photo)
Halstead, Mr - Brother to Mrs. Irvine
Irvine. Mr. - City Surveyor   (Married by Royal Twichell Dec. 1, 1856) (Maiden name Halstead)
                 Distinguished Officer in Northern Army.
Lowrey, Mr. - Interpreter for the Governor with the Indians
McCormick, Lottie - A friend to Lois.  Lottie was originally from Ohio.
Munsey, Mrs. - Widowed at this time, she was Eliza Randolph
Ogden, Miss. - Teacher at a private school
Pease, Mr. - Carpenter hired by Royal Twichell to build a home in Anoka
Randolph, Eliza - Daughter to the people who ran the accommodations at the lumber camp
Robins - One of the student that Lois went to school with in Anoka around 1855 (Anoka's first School)
Secombe, Rev. Charles - Congregational Minister in St. Anthony 1855
Shaw - Proprietor of Saw Mill (We also - Woodbury)
Smiley, Mr. - School Teacher in Anoka, MN. in 1855
Smith, Mr. - Husband of Almeda Twichell.  Also a partner in a furniture store with his brother, Andrew.
Smith, Andrew - Brother and Partner of Mr. Smith (Husband of Almeda) A partner in the furniture store.
Talman, Miss. - Sister to Mrs. Secombe
Tanner, Mr. - School Teacher
Thomas, Mr. - Principal in a Winona School that Lois attended.
Towbridge, Thomas - Student un Mr. Tanner
Tucker, Will - Student under Mr. Tanner
Twitchell, Aaron - Brother to Moses.  Supposedly changed the spelling of the Twichell Name
Twichell, Almeda - Sister to Lois and wife of Mr. Smith  First School Teacher in Winona
Twichell, Dwight - Brother to Lois Twichell
Twichell, Moses - Brother to Aaron.  Supposedly changed the spelling of the Twichell Name
Twitchell, Tinker    Hired by Royal Twichell to lay a foundation for his house. 
                          Told story of Spelling of Twichell Name by Tinker Twitchell.
Warner, Mr. - The home that Lois stayed at when she took her first position as school teacher in Utica.
Warner, Chester Richard - new born baby to the Warner family
Williams, Miss. - shared a room with Lois
Winter, Mr. - Teacher in Winona
Woodbury - Proprietor of Saw Mill (Se also - Shaw)
Woodman, Mrs. - School teacher near St. Anthony, MN  Reported to be the first.

1857 - Lois travels to Winona
Building a Boom on the Rum River
Dwight Twichell operates Rum River Ferry
Lake Pepin
Building the Boarding House
Camps built on Rafts for Logging
Team of Horses goes into Coon Rapids

PHOTOS - Page 2
Governor Visits Twichell Home  
Chief Good Thunder



The Names below are found on the Third Page of the Memoirs -

Alling, Mr. & Mrs. - Taught at the girls school.
Barradell, Mary - Wife of George Blackwell Sr.
Blackwell, Elizabeth - Sister to George Blackwell (Husband of Lois)
Blackwell, George - Husband to Lois Twichell  (The introduction by Mrs. Cook)
Blackwell, George Henry - First born of George and Lois
Blackwell, John - Brother to George Blackwell
Blackwell, Minnie Esther - First born of John Blackwell and Mary Jane McGannon
Blackwell, Sophia - Sister to George Blackwell (Husband of Lois)
Cady, Captain - War Hero who was killed by Indians protecting the town Lois was in. Link
Chief Little Crow - Led the first Massacre in 1852 (photo)
Cook, Mrs. - An elderly woman who was a good friend to Lois.  Her son was killed in battle.
Cornyn, Mr. - Operator of an old hotel in Wingham, Ontario.
Davenport, Charity - Wife of Minor Van Loon.  She may also be known as Sarah Davenport
Frost, George - Husband of Sophia Blackwell 
Green, George - Owner of a number of stores in Winona.
Gregory, John - Owner of a sawmill on the Maitland River
Gregory, Thomas - builder of a new hotel in Wingham for Mr, Griffin
Griffin, Mr. - Owner of the new hotel being built.
Jackson, T.G. - Owner of two stores in Winona.
Kelsey, Mr. - Place that Lois boarded at.
Lloyd, Mr. & Mrs. - Close friend of the Blackwells in Canada
Lloyd, Albert - age 3
Lloyd, Richard - Brother to Mr. Lloyd
Lloyd, Walter - age 6
McGannon, Mary Jane - Wife of John Blackwell
Messer, Mr. - Renters of George Blackwell and Lois Twichell
Olds, Mrs. - Sister to Mr. Lloyd   Also see
Pearl, Mrs. - Proprietor of Mrs. Pearl's Millenary Shop.
Smith, Almeda (Twichell) - Sister of Lois
Smith, David G. - Husband of Almeda Twichell, sister of Lois
Smith, Ernest - Son of Almeda
Staples, Mr. & Mrs. - Lois stayed with this Lumberjack family while teaching in their area.
Staples, Elizabeth - age 15
Staples, Forest - age 3 months
Staples, George - age 2
Staples, King - age 10
Staples, Silas - age 13
Twichell, Dwight - Brother of Lois
Twichell, Humphry - Brother of Lois
Van Loon, Minor - Close friend of Henry Blackwell
Van Loon, Amanda - Wife of Henry Blackwell

Captain Cady hero of the Anoka fire
Captain Cady killed by the Indians
Indians on the War Path

The Civil War and the Little Red Bible
The wedding of George Blackwell and Lois Twichell
George Blackwell visits Holmes City  1877

PHOTOS - Page 3
Captain Cady
Chief Little Crow  - Led the first Massacre  This would have been the one against the Jones and Bakers
Chippewa Home - Close to the residence of Lois at the time.



