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The Twichell / Twitchell Generations

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Twichell / Twitchell

Twitchells/Twichells have found that the name is spelled two ways.  I have often wondered why.  It has not made the research any easier. However, the Lois Twichell Memoirs offers a version that was told to the family in the mid 1800s.  I have reprinted this explanation for your interest.  Upon building his house, Royal Twichell (Lois's Father) needed a stone mason. This sets up the story.  This incident occurred in June 1854 in Minnesota near St. Anthony.    Just as a matter of interest, Twitchell has also been spelled as Tuchel.  The following are Lois's exact words from her Memoirs.

Father had the stone drawn, to stone up the cellar which was a good one, the full size of the house, but he could not find a stone mason to do the work, but one day he raced home from town with a stranger whom he had met that day. This stranger had just arrived in the country. Father found he was of the same name as himself, and that he was a stonemason, so father secured him at once to lay up the stonewalls. He was a good workman and the walls were well built. He was a distant relative of fatherís and bore the same name, but always went by the name of Tinker Twitchell, though his right name was Moses Twitchell. He said the Twitchells were of English origin. Two brothers by the names of Moses and Aaron came over from England together. Moses settled in Main, and Aaron settled in Massachusetts. He was descended from Moses Twitchell and father descended from Aaron Twitchell. For some reason my fatherís father moved to New York. My fatherís ancestors dropped the middle T in the name and spelled Twichell while the other branch of the family continued to spell it Twitchell, though by others it was frequently spelled with a T. 


Lois Clarinda Blackwell - nee Twichell  1841 - 1925        Photo belived taken in 1908
Lois Clarinda Twichell
1841 - 1925
Photo taken in 1908
12th Generation in the Twichell Genealogy
Lois is the daughter of Royal Twichell and Ruth Field - Granddaughter of Lemuel Twichell and Esther Seaver
Great Granddaughter of Enos Twichell 3rd and Relief Fairbanks and Great Great Granddaughter of Seth Twitchell and Dorothy Bishop

Photo 171

The Connection to the Blackwell Family.
From the marriage of Royal Twichell and Ruth Field came Lois Twichell. 
Lois in turn, married  George Blackwell in Anoka, Minnesota in 1863.  This is the connection.


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Edwin Twitchell - Twitchell Researcher
Mr. Edwin Twitchell
     Photo 172

Twitchell / Twichell Researchers
The Twitchell / Twichell family has been researched by some very dedicated people.   In the early days of my own beginnings in my family research, I happened upon Edwin Twitchell.  He exposed me to a great quantity of information and peaked my interest.  He provided information to me that I noticed was different then other websites.  Personal, informative and above all, interesting.  I believe it was that beginning that set the tone of my own site.  It certainly motivated me to continue on.  I owe Edwin a great deal for the initiative to keep going as well as a considerable amount of Twitchell informationMy thanks to Edwin.        Watch for (note by Edwin Twitchell) to view his comments.

Time Line
The Twitchell Families have designated the first Twitchell as that of Henry Twitchell of 1460.  Their Family joined the Blackwell's in 1863 when George Blackwell 10.2.4 married Lois Twichell.  We find the change in the spelling of the name "Twitchell" to "Twichell" in the Family of Lemuel Twichell.  However, from the memoirs of Lois Twichell we find her father (Royal Twichell - son of Lemuel) having a conversation with a man by the name of Moses Twitchell.  In this conversation, it is evident that Royal does not know the origin of the spelling of his name.  If Lemuel was the source of the change, it would be thought Royal would know of the change.  It appears he did not so the assumption is that it was prior to Lemuel Twichell.  Recently, Charles Cox provided a signature of Benoni of 1780 only to note it was spelled Benona.  It also shows the name Twichell without the middle T.  (View Signature
An interesting point also is that in my research on Rev. Royal Twichell, various sources on the website are spelling it with the T.  This could be errors made over the years, but we do know that the T was dropped for sure as early the 1780s and we feel that it could have been much earlier.   I am inclined to believe Moses Twitchell's version may be correct but another possibility was the Abiel made the change when history shows Benoni was born out of Wedlock.  Just a thought.

The numerical system used to track the family members is unique to this Web Site and is only used as a guideline. The standard numerical system of tracking the Twitchell Family is not used on this site.  Twitchell Researchers are developing their own and we will adopt it for our Twitchell site at that time.  The generations of the Blackwells and related families in this website are the same and parallel the Twitchell Time Line as they have the longer recorded genealogy.  For more explanation on this, see Number System.
We worked this system backward when a 12th Generation Twichell married a Blackwell.  We then put that Blackwell in the 12th Generation and every other Blackwell and related family, took their respected generation based on that marriage. It was the marriage of Lois Twichell and George Blackwell Jr.  Lois was in the Twichell 12th Generation, thus, her Blackwell husband is also.

1st Generation  Henry Twitchell
Henry Twitchell
1st Generation
1. Henry Twitchell  
b. 1460 in Chesham, Buckinghamshire, England
Married:    abt 1484 in Chesham, Buckinghamshire, England.
Mrs. Henry Twitchell (maiden name unknown)
2nd Generation  Children of Henry Twitchell
Children of Henry Twitchell 1. and Unknown
2nd Generation Children of Henry Twitchell and Mrs. Blackwell
1.1  George Twitchell
b. 1485 Chesham, Buckinghamshire, England.
Mrs. George Twitchell    Time Line - Columbus discovered America when George was 7 years old

1.2  Henry Twitchell
b. 1487 Chesham, Buckinghamshire, England.

Windmill from the 10th Century in England
A Brill Windmill in Buckinghamshire.   
Click to Enlarge
Photo 173
They date back to the 10th century.  Many Twitchell's would have seen this same site. 

