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Unknown or Unidentified Blackwells


Unknown Blackwells and Unidentified Blackwells and Related Families
This page lists either unknown Blackwells or family members we want to contact.



The photos below are of those that we already have information on and those that we don't.  Our hopes are that visitors to the website will be able to update us on some of the individuals.  Our goal is to make contact with the family members of these people so that they can add correct and updated information to the site.  Contact me. (Ron)




We ask the family of these people to contact us.

 Photo 159                     Photo 160   
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In 1942 the Blackwell family in Minnesota gathered the summer before their parents 55th wedding anniversary.   All are present in the photo with the exception of the two deceased girls.  The newspaper report mentions that two of the grandchildren are present.  As two are shown in the photo, we assume it is them; namely, Celeste and Norma.  If you know of any of the people in these photos - Contact Me


Blackwells from the Allan Blackwell Family

We ask the family of these people to contact us.

Photo 161
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Photo 161 is the family of Allan Blackwell
Allan is the second oldest boy in the John Blackwell and Sarah Howes Family.
Residence at time of photo was in Santa Rosa, CA.
Trying to make contact with anyone in this photo.   Contact Me with any information please.


  Photo and guess work.

  Photo 216                   Norma Blackwell
ID Needed                         1908       
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Unknown Photo (216) from the Bible of Norma Wilkinson - nee Blackwell

Is it Sophia Blackwell (Frost)10.2.2?  Aunt to Norma Blackwell
Sophia was born in 1830 and the photo is to supposed to show her as 27 1/2 years old.  This means if it is her photo it would have been taken in 1857 or 1858.  Sophia was in England at that time and believed to have come over in the late 1860s.  I don't think it is Sophia.

Is it Almena Nourse (Twichell) the second wife of Royal Twichell?
Almena was born in 1810 so at 27 1/2 years of age, it means the photo would have been taken in 1837 or 1838.  As Royal was still married to Ruth who died in 1844 or 1845, it could not be Almena.

Is it Lois Twichell (Blackwell)? 
Lois was born in 1841 so if it is her at 27 1/2 years of age then the photo would have been taken in 1868 or 1869.  She would have been a Blackwell since 1863 and her husband took up photographer as a hobby.  Does it look like the elderly lady in the next photo below?  Not in my opinion.

Is it Elizabeth Blackwell?
Elizabeth died in 1865 in England.  She was born in 1827 so that would mean the photo was taken in 1854 or 1855.  As she never came over to America, possibly the photo was taken and brought with Sophia so the family could see her image.  I can see no reason for Norma to have this photo if it is Elizabeth.  Her father and mother would likely have it.

Is it Ruth Field (Twichell)?
I suggest this photo is someone very dear to Norma for her to keep it in her bible.  It certainly predates her own photo.  As it was in Norma's bible the photo was found in, I find that it could either be a photo of her mother, Lois Twichell or her biological grandmother, Ruth Field.  The photo certainly is old and should I be correct, the photo would have been taken in 1835 or 1836, some 8 or 9 years before Ruth's death.  A little detail here would help so I have copied a passage from Lois's memoirs that give a description of her biological mother, Ruth Field. 
"... she was of a gentle and obliging disposition, mild and quiet in manner.
She was small, about 5' tall with dark brown hair that was parted a little to one side over a rather low broad forehead.  Her eyes were dark blue and her complexion was fair"     
Now, compare this description with the woman in Photo 216.  Click on the Photo to Enlarge it.

My Guess (that is all it is) 
I think the photo is Ruth Field, biological mother of Lois Clarinda Twichell and was taken in New York state in the year 1836
Should anyone know someone who has some expertise in photography, I could use some help.  This could be a critical photo for us.
Contact Me.

Below is Norma's Mother and Father.  Lois Twichell and George Blackwell. 
Can you see any facial similarity between Lois and the young woman in the above photo 216?  I am hard pressed to find it.

Lois Twichell and George Blackwell  - photo in 1908
Lois Blackwell - nee Twichell and George Blackwell
Photo taken about 1908





"Because you did not know me does not mean I was not.
If that is so true why search for your lot?
Is it for me you hunger or your place on a line?
You have your life before you to look for mine.
Either is good for what is a name
but to show the world that we are the same."