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Family of William Minor Blackwell   1864 - 1943                                                                         

13th Generation - Son of Henry Blackwell and Amanda Van Loon William Miner Blackwell
b.   2 Sep  1864  Holmes City, Minnesota  (Newspaper report states - "He will be 78 in Sept. of 1943)
d. 13 May 1943 Alexandria, Minnesota      (He was the 1st white child born in Meeker County)
Death Cert#  1943-MN-003758
Married:  24 Feb 1887  Effington, Minnesota  (In the home of the Bride's Parents) 
Wilhelmina Frederica (Minnie) Lauermann           
b.  16 Aug 1868  On a farm near Chaska in Carver Co., Minnesota
d.  10 Feb 1953  Alexandria, Minnesota     Death Cert #  1953-MN-003929  Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Phillip Lauermann of South Effington, Otter Tail Co. 

Tombstone    Obituary    55th Anniversary     See all information on William and Wilhelmina

The Children of William Miner Blackwell and Wilhelmina Lauermann    14th Generation
The Children of William Miner Blackwell and Wilhelmina Lauermann
14th Generation Children of William Miner Blackwell and Wilhelmina Lauermann   Clara Blackwell   m. Elmer T. Drum    photo   William Blackwell Jr.
 m. Beda Loding   Robert Blackwell
   m. Miss Englund   Photo   Adeline Blackwell   m. Erick Shelberg   Photo   Martha Blackwell  m. Peter Swenson   Photo   Harriet Blackwell  m.   Viola Blackwell m. Paul W. Hanson   Photo   Stephen F. Blackwell
m. Myrtle Hohnwaldt    Photo         Gladys Blackwell 
m. Eugene Hintzen   Photo Wilmina Blackwell
m. Gordon Hawley

Clara Emma Blackwell
Clara Emma Blackwell
1st Born of William Minor Blackwell and Wilhelmina Lauermann
14th Generation Clara Emma Blackwell
b. 16 Apr 1888  d. Unknown
m. Elmer T. Drum  27 Jun 1916
Reported as living in Minneapolis MN. as of August of 1943
No Children known at this time.

 Clara Emma Blackwell - Drum abt 1925
 Clara Emma Blackwell - Drum
             abt 1910 
Photo 118

William Henry Blackwell
William Henry Blackwell
2nd Born of William Minor Blackwell and Wilhelmina Lauermann
14th Generation William Henry Blackwell                    Gravesite     Obituary 
b. 30 May 1889  Holmes City, Minnesota
d. 21 Aug 1946  Alexandria, MN  -   In the Lady of Mercy  Hospital 
In August of 1943 we know that William attended the 55th Wedding Anniversary of his parents.  He was recorded as living in Holmes City at that time.
Buried in Rose Hill Cemetery, Holmes City, MN.  -  Death Cert#  1946-MN-003893
We do not understand why he was not buried in the VanLoon Cemetery as all the other VanLoon and Blackwells were.
Married:  1 Dec 1914  Holmes City, Minnesota
Beda Loding
After the death of William Blackwell, Beda Loding - Blackwell  (age 50) Married:  16 Oct 1948 to Peter Berg  (age 53)
Witnesses were Rose and Victor Grubb   They were married by Rev. Alexander Tjornhorn.

The Children of William H Blackwell and Beda Loading
The Children of William H Blackwell and Beda Loading
15th Generation Children of William H. Blackwell and Beda Loding Lyle L Blackwell
b. Oct, 1916
d. Jan. 2, 1917
Death Cert#  1917-MN-003659
He died at the age of 4 months and is buried in the Rose Hill Cemetery.  When his father, William Henry passed away in 1946 he was buried beside Lyle Leslie.  A Family monument stands over the two flat headmarkers for William and his young son, Lyle. Celeste Blackwell
We have almost no information on Celeste at this time except that as of August 1946 she was present at her fathers funeral and it was recorded that she was married to a Mr. Phillip Cannizzo and was living in Chicago.  Recent updates on information is that she is living in Hawaii (2007)