3rd Generation  Children of George Twitchell
Children of George Twitchell 1.1 and Unknown
3rd Generation Children George Twitchell and Mrs. Twitchell     
1.1.1. George Twitchell
b. 1510 Chesham, Buckinghamshire, England
Married:    bfr. 6 Apr 1539    (probably Chesham, Buckinghamshire, England)
Mrs. George Twitchell (maiden name unknown)
b. 1518

1.1.2   Agnes Twitchell
b. 1517 Chesham, Buckinghamshire, England.
d. Unknown
Thomas Edward Harding
b. 19 Oct 1538
d. Unknown
4th Generation  Children of George Twitchell
Children of George Twitchell 1.1.1 and Unknown
4th Generation Children of George Twitchell and Mrs. Twitchell  Agnes Twitchell
b. 10 Oct 1538  Chesham, Buckinghamshire, England. Richard Twitchell    
b.    6 Apr 1540  Chesham, Buckinghamshire, England
d.  13 Jul 1627
Cicely Waller
b. 1560  Chesham, Buckinghamshire, England.
d. 22 Jul 1627
Parents of Cicely Waller:  Father: Robert Waller b. ca 1537  Chesham, Buckinghamshire, England.  Mother: Ann Hampden  b. ca 1537 
5th Generation  Children of Richard Twitchell and Cicely Waller Children of Richard Twitchell and Cicely Waller
Children of Richard Twitchell and Cicely Waller
5th Generation Children of Richard Twitchell and Cicely Waller  Joseph Twitchell
b. 27 May 1582  d. 13 Jul 1657 Sherborn, Middlesex, Eng.  Mary Twitchell
b. 2 Aug 1584    d. unknown - Chesham, Buckinghamshire, Eng.  Anne Twitchell
b. 5 Oct 1589     d. unknown - Chesham, Buckinghamshire, Eng.  Sarah Twitchell
b. 23 Jan 1592  d. unknown - Chesham, Buckinghamshire, Eng.  Lazaruz Twitchell
b. 14 Apr 1594   d. unknown - Chesham, Buckinghamshire, Eng.  Martha Twitchell
b. 1596   d. unknown - Chesham, Buckinghamshire, Eng.  Miriam Twitchell
b. 10 Oct 1596   d. unknown -Chesham, Buckinghamshire, Eng.  Benjamin Twitchell    
b. 10 Jun 1599  Chesham, Buckinghamshire, England.
d. 1675 or 1676  Medfield, Norfolk, Mass.
Married:  1 Sep. 1652
Mary Riggs
b. 1625  Dorchester, Suffolk, Mass.
d. 30 Oct 1694  Medfield, Norfolk, Mass.
She is the daughter of Edward Riggs b. 1590 Lincolnshire, Yorkshire, England d.  5 Jan 1671 Roxbury, Norfolk, Mass.
and Elizabeth Wheeler  b. 1595 Nanzing Parish, Essex, England  d. 2 Jul 1669 Roxbury, Norfolk, Mass.

Notes:  Benjamin Twitchell as provided by Edwin Twitchell
Benjamin Twitchell  was born in 1625 in Chesham, Buckinghamshire, England.  This date is based on his marriage date, assuming that  Benjamin was the son of Joseph Twitchell.   The Genealogy gives birth date of 10 Jun 1599 based on Chesham, England record.   He died in 1675/1676 in Medfield, Norfolk, MA.  "Tradition declares he was killed by Indians and his house burned".   This occurred in 1675/76 at the outbreak of the King Philip's War.  The accepted family of Benjamin Twitchell has been stable since the genealogy of Ralph Emerson Twitchell was published in 1929.  Several assumptions were made by the genealogy due to the limited source records.   Some of these assumptions have been called into question.  (Edwin Twitchell)
6th Generation  Children of Benjamin Twitchell and Mary Riggs
Children of Benjamin Twitchell and Mary Riggs
6th Generation Children of Benjamin Twitchell and Mary Riggs  Elizabeth Twitchell   
b. 1648  Dorchester, Suffolk, Mass. d. 1717 Medford, Mass.  Benjamin Twitchell   
b. 1650 Lancaster, Mass.  d. 29 Jun 1730 Medfield, Norfolk, Mass.  Joseph Twitchell    
b. abt 1655 Dorchester, Suffolk, Mass.  d. 24 Oct 1710 Sherborn, Middlesex, Mass.  
Married:  Jul 1678 Sherborn, Middlesex, MA.
Lydia Johnson 
b. 1642 Lancaster, Worcester, MA.  d. 27 Apr 1725 Sherborn, Middlesex, MA.  Rachel Twitchell
b. 1657 Dorchester, Suffolk, MA.  d. unknown  Mary Twitchell
b. Abt 1658 Dorchester, Suffolk, Mass.
d. 8 Jan 1659 Dorchester, Suffolk, Mass. (Infant Death)  Mary Twitchell
b. 1 Mar 1659 Dorchester, Suffolk, Mass.    
d. 15 Sep 1699 Medfield, Norfolk, Mass.
She was baptized on 8 Mar 1659
Married: 1677
Joseph Rockett  Hannah Twitchell
b. 6 Sep 1660 Dorchester, Suffolk, Mass.    
d. 8 Oct 1723 Medway, Norfolk, Mass.
Married: 4 Nov 1679
Samuel Hill   
Abiel Twitchell
b. 1 Nov 1663 Medfield, Norfolk, MA.
d. 15 Apr 1744  Woodstock, Windham, CT       
Spouse - Unknown (possibly out of wedlock)
Married:  abt 1690
Robert Corbet   Bethia Twitchell
b. 1665 Medfield, Norfolk, Mass.    
d. 1 Jan 1706 Medfield, Norfolk, Mass.    
It is thought that she married John Rockett on 19 Jul 1688.  He was born 1662 Marie Twitchell
b. abt 1667 Medfield, Norfolk, Mass.        
She is thought to have married Samuel Mills on 3 Feb 1684 in Boston, Mass. Edward Twitchell
b. abt 1668
d. abt 1690
This is based on the information that he was the son of Benjamin.  John Twitchell
b. 1 Jun 1674  Sherborn, Middlesex, MA.  (unconfirmed date)    
d. unknown
7th Generation  Children of Abiel Twitchell
Children of Abiel Twitchell and Unknown (1)
7th Generation Children of Abiel Twitchell and Unknown  (1) 
Benoni Twitchell
b. 1682 Medfield, Norfolk, MA.  d.  after 1749   Killington, CT.
Married:  18 Apr 1705  Medfield, Norfolk, MA.
Hannah Allen
b.  23 Jun 1679
7th Generation
Children of Abiel Twitchell and Robert Corbet (2)
7th Generation Children of Abiel Twitchell and Robert Corbet  (2)  Damorous Corbet (f) 
b. 15 Feb 1692  Daniel Corbet (m)
b. 29 Dec 1693
Married:  10 Jul 1696
John Bugbee
Unknown if any children came from this marriage.