The Names below are found on the Fourth Page of the Memoirs -

Ainsley, John
Blackwell, Alvin  (Birth)
Blackwell, George (Georgie)
Blackwell, Mary  (birth)
Blackwell, Milton (birth)
Blackwell, Ruth (birth)
Blackwell, Seraph (birth)
Cornyn, Mr.
Dayton, "Widow"
Fulford, Rev.
Fyfe, Mr.
Green, Mr.
Griffin, Mrs.
Gregory, Tom
Gunn, Dr.
Haines, Mr. J.
Hawke, Miss Lizzie
Henderson, Thomas
Hessian, Mr.
Ingram, Mr.
Flack, Mr.
Jackson, T.G.
Long, Mrs.
Lloyd, Mr.
Lloyd, Louise
Lloyd, Albert
Lloyd, Charlie
Lloyd, Walter
Miracle, Mrs.
Olds, Mr.
Scott, C. Tait
Srigley, Mr.
Swamp Willie
Taylor, Mr.
Thompson, Miss Janet
Wade, Mr.
Weathers, Catherine
Whalen, Mr.

Building the Lloyd Home
Death of Mrs. Lloyd

PHOTOS - Page 4
No Photos on this page.



The Names below are found on the Fifth Page of the Memoirs -

Whelan, Mr.
Green, Johnny
Kelly, Mr.
Lloyd, Mr.
Blackwell, Emily (birth)
Wilson, Agnes
Anderson, Janet
Dayton, William
Blackwell, Ernest
Bagsley, Mrs.  (formerly Janet Thompson)
Thompson, Janet  (Married Mr. Bagsley)
Brady, Mrs.
Harris, Mr.
Blackwell, John   (Death of John Blackwell)
Blackwell, Laura  (birth)
Blackwell, Henry  (Visit by Henry Blackwell)
Twichell, Dwight  (Visit to home of Lois Twichell Blackwell)
Wade, Mrs.
Beurge, Mrs.
Blackburn, Mrs.
Twichell, Royal  (Death of Lois's Father)
Murton, Mrs.
Cloverdale, Mr.
Morton, J.A.
Blackwell, Charlie  (birth)
Groves, W.E.
Jackson, T.G.
Moore, Mr.
Buchanan, John and Maggie
Bowers, Ed.
Drost, Mrs.  (second wife of Peter Drost)
Sam Moore, Mrs. (at Pettipiece)
Moffatt, Mr.
Slemen, Mr.
Wilson, Mrs. Agnes (Owner of Bakery)
Sirett, Mary  (wife of George Blackwell of 1864)
Kennedy. William J.  (Husband of Emily Blackwell)
Lloyd, Miss Louise
Hill, Will
Cooper, Mrs.
Twichell, Humphry
Twichell, Dwight   also see Dwight    also see Dwight    Twichell, Dwight  (death)
Chase, James  (Husband to Humphrey Twichell's eldest daughter)
Good, Mrs.  Sister to William Kennedy   also see  Mrs. Good
Kennedy, Kate   Cousin to William Kennedy
Buchanan, George
Eadie, Agnes  Wife of Milton Blackwell
Barrett, Bernard  Third son of Mary Blackwell (Birth)
Blackwell, Henry   husband of Amanda Van Loon
Van Loon, Amanda  wife of Henry Blackwell
Dodds, Robert
Court, Rev. Collins
Hamilton, Mr.
Lees, Mr.
Crossley, Miss
Wilkinson, Charles
McNeil, Benjamin  (Wife of Laura Blackwell)  Wedding
Barrett, George  Husband of Mary Blackwell
Barrett, Bernard
Goodman, Dr.  (for George Blackwell of 1834)
Dyer, Rev    also see Rev. Dyer
Lowry, Rev
McColley, Rev
Blackwell, Addie   Married Rev. McColley   Daughter of John Blackwell
Blackwell, William of 1845
Thorn, Rev.


Under Construction

PHOTOS - Page 5



The Names below are found on the Sixth Page of the Memoirs -

Barrett, Bernie
Barrett Family
Blackwell, Alvin
Blackwell, Charlie (and wife, Lena)
Blackwell, George (Son of Lois)
Blackwell Mary
Blackwell, Milton  (Also see)
Blackwell, Norma
Blackwell, Laura (McNeil)
Blackwell, Seraph
Blaker, Mrs. Victor
Candy, Mrs.
Chase, Mrs.
Chase, Stella
Chase, Steve
Cohoes, Mrs, Charles
Drum, Mrs, Clara
Ferguson, Mr.
Flack, Arthur
Kelsey, Mrs.
Kennedy, Mrs.
Kennedy, William
Magson, Mrs Ella. (Kelsey)
Mackenzie, Ruth
McNeil, Ben
McNeil, Lester
Price, Mrs.
Quincy, Mrs.
Smith, Edward H.
Telford, Miss.

Thompson, Miss.

Laura (Blackwell) and Ben McNeil
Rancheree - site of an Indian Lodge

Flu Epidemic of 1918

PHOTOS - Page 6
Photo 192    McNeil Home

Photo 232    Anoka, MN - early 1900s




Anoka County Historical Society  also  City of Anoka
On the City of Anoka page they have a good review of the history.  They speak about the
building of the damn and what was involved.  So does Lois in her memoirs.  She was there
and her description is wonderful. 

Holmes City