15th Generation Norma Blackwell
Norma was present at her fathers funeral in August of 1946 and was recorded as married to Mr. William F. Rash and  was living in East Cleveland, Ohio.
Norma was living in Albany, California as of 2001, and has since moved to Hawaii.  Contact was made with her but she had no information available at that time.
           Norma Blackwell
Photo Courtesy of Kathryn Johnson
              Photo 120a

Gravesite of William and son Kyle
Gravesite of William and son Kyle

The Family Marker for the William Henry Blackwell Family
Photo 119
The Family Marker for the William H Blackwell family
It heads the markers for both William and Lyle.
Click to Enlarge
Photo by Ken Blackwell

Photo 120                                Photo 121
 William H Blackwell              Lyle Lesley William Blackwell
William was buried beside his infant son Lyle with a similar marker.
Click to Enlarge
Photos by Ken Blackwell


Obituary Notice
Obituary Notice - Park Region Echo August 29, 1946 - Page 5
William Henry Blackwell passed away Wednesday, August 21, 1946 at Our Lady of Mercy Hospital due to complications from an accidental fall the day before.    Mr. Blackwell was born on May 30, 1889 at Holmes City and was 57 years 2 months at the time of his passing.  He had made this community his home all of his life and as a young man attended the McPhail School of Music at Minneapolis.  He was married on December 1st, 1914 to Beda Loding at Holmes City.  
Since his marriage he was been farming but for two years that he was employed at Northern Pump in Minneapolis and for one year in Los Angeles, California in 1941.  A short time ago he sold his farm and retired.  He had always been a hard worker, although thoughtful and saving for his family and had very many friends.
Those who live to survive him are his wife, Mrs. Blackwell and two daughters, Celeste, Mrs. Phillip Cannizzo of Chicago, Ill., Norma, Mrs. Wm.F.Rash of East Cleveland, Ohio, three grandchildren; Lani, Teddy and Cira Janes and his aged mother, Mrs. Minnie Blackwell of Minneapolis.  Four sisters and two brothers, Mrs. E.T.Drum of Minneapolis, Mrs. P.W. Hanson of Alexandria, Mrs. Eugene Shelberg of Chicago, Ill. and Stephen and Robert Blackwell of Brainerd, Minnesota.  His father and two sisters preceded him in death and one son, Lyle Leslie passed away in infancy.  Funeral Services were held Monday, August 26, 1946 at 1 o'clock
from Engstrom Funeral Home and at 2 o'clock from Trinity Lutheran Church of Holmes City with Rev. E.O. Valberg officiating.  Mr. Ted Ording sang three solos.   'Abide with Me'   at the funeral home and at the church ' In the Garden '  and  'Lead Kindly Light'.
The pallbearers were Carl Anderson, Victor Grubb, Carl Nelson, Norman Nelson, Edwin Anderson, Willie Nelson. 
Internment was made in Rose Hill cemetery at Holmes City.


Robert Blackwell
Robert Blackwell
3rd born of William Minor Blackwell and Wilhelmina Lauermann

   Robert Blackwell - son of William Minor Blackwell
Robert Ernest Blackwell
        1891 - 1967
          Photo 98
     Click to Enlarge

14th Generation Robert Ernest Blackwell
b. 6 Jan 1891  MN.
d. 9 Feb 1967  Crow Wing, MN.
Death Cert#  1967-MN-003201      Reported living in Oakland, CA. in August of 1943
Married:  Miss Englund  (according to Death Cert)

The Children of Robert Ernest Blackwell and Miss Englund    15th Generation Children of Robert Ernest Blackwell
The Children of Robert Ernest Blackwell and Miss Englund
15th Generation Robert Vincent Blackwell 
b. 12 Apr  1921
d.   9 Oct  1980
    Certid# 1980-MN-025088
Married:   20 Oct 1942
Doris Dale Musselman Kenneth Arthur Blackwell  (no information)