Note:  The assumption I make is that Abiel had Benoni out of wedlock and this is the reason that the name Twitchell is carried on.  Later, when she married Robert Corbet, the children of that marriage took the father's name.  Obviously, Benoni's father is not Robert Corbet.  (REB)
8th Generation  Children of Benoni Twitchell and Hannah Allen
Children of Benoni Twitchell and Hannah Allen
8th Generation Children of Benoni Twitchell and Hannah Allen  David Twitchell
b. 20 Jul 1706  Medfield, Norfolk, MA.
d. 20 Sep 1706 Medfield, Norfolk, MA     Infant Death   Josiah Twitchell
b. 10 Jul 1707  Medfield, Norfolk, MA.
d. 19 Oct 1707  Medfield, Norfolk, MA.    Infant Death   Nehemiah Twitchell
b. 15 Aug 1708  Medfield, Norfolk, MA.
d.   4 Sep 1708  Medfield, Norfolk, MA.   Infant Death   Sarah Twitchell
b. 31 Jul 1710  Medfield, Norfolk, MA.
d.  7 Nov 1710  Medfield, Norfolk, MA.    Infant Death
According to Henry D and Genealogy, the name should be 'Seth'.  
Seth Twitchell 1st
b.  9 Nov 1711  Medfield, Norfolk, MA.
d. bfr. 1800     
Married:  7 Jan 1735  Pembrock, Plymouth, Mass.
Dorothy Bishop                                                    
b.  28 Jan 1715  Wrentham, Norfolk, Mass.    
She is the daughter of John Bishop and Elizabeth Keene   Hannah Twitchell
b. 12 Feb 1713  Medfield, Norfolk, MA.   Jeremiah Twitchell
b. 1715 Oxford, Worcester, MA.   Abigail Twitchell
b. 10 Mar 1718  Oxford, Worcester, MA.   Sarah Twitchell
b. 18 Apr 1720  Oxford, Worcester, MA.
d. 17 Apr  1740  Oxford, Worcester, MA. 
9th Generation
Children of Seth Twitchell and Dorothy Bishop
9th Generation  Children of Seth Twitchell and Dorothy Bishop  Seth Twitchell 1st  
Jerusha Twitchell  Josiah Twitchell  
Jeremiah Twitchell   Benoni Twitchell 2nd  
Enos Twitchell 1st   Enos Twitchell 2nd  
Abigail Twitchell  
Abner Twitchell  
Seth Twitchell 2nd 
Dorothy Twitchell 
John Twitchell

9th Generation Jerusha
Details of Children of Seth Twitchell and Dorothy Bishop
9th Generation Jerusha Twitchell
b. 11 Aug 1736  Athol, Worcester, Mass.
d. unknown
Martin Morton
b. <1729  Athol, Worcester, Mass.
d. unknown
Children  Richard Morton Josiah Twitchell Josiah Twitchell
b. 15 May 1738  Athol, Worcester, MA.

d. unknown Jeremiah Twitchell Jeremiah Twitchell
b. 1742  Oxford, Worcester, MA.
d.  6  Oct 1810  Athol, Worcester, MA.
Census Information   1790 Census in Athol, Worcester, MA.  show the following:
Males - Jeremiah, Bailey, Alfred
Females - Rhoda and Matilda
He appeared on the census in 1800 in Athol, Worcester, MA.
Enumeration:  00011-00?11-00 (Alfred 26-45, Jeremiah >45, Matilda 26-45. Rhoda >45)   
 (note by Edwin Twitchell) Benoni Twitchell 2nd Benoni Twitchell 2nd
b. 24 Mar 1745  Oxford, Worcester, MA. (Bpt date)
d. 29 Aug 1819  Athol, Worcester, MA.
Census Information  Dudly birth record says Benoni was the son of Seth of Thompson.  He served in the military about 1776 in CT.
He appeared on the census in 1800 in New Salem, Hampshire, MA.   Enumeration: 20001-00010-00(?)&?,10, Benoni >45, Leah 26-45,
He appeared on the census in 1810 in Athol, Worcester, MA.   Enumeration: 01001-00001-0 (Son 10-16, Benoni >45, Leah >45).
Church record says he was 74 years old at the time of his death.  
(note by Edwin Twitchell)  Enos Twitchell 1st  Enos Twitchell 1st
b. 12 Apr 1747  Thompson, Windham, CT.
d.  1749
Infant Death  Enos Twitchell 2nd  Enos Twitchell 2nd
b.  1 Jan 1749  Athol, Worcester, MA.
d. 12 Jul 1812  Wrenthram, Norfolk, MA.
bpt. Dudley, MA. on the same date.
Married:  1 Dec 1772  Athol, Worcester, MA.
Releif Fairbanks
b. abt 1755
d. 16 Aug 1835  Athol, Worcester, MA.
b.  1 Jan 1749  Athol, Worcester, MA.
d. 12 Jul 1812
Census Information on Enos Twitchell 2nd
He was born on 1 Jan 1750  Thompson, Windham, CT.  The IGI has a birth and christening date of 1Jan1749. 
He appeared on the census in 1790 in Athol, Worcester, MA.   He appeared on the census in 1800 in New Salem, Hampshire, MA. 
Enumeration:  00301-00010-00  (Benoni, Samuel & Lemuel 16-26, Enos>45, Releif 26-45)   
He appeared on the census in 1810 in New Salem, Hampshire, MA.  Enumeration:  30011-00011-1)
Most likely there is another family living with Enos.  Possibly, Benoni and Family as Benoni is not listed as head of the household in the 1810 census.  Benoni appears to have at least two daughters that would be under 10 years of age.
Enos Twitchell died 25 Jul 1812 in Athol, Worcester, MA.  Releif Fairbanks died on 16 Aug 1835 in Athol, Worcester, MA.   (note by Edwin Twitchell)   Abigail Twitchell  Abigail Twitchell   Abner Twitchell  Abner Twitchell   Seth Twitchell 2nd  Seth Twitchell 2nd Dorothy Twitchell  Dorothy Twitchell John Twitchell John Twitchell

Child of Jerusha Twitchell and Martin Morton
Children of Jerusha Twitchell and Martin Morton
10 Generation  Richard Morton
b. 16 Jun 1755  Athol, Worcester, Mass.
d.   5 Mar 1811  Orwell, Rutland, VT.
Thankful Eaton
b. 1768  New Salem, Franklin, MA.
Children of Enos Twichell 2nd and Relief Fairbanks 
Children of Enos Twichell 2nd and Relief Fairbanks
10th Generation  Enos Twichell 3rd  
Lemuel Twichell     Married Esther Seaver  -  
Miriam Twichell 
Samuel Twichell   Married Keziah Seaver  - 
Benoni Twichell

Note from Webmaster:  The Spelling of the last name appears to change here at this time.  This is only because of the way I received the information.  Because of a conversation that Royal Twichell (Son of Lemuel) had in the 1800s, we know he was no aware how the Spelling changed.  His father went by the same Spelling.  In this website, his Grandfather, Enos Twitchell did not eliminate the T.  It is my guess that he did, other wise it would probably have been an issue that Royal would have been aware of.  This is just a guess but I think the Spelling without the T goes back a number of generations.  I  have noticed that even Royal Twichell had his name spelled with the T in all but a few documents, including those provided by his own Church.  Another form of Spelling was Truchel.  Royal's own daughter used this spelling.  "Elmira Truchel"   (REB)  
See the portion of the Website that explains the 1854 story that Royal Twichell heard from Moses "Tinker" Twitchell.  Click Here

