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             12th Generation



     William Blackwell
                       1845 - 1917

12th Generation
William Blackwell  
b. 1845   Charleton Kings, Gloucester, England. (Census 1851)  (adopted)
d. 1917   Puyallup, Washington, USA.  (LDS) ( LCB)  Went by the name of Bill we believe.





    St. Martins of Charlton
St. Martins of Charleton


Note:  We recently found a James Blackwell in Alexandria, MN. who was married to a Emma ..... and had a three year old child.  We are quite confident that this is actually William Blackwell.  Thus, we have included this information below.  However, we have not totally confirmed this connection at this time.  We have used the information in the hopes that some researcher will be able to confirm one way or the other, the accuracy of this information.  Previous research indicates that William was actually James W. Blackwell.  More research is needed here.  The assumed information is printed in italics.

*The following details of his marital status is unconfirmed at this time.
We found this information in a Census for Alexandria, MN.
Emma V. "Blackwell"  (Maiden name unknown)
b. 1855  Illinois
d. Unknown
We know her father was from KY and her mother was from PA.  Names unknown at this time.
            13th Generation Children of James W. Blackwell (10.2.6) and Emma V. Blackwell
    Lewis S, Blackwell 
            b. 1877
            d. Unknown

Also on speculation is that he was called 'Bill' by the family but it is possible him middle name was James.
We point this out due to a Census report for Alexandria, MN. that lists a James Blackwell with all the details quite similar to William.  More research needs to be done.

Note:  We have very little information on William.  We know he came to Minnesota with his older sister, Sophia.  Therefore, we assume he lived in Alexandria as Sophia did or possibly in Holmes City, MN.  The only fact we have is from the Memoirs of Lois Twichell.  She stated that upon the visit to Minnesota by her husband in 1877 to see his father, George Blackwell Jr. also got to see Sophia and William.  We also are told that William died in 1917 in Puyallup, WA.
It should be noted that Lois calls him 'Bill' in her memoirs so it is likely that he went by that name.
All other information after 1877 is pure speculation at this point.

In the 1851 Census he is shown as 11 and born in Charlton Kings, Gloucester, England. He was adopted by the Blackwell family prior to age 6.

More Information
During the early days of our research we kept coming across a James Blackwell who purchased land next to George Blackwell (10.2)  We had no idea who this Blackwell was until information came to us about the 1880 Census in Alexandria, MN.  As all the details of the census are identical to what our William would have and the fact that he is not listed in the Death Certificates of MN, we only can assume he died elsewhere.  William, did not die in MN either.  We know he passed away in WA., State in 1917.  Also, Henry Blackwell was a witness along with an Emma V. Blackwell in a family document.
Until proven, we can only accept James W Blackwell as our "potential" William Blackwell at this time.

After a lead that William may be called James, and also that he may be in Alexandria, MN I searched the web for what I could find.  Here are the results....  Found in

Name: James W. Blackwell
Age: 33
Est. Birth Year    1847
Birthplace: England
Occupation: Carpenter
Head of Household: Self
Home in 1880: Alexandria, Douglas, MN
Marital Status: Married
Race: White
Gender: Male
Father's Birthplace: England
Mother's Birthplace: England

Every point of this report checks out closely with our information.  The birth year is out by about 1 year.  The middle initial could be for William.

Additional research found the following... (

Name             Head                 Sex       Race  Age    POB      Occupation    Father POB   Mothers POB

James W. Blackwell    Self         M    Male      W     33    England  Carpenter       England           England
Emma V. Blackwell      Wife       M    Female   W     25    Illinois    Housekeeping     KY                 PA
Lewis S. Blackwell       Son         S     Male      W      3     MN                                  England           Illinois

James is listed as being born in 1847   (he is listed as 6 in the 1851 census - making birth year 1845)  Keep in mind that the 1851 Census was taken in the early part of 1851.

From 1880 Census
Emma V Blackwell b. 1855 Illinois     Age 25   Occupation: Housekeeper  
Married to James W. Blackwell
She lists the birthplace of her father as in KY and her mother in PA.
Lewis S. Blackwell  b. 1877  MN (presume Alexandria)  Age 3 

Comment from the Memoirs of Lois Twichell - The Death of William Blackwell (10.2.6)

 "Will Blackwell, my husbandís adopted brother, died a few months after at Puyallup, Washington."
The time of this comment was February of 1917.  The indicate William died around May of 1917.

All we know about William is from the various internet sources and from the Memoirs of Lois Twichell.  Lois reports that William was adopted by George Blackwell 10.2   In the 1851 Census of Gloucester, England, William is shown as age 6 and is listed as a scholar. (in school)

William was definitely considered a member of the family and was spoken fondly of by Lois in her memoirs as she comments about her husband George Jr. as looking forward to seeing him and Sophia on a visit to Minnesota in 1877.   They arrived in Minnesota sometime prior to 1871.  He was called 'Bill' in her memoirs so I assume that was the name he went by.

Their mother, Mary Barradell had passed away in the fall of 1864 .  The eldest child, Elizabeth, died shortly after her mother.  That left Sophia and William alone in England.  

Minnesota records show that in the year 1873, George Blackwell Sr. (10.2) purchased land in Douglas County and just 10 days later a James W. Blackwell purchased property directly beside him.  The documentation for both transactions were signed in the Litchfield Office.  There is a belief (without any proof) that James W. Blackwell was actually William Blackwell.  If this was our William then he would have been 28 years old at the time.   We also know that he was in Minnesota prior to 1871  It is interesting that the Registrar of Deeds for Litchfield was John Blackwell.  This gets interesting.  One thing is certain.  In 1877 when George Jr. ( 10.2.4 ) was going to Minnesota from Canada to visit his aged father, George Sr. (10.2 )   He knew that Sophia and William were there.   We also know that Lois Twichell - Blackwell commented in her memoirs that in 1877 (before George Jr. left for his visit) George Jr. had not seen William (Bill) or Sophia since he left England.  This is how we know that William arrived after 1863. and prior to 1871.  We also know that William came to America with Sophia and she was married in 1871in MN..  The James W. Blackwell that bought the land next to George Sr. could confirm that William was in Minnesota in 1873.  A recent find in the Census of Alexandria, MN has shown us that James W. Blackwell is married to a Emma V Blackwell and have a 3 year old son, Lewis S. (See above for details)  Another thought on this situation can be found here.

I found no information on James W. in the Meeker County Census.

Please contact us if you can be of any help on William Blackwell or James W. Blackwell

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