The Children of Robert Vincent Blackwell   16th Generation Children of Robert Vincent Blackwell (
The Children of Robert Vincent Blackwell
16th Generation  Children of Robert Vincent Blackwell Judith Lynn Blackwell
b. 27 Mar 1942 Loa Jeanne Blackwell 
b. 24 Sept. 1943  Married: Mr. Rofidal Lonnie Kay Blackwell 
b.  4 Jun. 1946  Married: Mr. Adair Denise Gai Blackwell 
b.  18 Oct. 1950 Married: Mr. Kraft John Michael Blackwell 
b. 24 Aug. 1961  Married: Unknown

Adaline Blackwell
Adaline Blackwell
4th Born of William Minor Blackwell and Wilhelmina Lauermann

Adeline Blackwell abt 1920
            Adaline Blackwell (Shelberg)
                          abt. 1920
                         Photo 122

14th Generation Adeline Sybella Blackwell
b.  2 Aug 1892    Lake Mary Township, Douglas Co., MN.
d. 14 Apr 1959    Chicago, Illinois  Age 66 yrs, 8 ms. 12 days.    Obituary
Married:  16 Aug 1944
Mr. Erick Shelberg

Adeline and Erick Shelberg  1944
Adeline and Erick Shelberg
Photo taken of Sept 2, 1944
Photo Courtesy of Amy H Johnson
Photo 122a

Adeline's Obituary - Reprinted Here
Courtesy of Amy H Johnson

Adeline's Obituary
Mrs. Erick Shelberg - Funeral Services Held April 17th
Funeral services for Adeline Sybella Blackwell Shelberg were held Friday, April 17, at 2:30pm from the Engstrom-Maetzold Funeral Home.
The Rev. Earl Toy officiated.  Reuben Terras sang "Children of Our Heavenly Father" and "Eternal Day" accompanied by Mrs. Otto Hjelm.
Casket bearers were Douglas Drum, Paul Blackwell Hanson, Eugene Hanson, Virgil Johnson, Reuben Terras, and Ernest Vantries.
Internment was in the VanLoon Cemetery.

Adeline Shelberg was born in Lake Mary Township on August 2, 1892, the daughter of William and Wilhelmina Blackwell.  She attended the Pocket Lake school, Central high school in Minneapolis, and the Northwestern University of Evanston, Ill. where she graduated and received a masters degree in music and art.  She received a scholarship from the Northwestern University to attend the Boston Conservatoire of Music where she worked on her Doctorate.

Adeline Shelberg was a teacher in the Alexandria high school in 1923, later teaching at the Duluth Teachers College and in Detroit, Mich.  Her great ambition in life was church work.  At the time of her passing she served as organist in three churches in Chicago.  She also did social work and was a member of the Eastern Star.

Mrs. Shelberg passed away Tuesday, April 14 in Chicago at the age of 66 years, 8 months and 12 days. 

Surviving are her husband, Eric Shelberg of Chicago and formerly of Nelson, MN., Mrs. Clara Drum of Minneapolis, Harriett of San Francisco, Robert of Minneapolis, Mrs. Gladys Hintzen of Montevideo, Mrs. Paul H. Hanson and Stephen Blackwell of Alexandria.

She was preceded in death by her parents, two sister, Mrs. Martha Swenson, Mrs. Wilmina Hawley and one brother, William.

Adeline Blackwell - Daughter of William Minor Blackwell
Adeline Blackwell Shelberg
1892 - 1959
Photo by Ken Blackwell
Photo 123
Click to Enlarge

The Children of Adeline Blackwell and Erick Shelberg
The Children of Adeline Blackwell and Erick Shelberg
15th Generation Children of Adeline Blackwell ( and Mr. Shelberg
None listed

Amanda with Grandmother, Amanda Blackwell - VanLoon
Adeline Blackwell with her Grandmother, Amanda Blackwell - VanLoon
Photo 226
Click to Enlarge

We know from a newspaper account covering the 55th wedding anniversary of her parents in 1943 that Adeline was living in Chicago at that time. 
Note:  A report by an unrelated individual is Amos Weatherhead.  He was born in February of 1888.  He died in California in 1977.  In relating his life story after many years, he commented on his early years in Minnesota.  He loved to dance and he reported on the ladies who were excellent dancers that he recalled.  They were Edith Anderson, Flo Miller, Hannah Ekman, Becky Mary, Anna Stark and Clara and Adeline Blackwell. 
He married Julia Agnes Kott in Alexandria on September 16, 1911.