Details of the Children of Enos Twichell 2nd and Relief Fairbanks
Details of the Children of Enos Twichell 2nd and Relief Fairbanks  Enos Twichell 3rd
11th Generation  Enos Twichell 3rd
b.  13 Nov 1773  Athol, Worcester, MA.
d.  1820  Richmond, NH.
Census Information  He appeared on the census in 1800 in Athol, Worcester, MA. 
Enumeration:  20010-10010-00  (Evi, Enos Jr.<10, Enos 16-45, Releif <10, Azubah 26-45)   
He appeared on the census in 1810 in Athol, Worcester, MA. 
Enumeration: 22010-01010-0  (Stillman, Pliny<10, Enos Jr., Evi 10-16, Relief 10-16, Azubah 26-45)  
He died in Richmond, Cheshire, NH.  He appeared on the census in 1820 in Richmond, Cheshire, NH. 
Enumeration: 220101-10010-00  (William, James<10, Stillman, Pliny 10-16, Enos Jr. 18-26, Enos >45, Lucetta<10, Azubah 26-45)   
According to the History of Richmond, NH. "Enos Twitchell from Athol, kept the corner store at the Four Corners about 1818-1820.   He died in 1820.
(note by Edwin Twitchell)

Children not listed.

11th Generation Lemuel Twichell
                             Info in Memoirs
b.  12 Dec 1774    Athol, Worcester, MA.
d.  1856    Concord, Erie Co., NY                  
Married:  6 Jan 1801    Phillipston, Worcester, MA.                                           
Esther Seaver                                                           View Seaver Page                                                       
b.  14 Oct 1777    Phillipston, Worcester, MA.
d.  1870
She has also been reported as being born in New Salem, MA.
Memoir Information - My grandfather (Lemuel) was a cabinet maker, and when taking up land in New York, he built a shop beside a stream which furnished him with power to drive some small machinery, such as lathes, saws, etc., that he installed in his shop and was always busy making such implements as farmers everywhere needed, such as rakes, hoe and exe handles, etc. He also made various articles of plain furniture with which he supplied many a household.

My grandfather worked in his shop, while his sons attended to the farming. My father (Royal Twichell) often worked in the shop, and so became handy in the use of tools, which stood him in good stead in after years when he had to be his own carpenter and builder, and a cabinetmaker, as many a pioneer had had to do.
From the Memoirs of Lois Twichell

Census Information Lemuel Twichell was born 12 Dec 1774 in Athol, Worcester, MA.
Lemuel is probably the one in the 1810 Athol, MA. census listed.    30210-11010-0  It appears that there are others outside the immediate family listed.   He appeared on the 1830 census in Concord.   Enumeration:  0011200100000-0001200100000  (William 10-15, Enos 15-20, Freeman ?, or Joseph ?, Lemuel 20-30, Lemuel 50-60, Marian ?, 15-20, Lucy ?, Adaline ?, 20-30, Esther 50-60)
He appeared on the census in 1840 in Concord, Erie Co., NY.  Enumeration: 0000110100000-0010100100000  (William ? 20-30, Enos 30-40, Lemuel 50-60, ? 10-15, ? 20-30, Esther, 50-60)   Lemuel died in Erie, NY. in 1856. 
He was married to Esther Seaver on 6 Jan 1801, Phillipston, Worcester, MA.
Esther Seaver was born 14 Oct 1777 in Phillipston, Worcester, MA.  She appeared in the 1860 census in Concord, Erie Co., NY. 
Twitchell, Esther  82 MA.   Esther is living with son, William.    She died in 1870.   Marriage record says Esther was from Phillipston, MA.         (note by Edwin Twitchell)

Children of Lemuel Twichell and Esther Seaver
Children of Lemuel Twichell and Esther Seaver
11th Generation  Royal Twichell  Lemuel Houghton Twichell 2nd  Lemuel Houghton Twichell 3rd  (Humphry)  Joseph Seaver Twichell  Adaline Twichell  Lucy Twichell 1st  Marian Twichell  William Twichell  Enos Twichell 4th        Details on Children below

_________________________________  Miriam Twichell 
11th Generation Miriam Twichell 
b. 29 Mar 1777  Athol, Worcester, MA.
bpt. 6 Feb 1790
d.   3 Oct 1838

_________________________________ Samuel Twichell
11th Generation Samuel Twichell
b. 12 Apr 1779  Athol, Worcester, MA.
d.  unknown    
Keziah Seaver 
b. 1782
d. unknown
Census Information - The 1860 census for Buffalo, NY says Samuel was born in Springfield, MA.  
He appeared on the census in 1810 in New Salem, Hampshire, MA.
Samuel is listed in the 1810 New Salem, MA. census as: 30010-10010-0  (Samuel Jr., Franklin, Royal<10, Samuel Sr. 26-45, Females: Eliza <10, Keziah 26-45)
He appeared on the census in 1820 in New Salem, Franklin, MA.   Enumeration: 12110-10101-02   (Abram<10, Samuel Jr., Franklin 10-16, Royal 16-18, ? 18-26, Samuel 26-45, ?<10, Eliza 16-26, Keziah>45)
He appeared on the census in 1830 in Concord, Erie, NY.  Enumeration: 0201100100000-0000100100000   (Austin, Abram 5-10, Samuel 15-20, Franklin 20-30, Samuel 50-60, ? 20-30, Keziah 50-60)    He appeared on the census in 1850 in Black Rock, Erie, NY.
Samuel is found in the 1850 Concord, Erie, NY census with his wife Keziah.  He is listed as 71 years old.   Keziah is 68 years old. 
He appeared on the census in 1860 in Buffalo, Erie, NY. 13th Ward.   Twitchell, Samuel, 80, Springfield, MA. - Farmer
Twitchell, Keziah, 78, Farmingham, MA.           (note by Edwin Twitchell)

_________________________________ Benoni Twichell 3rd
11th Generation  Benoni Twichell 3rd
b. 25 Nov 1780  Athol, Worcester, MA.
d. unknown      
Zilpha Twichell

Note the Spelling of Benoni Twichell in the original citation.
First, is the spelling of his first name.  Then, the Second name has the T dropped.
This Benoni is the brother to Lemuel Twichell, Grandfather to Lois Clarinda Twichell nee Blackwell

Photo 174
This image provided by Charles Cox

The above photo is proof that the T was dropped from the original spelling as early as 1780. However, we know that Royal Twichell (son of Lemuel) was not aware of the reason for the spelling change.  That tells me that his father Lemuel did not advise him or he did not know himself.  I suggest it was at a time well before the birth of Lemuel Twichell (1774) 
Possible the story of the change in the spelling as offered by Moses Twitchell offers some help.
  See Story

Census Information  re Benoni Twichell and Zilpah Woodward.
He appeared on the census in 1800 in Athol, Worcester, MA.  Enumeration: 00100-10010-00  (Benoni 16-26, Dorothy <10, Zilpah 26-45)  Benoni is not listed in the 1810 census.   He is most likely living with his father, Enos.
The census information for Enos is 30011-00011-1.  Most likely Benoni had three daughters born from 1800 to 1810. 
He appeared on the census in 1820 in New Salem, Franklin, MA.  Enumeration: 000010-01101001
There are two Benoni's that lead to confusion.
The Dudly vitals list one Benoni as the son of Seth.
The Athol vitals list one Benoni as the son of Enos and Relief.
There are two significant marriages recorded in Athol, namely, Benoni Twichell (spelling) m. 1792 to Leah Stockwell.  And later Benoni m 1800 and Zilpah Woodward.
The first marriage almost certainly was not the correct Benoni as he would have been 11 years old at the time of his marriage.  Based on records like this, Edwin Twitchell has connected the families as shown.   (note by Edwin Twitchell)

Note:  In November of 2005 I received an email from Charles Cox concerning a relative of his.
It seems that Cynthia Twichell, daughter of Benoni and Zilpah (Woodward) Twichell, who was married to a Jesse Stone Hager, remarried to a Marcus Lafayette Smith.  (The Smith connection was of interest to Charles)
Cynthia's Death Record states .........Cynthia Hager, wife of Jesse Stone Hager, on which her parents were listed as Benoni and Zilpah Twichell.
Apr 22, 1868, age 58 yr 0 mo 17 days,  chronic disease of liver and stomach.  Place of birth: Athol   Parents: Benona & Zilpah Twichell
Source: The citation is from the NEHGS Massachusetts vital records,  1841-1910 for Athol, vol. 213, page 233.

A portion of the Map of the area near Athol

I have left the map large so use your side bars to adjust
Click to Enlarge
Photo 175

Additional Comment from Charles Cox........

I looked at my 1869 Beers Atlas map of Athol and found at least 6 Twichell or Twitchell families. Three were located to the east-northeast of Athol along the road leading to Royalston and two were located in South Athol and the last about 5 miles ENE of South Athol nearer to Phillipston.  It is my understanding that the area around South Athol was New Salem until 1837. 
Suggested Reading:  "
Lord's "History of Athol"

Children of Benoni Twichell and Zilpha Twichell
Children of Benoni Twichell and Zilpha Twichell  Cynthia Twichell    Based on the finding by Charles Cox (see below) 

11th Generation
Children of Lemuel Twichell and Esther Seaver
11th Generation  Royal Twichell  Census of 1830 Concord, Erie Co., NY  Click Here Twichell
b.  20 Nov 1801    New Salem, Franklin, MA.               
chr. 14 Feb 1802  Athol, Worcester, MA.
d.    2 Apr  1882   Arborville, Neb. 
Married    1 May 1825
1) Ruth Field    1st wife                 Info in Memoirs                     See more on Royal Twichell
b.  26 Jan 1808  MA.
d.  abt 1845    Osian, NY.
She is the daughter of Solomon Field and Ruth Porter  Field 
Census of 1830 Concord, Erie Co., NY  Click Here  Field
All children from Royal are from Ruth Field.  (LCB)
2) Almena
Mary Nourse   2nd wifeSee Note
b.  1810  VT
d.  unknown (after 1882 as she was present at Royal's funeral.
One child was born from this marriage but it died at or near birth.  (LCB)
Special Note:  Don't confuse the two Royal Twichells.  One has a birth date of 20 Nov 1801 while the other is shown as 14 Feb 1802.
The first Royal of 1801 is the son of Lemuel Twichell.  The second Royal of 1802 is the son of Samuel Twichell, brother of Lemuel.
Also note that Lemuel and Samuel married two sisters in the Seaver family.  Lemuel married Esther, while Samuel married Keziah.
Samuel named almost all his children the same as Lemuel did.  It makes it difficult to separate them.

Note about AlmenaShe was a good friend of Ruth Twichell - Field.  To the degree, that Royal was requested by Ruth to see to it that Almena would care for the children.  A strange but remarkable request by the dieing Ruth who so loved her children.  Royal married Almena not long after Ruth's death.  Almena was faithful to the family to the end.  This occurred in 1844 in Osian NY.

Note by LCB as copied from her Memoirs...
"There were seven of us children, four girls and three boys until the death of the youngest son, Royal Emmons, who died before my recollection of him.  He was about 4 years old, about three years older than I was."  (LCB)

12th Generation Children of Royal Twichell and Ruth Field  (1) Children of Royal Twichell and Ruth Field (1)
Children of Royal Twichell and Ruth Field (1)
12th Generation                                                           Info in the Memoirs   Dwight Twichell   Lemuel Houghton Twichell   Elmira Twichell  Also spelled her name as Truchel (Another spelling for Twitchell/Twichell)   Almeda Twichell   Emily Twichell   Royal Emmons Twichell   Lois Clarinda Twichell  View the Family of Lois Clarinda Twichell and George Blackwell 10.2.4

_________________________________  Unknown "Infant death" 
Children of Royal Twichell and
Almena Mary Nourse (2)
12th Generation
1.. Unknown "Infant Death"
1830 Census of Concord, Erie Co, NY      View Listing
167 Twichell Royal Concord 194
168 Twichell Samuel Concord 194

_________________________________ Lemuel Houghton Twichell 2nd Lemuel Houghton Twichell 2nd
b.   16 Mar 1803  Athol, Worcester, MA.
bpt 29 May  1803  Athol, Worcester, MA.
d.    9  Oct   1804  Athol, Worcester, MA.   Infant death.