Martha Blackwell  
Martha Blackwell
5th born of William Minor Blackwell and Wilhelmina Lauermann

     Peter Swenson and Martha Blackwell
  Peter and Martha Swenson
          Click to Enlarge
             Photo 124d

Photo Courtesy of Amy Hanson

14th Generation Martha Blackwell
b. 11 Mar 1896  Holmes City Township, MN
d. 15 Dec 1914  At the home of her parents near Pocket Lake (Age 18)       Obit below
Married: Date Unknown
Peter Swenson                                        Photo Below         Obituary

b. 14 Jul 1888  Holmes City, MN.
d. 17 Mar 1976  

Peter is the Son of Ole Swenson and Kristi Knutson

The Children of Martha Blackwell and Peter Swenson
The Children of Martha Blackwell and Peter Swenson
15th Generation Children of Martha Blackwell ( and Peter Swenson Marion Swenson
Married: Date Unknown
Reuben Terras

Peter Swenson (L) and Robert Blackwell (R)
Photo Courtesy of Kathryn Johnson
Peter and Robert were not only related by marriage but where close friends as well.
Photo 124a
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Martha Blackwell - Daughter of William Minor Blackwell
Martha Blackwell
1893 - 1914
Photo by Ken Blackwell
Photo 124
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Obituary of Martha Blackwell Swenson   
Obituary of Martha Blackwell - Swenson
Martha Blackwell Swenson, a notice of whose death was given last week, died at the home of her parents near Pocket Lake on Tuesday, December 15th.  Martha Blackwell Swenson was the wife of Peter Swenson of Berg, North Dakota.  She was born at Holmes City on March 11th 1896 and at the time of her death was 18 years, 9 months and 4 days old.  Mrs. Swenson had been confined to her bed for over a year during which time she was always cheerful and carried the burdens of her illness with the greatest of patience.  The funeral was held at Pocket Lake on Friday, December 18.  Rev. George E Tindall of Alexandria conducted the funeral at the home, and the internment was made in Pocket Lake Cemetery (VanLoon Cemetery)
Mrs. Swenson leaves a husband and a little daughter, three brothers, 6 sisters and her parents, Mr. & Mrs. William Blackwell.  The bereaved husband and parents have the sympathy of their friends and acquaintances.  The members of the family wish to thank their friends for their many kindnesses and the sympathy extended at this time.

Note:  After the death of Martha, Peter Swenson, married Lillian Anderson.
Lillian died 9 November 1968 and Peter died 17 March 1976.  They are both buried in Van Loon Cemetery. 

Children of Peter Swenson and Lillian Anderson
Children of Peter Swenson and Lillian Anderson
15th Generation
Udell Swenson
Phyllis Swenson m. Egner Zastrow
Douglas Swenson 
Rodney Swenson 
d. 1925

Obituary for Peter Swenson

Obituary for Peter Swenson
Photo 124b
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The Family of Marion Swenson and Reuben Terras
The Family of Marion Swenson and Reuben Terras
16th Generation
16th Generation Children of Marion Swenson and Reuben Terras  No Information

Harriet A. Blackwell 
Harriet A Blackwell
6th Born of William Minor Blackwell and Wilhelmina Lauermann
14th Generation Harriet A. (Hattie) Blackwell 
b. 3 June 1897
Living in San Francisco, CA. as of August 1943

Viola Mildred Blackwell  
Viola Mildred Blackwell

7th born of William Minor Blackwell and Wilhelmina Lauermann
14th Generation Viola Mildred Blackwell  (age 26)
b. 25 Nov 1898 
d. 24 May 1974
m.  11 Jun 1925
Dr. Paul Wagenius Hanson  (age 40)
b. 19 Jun 1884  Mentland, Sweden
d. 29 Dec 1966
He was the son of Pehr & Marrit Wagenius Hanson.
Witnesses were H.G. Hanson and Gladys Blackwell   They were married by Rev. J.R. Davies 
"Paul came to the US at the age of 7 and lived in Holmes City, Township, MN. with his parents and two brothers, Hans Hanson and Albert Hanson
Paul was an optometrist in Alexandria, MN., the place of residence for Paul and Viola."