_________________________________ Lemuel Houghton Twichell 3rd Lemuel Houghton Twichell 3rd (Humphry)
b.    31 Dec 1804  Athol, Worcester, MA.
bpt 11 Apr 1805  Athol, Worcester, MA.
d.  Unk.  IGI report 1881
Married: abt 1831 based on the 1840 Census information.
Hannah Phillips    She is the daughter of Asa Phillips and Rhoda Hazeltine. (IGI)
Census Information - Lemuel H. Twichell 3rd
He appeared on the 1840 census in Concord, Erie Co., NY. 
Enumeration:  1100010000000-0001010000000 (Marcus <5, ? 5-10, Lemuel 30-40, ? 14-20, Hannah 30-40)
He appeared on the 1850 census in Concord, Erie Co., NY. 
Twichell, Lemuel H
      45 NY    Farmer       
Twichell, Hannah          39 VT                         
Twichell, Marcus
, E       11 NY   .b. 1838 Concord, Erie Co., NY.  Middle name was 'Emerson'                     
Twichell, Erastus
.           8 NY    b. 22 Aug 1841 Concord, NY  'Clergyman'  M. Sarah Frances Garlock 7 Oct 1869 Burdett, NY.                   
Twichell, Esther
              4 NY    b. 1846 Concord, Erie Co., NY.    Mid. Name 'Hannah'                          
Twichell, Suzy K
.             2 NY   Confirmed.  Is actually Lucy Keziah Twichell b. 1848 Concord.  K is for Keziah.                        
Twitchell, Asa L
.              4 NY   b. 1850 Concord, NY. Married in 1880 Census (Occupation. Farmers) Mid. Name 'Lemuel'                      
Williams, Riley
.             20  NY   Laborer                  
Nest, Mary   
.                16  NY   b. 1838  (IGI housekeeper. Fleming, NY 1880 Census) Widowed. Mary Ette Van Nest                          
Hammon, Edward         19  IRE               
Truitl, Constant            30  NY                

Census Information
He was a farmer in 1860 in Concord, Erie Co., NY.
Twichell, Lemuel           55 MA    Farmer       
Twichell, Hannah           52 VT    Female                     
Twichell, Esther             15 NY    Female     Married James Chase and had 5 Children (3 Girls 2 Boys)  See Comment                
Twichell, Lucy                12 NY    Female     b. 1848 Concord, NY.  Mid. Name is Keziah                
Twichell, Asa L               1  NY
.    Male        This Asa L is 1 year old in 1860.  1850 Census says 4 years old in 1850                          
He died in 1881                                            I can only assume that the first one died young or a misprint in the 1860 Census. (Should be 14 not 1)

In the 1880 Census of the United States (IGI) (Concord, Erie Co., NY.) Lemuel Houghton Twichell is living with his son, Asa L Twichell and family.  Asa is married to Carrie E. Twichell. (Maiden Name Unknown)  Lemuel H Twichell  (Humphrey) is age 75 - Farmer - born in MA and so are both his parents.  Hannah is age 72 - born in VT - both her parents are born in MA.   I agree with Edwin Twitchell that this Asa is the second one as the other is shown as 4 in 1850 while the second is 1 in 1860.  The first had to die before 1859.    (Information by REB) 

Looking at the Census report, I assume that Asa L. Twichell in the 1850 Census must have died before 1859 as an Asa L. Twichell is listed a second time in the 1860 Census.  This time, the age is 1 year. (See Comment)  Lucy shows up as age 12 in the 1860 Census but not in the 1850 Census unless she is called Suzy at that time.  We will assume so as Suzy L. does not show up in the 1860 Census but Lucy does and the ages are the same.  Others living with Lemuel and Hannah are Laborers and or  relatives or servants.  Considering the age of Constant Truitl, I would assume the she is a servant. (She was born in NY)

_________________________________  Joseph Seaver Twichell  Joseph Seaver Twichell    Child of Lemuel Twichell and Esther Seaver
b.  8 Oct 1808  Athol, Worcester, MA.
d.  aft 1860 

IGI  show birth date as 8 Oct 1806.  I disagree with this as the census information provided by Edwin Twitchell supports the 1808 date and if you compare the birth date of Adaline you would see that it is unlikely for Joseph to have been born in 1806. (8 months apart) (REB)

Census of 1860 States -  Joseph was 52 years old.   1860 - 52 = 1808 (Correct Date) 
He appeared on the census in 1860 in Concord, Erie Co., NY.   Twichell    Joseph    52    MA   (1860 - 52 = 1808)
Living with brother, William and Mother, Esther Twichell (Seaver)  Lois Twichell reports that Joseph never married. (LCB)
IGI show him in the 1881 Census as

_________________________________  Adaline Twichell  Adaline Twichell   
Child of Lemuel Twichell and Esther Seaver
b.  24 Feb 1806    Athol, Worcester, MA
bpt 26 Feb 1809   Athol, Worcester, MA
Married  - 
Moses Leonard    

12th Generation Children of Adeline Twichell and Moses Leonard  Children of Adaline Twichell and Moses Leonard
Children of Adeline Twichell and Moses Leonard
12th Generation    John Leonard

_________________________________  Lucy Twichell 1st  Lucy Twichell 1st    Child of Lemuel Twichell and Esther Seaver
b.  28 Mar 1811  New Salem, Franklin, MA.
bpt 7  Apr  1811  Athol, Worcester, MA.  
Married  -
Abram Twichell 1st    (Cousin) (note comments below)
12th Generation Children of Lucy Twichell and Abram Twichell
Children of Lucy Twichell and Abram Twichell
12th Generation Children of Lucy Twichell and Abram Twichell  Abram 2nd (assuming first born)  Samuel 2nd  Lemuel 4th  Lucy 2nd

All these children are not only brothers and sisters but they are also second  cousins to each other. 
The actual ID number for Lucy is as the daughter of Lemuel.  However, she married the son of Lemuel's brother, Samuel and her children now take the number value of Samuel Twichell.  (

Some reports indicate that Lucy died in infancy. This is incorrect.
Actually, Lucy married a cousin.......   (reported by LCB)
It was Edwin Twichell that actually made the connection between Lucy and her husband, Abram..  Abram Twichell is the son of Samuel Twichell   Samuel is married to
Keziah Sever who is the sister to Esther Seaver (wife of Lemuel)  Samuel and Lemuel are brothers, now they are also brothers-in-law.  Now, Lucy is the daughter of Lemuel and she married Abram, the son of Samuel (brother of Lemuel)  This now makes Lucy and Abram - Husband and Wife as well as cousins.  It makes Samuel her uncle and father-in-law.  It also does this to Lemuel for Abram.   The comment by Lois Twichell in her writings is what gave the clue.  It was Edwin that figured it out as he had a request much earlier from another Twitchell that was looking for "Abram" and had indicated a Lucy with the same birth date as this Lucy.

Comment - Would the children of Abram and Lucy carry the numerical number of Lemuel or Samuel's line.??  In the tradition of Genealogy,  it would carry the line of the "Father".  Samuel was the father of Abram.  Therefore, the children of Abram and Lucy will follow the Numerical Line of Samuel Twichell and not Lemuel Twichell.  Thus, the different Number System.

_________________________________  Marian Twichell  Marian Twichell
 b.  10 Jan 1813  New Salem, Franklin, MA.
bpt 13 Jun 1813 Athol, Worcester, MA.
d. 1860
Married -
Leban Needham
adopted two girls.
12th Generation Children of Marian Twichell and Leban Needham
Children of Marian Twichell and Leban Needham
12th Generation    unknown (f)    unknown (f)

_________________________________  William Twichell  William Twichell
IGI Report b. 17 Dec 1816  New Salem, MA.
and d. 1865  Location not indicated.

_________________________________ Enos Twichell 4th Enos Twichell 4th
b.  4 Dec 1814  New Salem, Franklin, MA.
d.  1860 East Otto, NY.
Married: date unknown but possibly around 1834 based on age (20 years old)
1) Unknown

Married: Date unknown but believed to be abt 1854 when he moved to East Otto, NY.
2) Nancy Sackett 

Children of Enos Twichell 4th and Unknown
Children of Enos Twichell 4th and Unknown (1)
12th Generation    Alburn Twichell

Children of Enos Twichell 4th and Nancy Sackett (2)
Children of Enos Twichell 4th and Nancy Sackett (2)
12th Generation           James Twichell    Laban Twichell

Enos's first wife deserted him leaving him with one son, Alburn.  It has been reported (unconfirmed) that his first wife was Eliza Jones. His second wife gave him two sons.  James and Laban.  The East Otto, Cattaraugus, NY census says that Enos had been a resident in the town for 5 years.  This suggests that he settled in East Otto in 1850, most likely when he married Nancy Sackett.  Nancy had been a resident for 17 years, but she was born in Schoharie, NY. 

The 1855 census also enumerates the agricultural details of the Enos household.:  - - - 167 acres of land - 50 acres improved - cash value $3674.00 - stock value $550.00 - tools value $25.00 -10 acres ploughed - 25 acres pasture - 10 acres meadow - 10 tons hay - 10 acres Oats - 200 bushels Oats harvested -  2 acres Corn - 50 bushels Corn harvested - 1/2 acre potatoes - 50 bushels Potatoes harvested - 100 Lbs Maple Sugar made - 5 cows under 1yr old - 2 cows over 1 yr old (not oxen or mild cows) - 2 fleeces - 12 Lbs Wool - Eggs value $6.00 - 20 yds flannels - 15 hds cotton.  ---   This certainly suggest that Enos had a moderately healthy farm worth a considerable amount given the times.  Enos is not listed in the 1860 census and his son Alburn is found living with his brother (Enos's) William.  This suggests he might have died around that time.

1855 East Otto Census printout
Click Here         View a Map of Erie County in the Mid 1840s - Click Here


12th Generation  Children or Royal Twichell and Ruth Field  Children
Children of Royal Twichell and Ruth Field
12th Generation Children of Royal Twichell & Ruth Field    Dwight Twichell
b. 1828  Concord, Erie Co., NY.
d.  4 Nov 1906  Fleming, Sask., Canada.   View the details of his death
Buried in Fleming, Sask.  A plaque is erected in Arborville, Nebraska to Dwight, his second wife and two sons.
(Old Cemetery located near Highway close to the town) (Local Knowledge required to locate)
(1) Married  Unknown
Unknown Spouse
b.  Unknown
d.  She died while married to Dwight.
(2) Married  13 Mar 1873  Merrimack, NH.
Catherine Bowen Tenney 
b.    6 May 1829 
Grafton, New Hampshire
d.  30 Sep. 1899  Arborville, York, Nebraska
This would have been the wife that was in attendance at Royal's Funeral.  She died before Dwight.
Catherine is the daughter of Amos Tenney and Hannah Cass. 

(3) Married
Unknown Spouse
b.  Unknown
d.  Unknown
After this marriage she left Dwight and returned to Minneapolis, MN. 

Children of Dwight Twichell and Unknown (1)
Children of Dwight Twichell and Unknown (1)
13th Generation  Unknown Daughter  Unknown Daughter  Unknown Daughter  Unknown Daughter  Unknown Daughter

In all, there were 5 children.  They all died previous to Dwight.
From the Lois Twichell Memoirs - an account of Royal Twichell's Funeral and who was there. (1881)  There was present at the funeral my eldest brother Dwight and his wife and daughter, the daughterís husband and his little girl, and a girl who had lived with my parents and had come with them from Minnesota and had since married in York. Her husband was also there. Myself and Emily and my widowed mother completed our number. Father had been 80 years old on the previous November 1st. (1881)

I remained with mother for two weeks, as long as I could, and then returned home, leaving her to her lonely life, with the promise that she might come to see me later, but at present she would stay and settle the affairs before she could think of leaving home. My brother Dwight lived about Ĺ a mile from her and would look after anything she needed. 
View Portion of Census below

In the 1880 Census, (See Below) a girl by the name of Lily A. Twichell is seen living with Royal and Almina Twichell.  The Census says that it is their daughter.  The Census states the girl was born by a father from MA. and a Mother from Vermont.  These are the same locations that Royal and Almina were born.  That would mean that when Lois was in Anoka and just before, that Almina would have had that child.  Lois did not know who the child was in her memoirs. 
She certainly would have mentioned the fact but she just referred to her as "another girl".    I suspect it is another family members daughter that had been sent to live with Royal or possibly they have made arrangements to have her live with them to assist with the housework.  Lois's memoirs are so detailed that to leave something as important as family out would be very out of character for Lois.  Also, this girl was born in Wisconsin according to the Census.  I do not believe that Royal ever went there.  When he left Minnesota he went to Nebraska.

1880 Census   Township 12 York, Nebraska     This Census shows a daughter of Royal and Almena Twichell.  In fact, we believe this daughter to be that of Royal's son, Humphry, even though the location of births do not match.  Humphry had a daughter by the name of Asa L Twichell who was 1 year old in 1860.  I think this is Lily A, Twichell not Asa L. Twichell. 