Viola Mildren Hanson nee Blackwel
Viola Mildred Hanson nee Blackwell
1898 - 1974
Photo Provided by Amy Harriet Hanson
Photo 124c

Click to Enlarge

The Children of Viola Blackwell and Dr. Paul Hanson
The Children of Viola Blackwell and Dr. Paul Hanson
15th Generation Children of Viola Blackwell and Dr. Paul Hanson Paul Blackwell Hanson 
Believed born in Douglas Co., MN.
b. 12 Sept 1936  Sauk Centre, Stearns, MN.
Married:  21 Sept 1978
Sonja Ruth Hultin

The Children of Paul Hanson and Sonja Hultin
The Children of Paul Hanson and Sonja Hultin
16th Generation Children of Paul Hanson and Sonja Hultin  Amy Harriet Hanson 
b. 27 Jul 1980  Rochester, Olmsted, MN.  (Contributor to this Genealogy Website)

Steven F. Blackwell 
Steven F Blackwell
8th born of William Minor Blackwell and Wilhelmina Lauermann Stephen F Blackwell                                            Obituary
b. 27 July 1900 Holmes City, MN. Douglas Co.                       Birth   Cert#   1900-05770
d. 17 Apr 1966     buried on 21 Apr 1966 VanLoon Cemetery   Death Cert#   1966-MN-008547
Married:  30 Nov 1940      (age 40)
Myrtle Hohnwaldt  (age 32)
Witnesses were Mrs. Matha Schmidt and Mr. Henry Schmidt
They were married by Rev. W.L. Hass
They were later divorced.
Stephen is noted as living in Holmes City from a Newspaper report of August 1943 on the occasion of his parents 55th Wedding Anniversary.

Steven F Blackwell about 1925
                                  Steven F Blackwell
               about 1925
                                       Photo 125

Stephen Blackwell - Son of William Minor Blackwell
Stephen F. Blackwell
1900 - 1966
Photo by Ken Blackwell
Photo 126

Obituary - Park Region Echo  12 May, 1966
Funeral services held at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, for Stephen F. Blackwell, were held at the Anderson Funeral home at 2 PM., Thursday, April 21, 1966.   Internment was in the VanLoon Cemetery, Holmes City. 
Stephen F. Blackwell was born July 27, 1900 at Holmes City the son of William Minor and Wilhelmina Blackwell.  He grew to manhood in the Holmes City area where he farmed.  During World War ll, he worked in defense plants. 
Survivors include 4 sisters and 1 brother, Clara Drum of Minneapolis, Harriett Blackwell of San Pablo, Calif., Honorary bearers were Robert Blackwell Jr., John Hawley, Douglas Drum, Paul Blackwell Hanson, Carroll Blackwell, Reuben Terras, Olla B. Hanson of Alexandria, Gladys Hintzen of Montevideo, Robert of Brainerd, MN. 
He was preceded in death by one brother and three sisters.
Pallbearers were Henry Grondahl, Carlos Lordalen, William Guiles, Delphin Wesen, August Olson and George Olson.

Gladys Blackwell 
Gladys Blackwell
9th Born of William Minor Blackwell and Wilhelmina Lauermann
         Marriage Announcement
14th Generation Gladys Blackwell
b. 15 Jan 1903
Married:  19 Sep 1929
Eugene G. Hintzen   
As recorded in the Park Region Echo  Pg 8  Col 1 and the Alexandria Citizen News  Pg 7  Col 3
No children listed.

 Gladys Blackwell and Eugene Hintzen
 Gladys and Eugene
    Click to Enlarge

Gladys Blackwell when she was teaching in District #20, Holmes City during the school term September 1,1924 to April 24,1925
Photo Courtesy of Kathryn Johnson

Marriage Announcement
Marriage Announcement

Blackwell - Hintzen
Marriage Announcement
Click to Enlarge

Wilmina Blackwell 
Wilmina Blackwell

10th Born of William Minor Blackwell and Wilhelmina Lauermann
14th Generation Wilmina Blackwell   (age 25)
b. 6 Oct 1908
d. 1940
Married:  29 Jun 1934  Sandstone, Pine County, Minnesota.
John Gordon Hawley   (age 23)
No Children listed.
As reported by the Park Region Echo  Pg7  Col 5
Witnesses were Eldon Hawley and Gladys Hintzen.  They were married by Rev. Michael Bradley




Donald Steven Blackwell and Carrol O. Blackwell are the son's of Harriet Blackwell   Carrol O, Blackwell was married to Georgene Blackwell.  Georgene passed away in Sept, of 2005 in Sacramento, CA.  William Minor Blackwell passed away on 20 Nov. 2005 in Nevada City, CA.  He was 57 years old.  William is the brother to Sharon Marie Blackwell 'Clark' - contributor of this information and daughter of Donald Steven Blackwell.

The Alexandria Post, Alexandria, Douglas County, Minnesota
Friday, March 11, 1887, page 4, col. 2.
"Now it is Willie Blackwell who has gone into the state of matrimony, and from appearances others will soon follow."

.....Transcribed from microfilm copy of newspaper at Minnesota History Center, St. Paul, MN.


 Article from a Newspaper written by Norma Blackwell Chavira (Granddaughter)

Wilhelmina (Minnie) Lauermann and William Minor Blackwell in 1943
Photo 76
Minnie & William Blackwell

"Great Grandma Mandie Blackwell (Amanda), who was pregnant at this time, was in her kitchen cooking dinner and had a pot of beans ready in the oven when a long legged Indian sneaked in when she had her back turned, swept the red hot pot of beans from the oven with his bare hand and ran.....flew through the woods and disappeared.  It was shortly after that, that my Grandfather, William Minor Blackwell was born.   He was the first white child born in Douglas County, Minnesota."
                                                                                                  ................................. Norma Blackwell Chavira


Newspaper Article Dated February 1943 - Holmes City, MN.
Wm Blackwell's Married Fifty-five Years
""Mr. & Mrs. William Blackwell Sr., pioneers of Douglas County will observe their 55th wedding anniversary next Tuesday, Feb 24th, quietly at their home on Pocket (Van Loon) Lake.  They were married at the bride's parents home in Leaf Valley, Feb 24th 1887.  After their marriage they farmed for fifteen years near Holmes City.  Forty years ago they moved to their present farm and have resided there ever since.""  ""They are the parents of 10 children, eight of whom survive.  There are 12 grandchildren and 6 great grandchildren.  All of their children were at home last summer to visit them.   Mr. and Mrs. Minor Van Loon, his grand parents (on mother's side) (REB) were the first white settlers in Douglas County.  They fled from Southern Minnesota during the Indian outbreak and stayed in the Fort at Sauk Center until the trouble was over.  Van Loon's Lake is named after them.  Mr. Blackwell is the first white child born in Douglas County.  His father, the late Henry Blackwell, was  one of the first surveyors here.  Mr.  Blackwell will be 78 years old in September..  Mrs. Blackwell was born in Meeker County and will be 74 years old in August. Both are in fairly good health.""

"The Children are" ......................
Clara (Mrs. Elmer Drum) of Minneapolis; William Jr. of Holmes City; Robert of Oakland, CA.; Adeline of Chicago; Martha (deceased); Miss. Harriet Blackwell of San Francisco; Viola (Mrs. Paul W. Hanson) Alexandria; Stephen of Holmes City; Gladys (Mrs. Eugene Hintzen of Montevideo; Wilmina (Mrs. Gordon Hawley) deceased."
"The Grandchildren are" ...............
"Douglas Drum; Norma and Celeste Blackwell (Mrs. Ted Lloyd); Robert and Kenneth Blackwell; Martha (Mrs. Reuben Terras); Harriet (Mrs. W.Jackson); Carrol and Donald  Blackwell; Paul Hanson Jr.; Frances Hintzen; Sharon Hawley."