Royal TWICHELL    SELF    M    MALE    W    78    MA    MISSIONARY    MA    MA
Almena M Twichell  WIFE   M    Female W    70    VT    KEEP HOUSE     MA    MA
Lily A TWICHELL     DAU    S     Female W    21    WI                         MA    VT

Lily A. Twichell
b. 1859  WI    Listed as 21 in 1880 Nebraska Census

I am looking at more information on this topic.  At this time, I do not believe the young girl belongs to Royal.
I think she is the granddaughter of Royal.  She is probably the Daughter of Humphry Twichell. (REB)

Dwight was buried in Fleming, Saskatchewan. (The home of Lois)  A monument was erected in Arborville, Neb. by his second wife and two children.  (LCB)  A picture of Lois with her family in Fleming can be seen by clicking "Photo and Map".   Dwight was actually staying in Fleming with Lois (the last surviving member of the original family) so that she could care for him during his illness.  Dwight's third wife spent a short time with him and then left him in Arborville, NB and returned to Minneapolis, MN.  Dwight was married to Catherine Bowen Tenney 13 Mar 1873, Merrimack, NH. 
 (I think this is his second wife) (REB)

Comment: In the mid 1980's I was driving through Fleming on highway 1 (Trans Canada Highway).   I stopped to fuel the car and I asked the gas attendant where the cemetery was.  He gave me the directions but something he said indicated it was a new cemetery.  I asked where the old one was.   He pointed across the highway northward to a clump of low bushes about a quarter of a mile away.  "There", he said.  "That is the old one".   I walked to the edge of the Gas Station to get a little better view.  What I saw was a patch of tall weeds in the middle of the 'summer fallow'.  Simply, an area that has not been touched, but farming was done all around it.  It was obviously over grown.  I was not involved in genealogy at the time but I had known about Fleming in our history.  I should have taken the time to get into the cemetery.  I regret not doing it.  That was over 40 years ago.    Lemuel Houghton (Humphry) Twichell
b.  abt 1830 Concord, Erie Co., NY
d.  unknown
Married   Unknown 

Children of Lemuel and Unknown

Children of Lemuel Houghton (Humphry) Twichell and Unknown  Esther Twichell    Married Mr. James Chase  Addie Twichell  

Lemuel 3rd was always called "Humphry"  (LCB)
Lois Twichell Memoirs page 5 indicates that the eldest daughter of Humphry Twichell married Mr. James Chase.
It appears that the daughter would have been Esther Twichell.  (Esther Chase)    Elmira Twichell
b.  abt 1831   Concord, Erie Co., NY.
d.  Mar 1848  Concord, Erie Co., NY.
Married  1844  Arcade, Wyoming, NY
Barnabus H. Botsford
b.  Mar 1820  Arcade, Wyoming, NY.
d.  unknown
He was the son of Ephraim Bennett Botsford and Ruth Hatch.

After Elmira died, Barnabus married Mary C. Bacon in 1859 in Gaines, Orleans, NY. (IGI)  Albert Wallace Botsford was contacted by Lois about 1875.  He was married and three daughters and was living in Genesis.  (Tenn.)   A few years after the first contact, Lois attempted to make contact again but he had moved and no forwarding address of details were available.  Elmira is listed by IGI as "Elmira Tuchel"  (Another form of spelling for Twichell / Twitchell)    Almeda Twichell  Almeda Twichell
12th Generation
b.  1833  Concord, Erie Co., NY       She was 12 years old at the time of Ruth's Death. (LCB)
d.  unknown
Married  1856
David G. Smith
They resided in Winona, Minn. where they had a son.    Emily Twichell
b.  abt 1836 Concord, Erie Co., NY    (Emily was 9 years old at the time of Ruth's death)
d.  Feb 1848  Arcade, Wyoming Co., NY
She is buried in East Otto.

Comment from the Memoirs of Lois Twichell (1848)
" My father had built great hopes on Emily and intended to give her every chance he could to get an education.    It had been her ambition to be a teacher, which was afterwards carved on her headstone which I saw over 3 years afterwards, when on a visit to East Otto."    Royal Emmons Twichell
b. abt 1838  Concord, Erie Co., NY
d. abt 1842  Hudson, Allegany Co., NY (Died at age 4) (KCB)

Lois Clarinda Twichell marriage    Lois Clarinda Twichell                  About Lois Twichell    by Ron Blackwell
b.    8 Sep 1841  New Hudson, Allegany Co., NY                            
d.  27 Nov 1925  Brandon, Manitoba, Canada.   Lois is the Great Grandmother to the Webmaster - Ron Blackwell
Married   6 May 1863  Anoka, Minn.
George Blackwell
b.  15 Oct 1834  Cheltenham, Gloucester, England        
d.    9 Dec 1916  Brandon, Manitoba, Canada.              AUTHOR - LOIS CLARINDA TWICHELL MEMOIRS

Child of Royal Twichell and Almina Nourse
Child of Royal Twichell and Almina Nourse   Unknown  Infant birth.  abt 1845/46
After the death of Ruth, Royal and Almina (second wife) tried to have children.  However, there was only one child and it died near birth.  We are given a description in the Lois Twichell Memoirs but no name is offered for the child.


12th Generation Children of Lemuel Houghton Twichell and Hannah 'Twichell"  Children of Lemuel Houghton Twichell 3rd and Hannah "Twichell"
Children of Lemuel Houghton Twichell and Hannah 'Twichell'
12th Generation
Marcus D. Twichell
Erastus Twichell.
Asa L. Twichell.
Esther Twichell.
Suzy K. Twichell.

12th Generation  Children of Adaline Twichell and Moses Leonard  Children of Adaline Twichell and Moses Leonard   
Children of Adaline Twichell and Moses Leonard
12th Generation    John Leonard 

13th Generation  Children of Elmira Twichell and Barnabus Botsford
Children of Elmira Twichell and Barnabus Botsford
13th Generation                                                                                          Info in the Memoirs  Albert Wallace Botsford
b.  1845  Arcade, NY.

13th Generation  Children of Almeda Twichell and David Smith
Children of Almeda Twichell and David Smith
13th Generation                                                                                         Info in the Memoirs    Ernest Howard Smith
Married - 
Susan ................ ?   (LCB)


Lois Twichell Memoirs

The Twichell / Twitchell Name

Spelling of the Name ' Twichell '
Note the change in the Spelling of the last name.  We do not know why but it appears to be here at this point in time that the change was made, or a least that we take notice of it.  In Lois's memoirs, a conversation is had by Royal Twichell (Lois's father) and a man by the name of Moses Twitchell.  That conversation leads us to believe that the change occurred back in earlier times when two Twitchell brothers came from England; one changing the spelling while the other kept the original spelling.  Upon checking with Edwin Twitchell, one of the main Twitchell Researchers, he had no supporting evidence of this.  It may remain a puzzle for some time but they are all the same family.  Lois gives us the first clue, and to me, this type of reasoning for changing the spelling seems logical.  It is also interesting to note that Royal Twichell and some other members of his family are referred to a 'Twitchells' in some of the information on the internet, as well as old newspaper clippings and other historical documentation. Obviously, it has been an issue for generations.  It could be the typist made the error, but we do know that the Twichell name is one of three ways to spell it.  The other being 'Truchel' or 'Tuchel'.

Here the Blackwell / Twichell connection grew into a hardworking and dedicated family that was reminiscent of the ancestors of both sides.  Together, they forged a new life and home in the flatlands of Canada.

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