55th Wedding Anniversary
55th Anniversary

Blackwell Family Photo 1942
Photo 75
Submitted by Marilee Larkey

Photo of William Miner Blackwell Family
Left to Right Photo 74
Back Row
Robert - Clara - Harriet - Steven F. - Viola - William - Gladys - Adeline
Wilhelmina Lauermann - William Miner
Marion Swenson (daughter of Martha)  Wilmina Blackwell

Missing from this Photo
Martha (Died in 1914)
Photo 154a

Holmes City in 1943

Blade's Store in Holmes City of 1943
Photo 73


Article on the Philipp Lauermann Homestead reprinted below
The Philipp Lauermann Homestead
Written by Mrs. Phylles Lauermann Wilken

Philipp Lauermann 1838 - 1917.  Augusta Groesnick Lauermann 1849 - 1927. 
Frederick J. Lauermann  1875 - 1956.    Ida Schmitz Lauermann  1875 - 1955.
Lake Mary Township was the homestead site of the above persons and their children.  I 'm the only grandchild to have been born in the original log room in which my grandparents set up housekeeping.  My father, Fred Lauermann, was proud that both he and I arrived into this world in the same room.  By then, 1913. the logs had been sided over and the house expanded.  My grandparents emigrated from Berlin, Germany and stayed briefly in New York City.  Philipp Lauermann and his 16 year old bride moved with her family the Groesnick by ox cart to the Leaf Valley area.  Because winter would soon set in they dug out a cave home in the hillside and survived.  The first year the two families cleared and planted an acre of potatoes and this is what they existed on.  It was here their first child, a girl named Minnie was born. Philipp and his family moved and established the Lake Mary homestead.  He selected a heavily wooded claim to insure wood for building and warmth.  Little did he realize the ordeal of clearing land.  The hardships of grubbing and clearing land were passed on to my father, Fred.  He took over ownership at the age of 22 when his parents retired to a small acreage on the west side of Lake Winona.  My parents married in 1900.  My mother, a bride from Milwaukee, found those early days lonely. 
The Lauermanns raised ten children.  They were staunch in their religious faith and endured the hardships.  They lost two babies in one night from diphtheria.  There was no one to assist and they buried their own.  Other tales told of the men walking as far as St. Paul, Minnesota in the dead of winter to find work.  Grandmother related how Indians would peer into her windows when she was left alone with the babies.  Flour was obtained by an ox cart trip to St. Cloud, Minnesota.  In later years peddlers made my grandmother's home their regular overnight stop.  I believe it is only fitting to mention that grandmother's brothers and sister were important pioneers of the Lear Valley area.  The Carol Groesnick family settled in Garfield.  A sister married Casten Henry Prohel, another wed Willard B. Ellis and homesteaded the Leaf Valley district.
Philipp's and Augusta's children are to be remembered as follows.  Minnie married William Blackwell and homesteaded a farm on Pocket Lake.  Wm. Blackwell's mother's father was Henry Van Loon, (wrong name, actually should be Miner Van LoonShe is confusing Minor with Henry Blackwell - REB) one of the first settlers in Minnesota, who is recorded in history.  Mary,  Mrs. Albert Kaun, homesteaded in Round Prairie. 
Martha, a nurse, proved a claim near Bismarck, North Dakota, later married Dr. Britton of New Salem, North Dakota.  Lena, wed Herman Howie of Noonan, North Dakota.  Arnold died in an explosion while homesteading in northern Minnesota. My father farmed until 1923 when he sold the homestead to the Louis Chan family and retired to Alexandria.  My father served as presided of school district #14 for many years.  My foster brother, Farris Lauermann of South Milwaukee and I attended the one room school .  Honor should be given to the loyal and faithful teacher of many years service, Mabel Barros (Mrs. August Erickson) of Alexandria.
                                                                                 .............. Written originally by Mrs. Phylles Lauermann Wilken

Death of William Minor Blackwell
Death of William Minor Blackwell
tombstone Miner

William Minor Blackwell
Photo 70
Click to Enlarge
Obituary Miner

Obituary of William Minor Blackwell
1864 - 1943
Photo 71
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Death of Wilhelmina Blackwell
Death of Wilhelmina Blackwell

Tombstone of Wilhelmina Blackwell
1869 - 1953
Photo 72
Click to Enlarge

OBITUARY - Park Region Echo - Feb 17, 1953  Page 8 - Col. 2
Rites Held Friday for Mrs. Blackwell, County Pioneer
Funeral services were conducted Friday for Mrs. Wm. Blackwell, one of the pioneers of the Holmes City community, who passed away a week ago.  Mrs. William M. Blackwell ( Wilhelmina Frederica Lauermann ) was born Aug. 16, 1868 on a farm near Chaska in Carver County, Minnesota, the oldest of eleven children.  Before she was a year old she went with her parents, Mr. & Mrs. Phillip Lauermann, to South Effington, Otter Tail county.  When she was about ten years, her parents moved to Lake Mary Twp., Douglas County.  She lived here until she was married.  Mrs. Lauermann was married to William M. Blackwell Sept. 2, 1864.  Ten children were born to this union.  Clara, (Mrs. Henry House) of Minneapolis; William, deceased; Robert, of Brainerd; Adeline (Mrs. Erick Shelberg), Chicago, Ill.; Martha (Mrs. Peter Swenson, deceased; Harriet, (Mrs. Harriet Blackwell of San Francisco; Viola, (Mrs. Paul W. Hanson of Alexandria; Gladys, (Mrs. Eugene Hintzen of Montevideo); Stephen Blackwell of Minneapolis; Wilmina, diseased,
(Mrs. John Gordon Hawley of Sandstone)   There are 11 grand children and 18 great grand children surviving along with one brother, Fred Lauermann, Alexandria, and a sister, Lena McClintock of Brainerd. 
Mrs. William Blackwell died at Alexandria Tuesday, Feb. 10, being at the time of her death, 84 years of age. 
Burial services were conducted at the Holmes City Trinity Church, Friday, Feb 13, by Rev. John Payne  Kenneth Brundell and Mrs. Melvin Mattson sang "There's A Land That Is Fairer Than Day," accompanied by Mrs. Henry Beheng. -  Interment was made at Pocket Lake in VanLoon's Cemetery. 
The pallbearers were:  Reuben Wagehius, Phillip Johnson, Virgil Johnson, Sigfried Backlin, Emil Guldbranson and John Gordon Hawley.  Among the children present were:  Clara, Robert, Adeline, Viola and Gladys.


   Burials in Rose Hill Cemetery - Holmes City, Minnesota

Name                             Age         Birth              Death

Backlund, Sean George            69                               10.18-1954
    Berg, Phillip I.                         56                                 9-17-1976
        Bjorklund, Andrew                    71                                 4-18-1950
            Bjorklund, Christine                 67                                2-28-1953
                Bjorklund, Emil                        71                                9 - 9-1959 
                    Bjorklund, Mrs. Emil                 65                                 8-  5-1954
                        Bjorklund, John Eskil                41                                 6-  4-1954
                            Bjorklund, Thomas L.               14                                 7-31-1966
 Blackwell, Lyle                         2 mos.                                -1917
Blackwell, William H                 57                                 8-21-1940
                                        Blade, Carl J.                          61                               11- 4-1953
                                            Bylund, Conrad                        36                                 3-27-1936
                                                Blade, Mrs Carl J (Myrtle)          88      3 - 24-1902         2-16-1991
                                                    Burggraff, Mrs Gary                  40      11 - 6-1952         4-  5-1993
                                                        Backlund, Clara A                     88       2 -  6-1905         1-14-1994
                                                            Berg, Harriet E                         74      4 - 25-1921           5-1-1995   
                                                                Bjorklund, Lloyd                       73      8 - 22-1924         12-2-1997




It is better to have less thunder in the mouth and more lightning in the hand.

                                                                                               - Apache